14 best voice to text apps for iPhone & Android

The world of technology develops every day. In 2011 the American company Nuance introduced the world’ s first automatic voice texting system, which allows people to write messages and send them to their friends and family via voice. It was a really technological breakthrough! At the beginning, this futuristic function used to help drivers write messages while driving. Developers hoped that it would help drivers to avoid crashes because they wouldn’ t be distracted by writing text messages. Then thousands of companies producing appliances, computers, and mobile phones began to incorporate new technology to devices’ functionality.

Now whether you are too busy or too lazy to type, you just need to download one of voice to text app and use it for everyday life.

It’s fast ,it’s fun and useful .We offer you to choose one or several of the 15 best voice to text apps for Android and iPhone in heart. 

1.Voice Text By TalirApps

Use your voice to send messages without typing. Speak into your phone, clicking the button, and this app immediately converts your words into text. It’s pretty simple. The features  are no keyboards and typing required .

Speaking about its benefits, voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, Email, or pasted into any application using the clipboard. Also, you can copy your converting text and paste it to different social networks like Facebook, Twitter. You don’t waste your time on typing. It is up to five times faster than typing on a keyboard, so texting becomes faster and more convenient. Convenient editing benefit that provides a list of suggested words.

Speech Recognition language supports more than 40 languages.

voice text voice text voice text

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2. TalkBox Voice Messenger

TalkBox Voice Messenger is a new space where you can texting your friends and family by voice. Exchange, share  and publish your voice messages in an unprecedented way.

TalkBox makes asynchronous voice chats possible. Your words are carefully curated and converted by TalkBox voice bubbles of less than 1 minute in length. Say ” good morning”  to your grandma and these words appear on a chat or talking to an abroad business acquaintance without having to schedule an appointment. Say everything to the world!

There are some of its features :

  1. Conversation History & message notification
  2. Themes to suit your moods
  3. iPod Auto-Resume: Seamlessly work with iPod. Pause iPod when playing voice from TalkBox, and auto-resume afterward
  4. Hold 9 chat conversations.

talkbox talkbox talkbox talkbox

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3.Speechnotes – Speech To Text

Have you ever heard about a powerful speech-enabled online notepad ? No? Here it is!

Speechnotes is a well -designed app, created to provide you a distraction-free environment.
Every note starts with a new clear white paper, so to stimulate your mind with a clean fresh start. Focus only on your thoughts.

Using dictation tool by engaging cutting-edge speech-recognition technology, you achieve the most accurate results.

Speech-Recognition combined with unique punctuation-keyboard & commands.

It allows:

  1. High accuracy.
  2. Supports punctuation commands & typing
  3. .Enables parallel key-typing & voice-typing.
  4. Auto-saves notes. Your thoughts are in safety and will never be lost.

Speechnotes values your privacy, and that’s why we do not store anything you say or type or in fact any other data about you. Your speech is sent to Google’s speech-to-text engines for transcription.

speechnotes- speechnotes- speechnotes-

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4.iSpeech – Text to Speech

Another simple app, where you can easily convert your word to text, using a voice recorder button, and then convert it to speech with the best sounding voices anywhere.  Your text will speak the voice of Obama , Bush or another available celebrity. Moreover, you will have an accent whatever you want. Whether you will speak with UK English accent or Italian.

iSpeech iSpeech iSpeech

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5. Google keyboard

Firstly, it is a simple to use, well-designed and convenient keyboard . There are two ways to write a message: using gestures and by voice. If you want to convert your words into a text, just click the button on the microphone image and your voice is being recorded.

Gesture typing and word suggestions supported in more than 35 languages!

Moreover, it has other attractive benefits like

If you want to type a message, slide your finger from letter to letter. Also, you don’t need to manually add words to a personal dictionary. Type a word once and you can gesture type it or find it in suggestions next time. Long press a suggestion to remove it from your “learned words” or the keyboard dictionary.

Google keyboard Google keyboard Google keyboard Google keyboard

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6.Speech to Text

Friendly to use and well-designed app which allows people dictating a text, copying  and pasting it to another app or a person can send it as Email or SMS.

Such apps help people if they are busy while driving or babysitting , and they don’t have enough time to type messages by hands. In this case, they just need to tap on the microphone and give talks! All their words will be converted carefully into an understandable text.

Say whatever you want, it will record all your words!

speech to

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7.Speak – Text To Speech

For those who value the minimalism and grace and prefer not to waste their time on typing texts, Speak – Text To Speach offer to see its beautiful interface and try it when you’re on- the- go.

The app uses  built-in Speech Recogniser to turn speech into text. Don’t care that it won’t hear something important. No, it works properly and converts your words into texts carefully.

