11 Best Body Fat Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

The Body Mass Index is not always a good indicator of your body condition. According to standard calculations, your BMI is calculated using simple height-to-weight calculations – but if you have a high percentage of muscle mass, these calculations will be invalid. You may like the list of 11 Best BMI Calculator Apps for Android & iOS.

That’s why everyone should have information about the percentage of body fat – that’s how you can draw the right conclusions.

It’s easy enough to calculate the percentage of fat mass. At the moment, there are a huge number of clinics and special weights, which with the help of bioimpedance analysis of body composition can give you an accurate answer in figures.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on a complete examination, but want to satisfy your interest, then we are in a hurry to make you happy. We found the 11 Best Body Fat Calculator Apps for Android & iOS, where you will do all the calculations.

Body Fat Calculator by VoYo

Body Fat Calculator by VoYoAre you unhappy with what your body looks like? In this case, we recommend that you calculate the percentage of your body fat in the Body Fat Calculator application.

According to the developers, the service calculates the most accurate percentage of fat in your body, while providing you with other data. So, for example, you will know how much pure fat weighs in your body, as well as get data on the ideal weight and much more.

All the calculation results that are performed in Body Fat Calculator are based only on the percentage of fat deposits. In contrast to standard Body Mass Index calculations, this takes into account the size of the skin fold.

You choose which method of calculation will be performed – in total you are offered 5 methods to choose from. In the Body Fat Calculator you can calculate the percentage of fat with a measuring tape or 4 methods to measure the skin fold.

It is also worth noting that your basic parameters, such as age, height, and weight, are automatically saved in the application and will not require another input when you continue tracking.

Body Fat Calculator by VoYo1 Body Fat Calculator by VoYo2


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FatKit – Body Fat and Lean Body Mass Calculator

FatKit - Body Fat and Lean Body Mass CalculatorIf you use an iPhone, you can easily use the FatKit app. It will help you to perform calculations and get information about all the fat content in your body, as well as synchronizes data with the Apple Health application.

This will help you to monitor changes regularly, as well as to have all the data in one place. Accordingly, the standard data on your height and weight will be imported from Apple Health automatically every time you start the application.

In order to get mysterious figures with your measurements, you will need to choose one of the measurement methods. The most recommended method is the one with the caliper – it will give you the most accurate data for calculations.

Don’t forget to choose the correct units of measurement, as well as remind yourself to take measurements. There are 5 measurement methods to choose from, from different scientists and from different sources, so you can check your measurements several times. FatKit will also show you graphs of how your metrics change over time.

FatKit - Body Fat and Lean Body Mass Calculator1 FatKit - Body Fat and Lean Body Mass Calculator2


BMI Calculator And body fat calculator by Health Fitness Apps Hub

BMI Calculator And body fat calculator by Health Fitness Apps HubHowever, many people prefer to know their body mass index first. Despite the fact that this index can not always display the state of your body, you can still do it in the application BMI Calculator And body fat calculator.

Here you will also get information about fat deposits and the percentage of fat that can harm your health. Also, an important function is “Perfect weight” – the service will perform calculations and show how much you should weigh from a medical point of view.

Of course, you shouldn’t take all indicators as the only true ones – your weight may fluctuate and change as you feel comfortable with it. In order to know the percentage of fat, you need to measure your waist and neck, as well as sex, age, height, and weight.

After that, the BMI Calculator And body fat calculator will show you how much visceral fat you have and whether you are at risk. Difficulties may occur even when the percentage of fat is too low – it can also lead to risks of disease and illness.

BMI Calculator And body fat calculator by Health Fitness Apps Hub1 BMI Calculator And body fat calculator by Health Fitness Apps Hub2


Body Tracker – body fat calculation

Body Tracker - body fat calculationIf you are looking for an application with a simple interface and good functionality, we can recommend you a Body Tracker. This service will quickly and easily help you calculate the percentage of body fat, as well as allow you to constantly monitor your progress and monitor your health status.

Measurements and other related activities will be carried out completely according to Body Tracker instructions, so you will get reliable data based on mathematical calculations.

Body Tracker will show you how you need to make all measurements. For a more detailed explanation, a video is also provided, which uses both calipers and classical tape measure.

You just need to decide what you will be measuring, and Body Tracker will give you instructions. All measurements can be recorded in the application, and you can even attach a photo to track your progress. To each photo, the service will attach data on the composition of the body and the date when it was taken.

Body Tracker - body fat calculation1 Body Tracker - body fat calculation2


BMI Calculator: Body Fat Percentage & Ideal Weight

BMI Calculator Body Fat