Speaking about other features, there are sliders to adjust the Pitch and Rate of the voice and option to change the accent/language of the voice.

Developers give you the useful tip : If a word doesn’t sound quite right, try spelling it phonetically.

speak text speak speak text speak speak text speak

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8.Speech to text by geng

Have you ever heard about a  minimalistic app without any useless buttons and functions? Here it is!

Speech to text -is a lightweight application which converts everything you say after clicking the microphone. Say “Hello, the world!” to the microphone, wait a minute and get a text. After all, share it to Twitter so every follower can see it. Or maybe you have an excellent and exciting story after a date , but there is a lack of time, but there are a lot of words you need to say. In this case, Speech to text is a great companion for you.

Moreover, developers claim that this app protects your phone from advertising and viruses.

speech to text

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9. Voice to text Messenger

Tired of typing a text that you could easily just say? Or is your idea beautifully expressed orally, and you can’t put it into words in printed form? Voice to text Messenger helps you forget how it feels to press the keyboard buttons on your smartphone.

The app analyzes your speech with the help of synthesis, while recognizing all the words well. High error-free and fully automated, it’s an obvious advantage for users.

The Voice to Text Messenger interface is incredibly simple – you can access 2 main buttons – Notes and Add-on. You won’t get confused and you’re using the application for one purpose only. But it’s also worth mentioning the downside – the application will only work when connected to the Internet.

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10. ListNote

Often we come up with the idea of ” I should write it down so I don’t forget” and… we forget it! There is no time for typing in notes, especially not on paper. At such moments, it is incredibly convenient to just speak the thought. However, we will not listen to the voice recordings. For such situations the ListNote app was created.

The application can recognize your speech even without your control: Hands-Free function works when the application is open. You can share your notes in other applications on your smartphone.

If necessary, you can set a password to access the notes or the application itself: this way you can be sure of the safety of your ideas and thoughts, as well as the strict confidentiality.

There are even several categories that you define, and the default “Deleted Items” folder. From there, you can restore your note – if you delete it accidentally or simply change your mind.

ListNote is not a voice recorder – it is a real text-to-speech converter. Give the app access to the microphone and your ideas will always be captured in your smartphone.

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11. Voice Writer

Voice Writer is a great application that will reduce your time spent on chatting and typing. It works well with messengers and social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and also has the ability to send text via email.

On the start page you have 2 types of functions: tabs and voice recording. Voice Writer also has the option of translating or recording text in several languages. In one tab, you can say the information you just want to write down, and in the other you can interpret the speech in a foreign language. If necessary, Voice Writer will even translate it for you.

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12. Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad is a service that requires your smartphone to have Google Text to Speech – a speech recognition system for Android. Voice messages and commands are available in many languages, so you can use it not only for English.

The app records your voice in an audio file to get the text out of it, you need to click “Recognize Text”. This will convert everything you say into a text file.

There is a premium version of Speech To Text Notepad. There is no advertising in it, as well as voice commands are recognized by the application – “to the left”, “to record” and so on. Now it is possible to record your thoughts even without using your hands and clicks on the screen – just say the desired command.

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13. Evernote

Evernote is a world-famous application that has been focused on recording voice notes from the very beginning. Now the service is not limited only to them.

There is a new feature of text recognition. You just need to click on the icon in the application. As you say sentences and words, Evernote automatically writes them right in the same note – it looks fantastic like a little magic!

If you also want to listen to what you have said (for example, if you doubt what you have recorded), the app will always attach the original audio file to the note.

Evernote helps you focus on the main subject and always write down your ideas and activities. If you’re a busy businessman or just a busy man, it’s even easier for you to write down your thoughts. Don’t miss anything or forget something important – Evernote will take care of it.

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14. Speech To Text

A user-friendly and easy-to-use application where users need nothing extra. All it takes is the fact that Speech To Text does its job perfectly.

Speech To Text uses the built-in speech recognition in your smartphone and converts the received audio into text. In addition to simple recognition, the utility can also play the recognized text.

You can easily send all your recordings by mail or SMS – especially if you don’t want to type a long letter with your hands. From the Speech To Text application itself, you can simply copy the text recorded by the application as a result of the analysis of your voice and paste it into other services. Simplicity and convenience – what else can you demand from the application?

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That’s all!

Unfortunately, the majority of cool apps for iPhone are not free. But there we tried to find the most useful, convenient and free apps for both Android and iOS or , at least, the cheapest apps. Voice to text apps were created to make your life easier and safer. Use them while driving and don’t be distracted by typing messages and you avoid a lot of problems. Use them while running, then you can notice a road or other obstacles. Use one of them while babysitting, then your child will be always in sight and won’t be in danger.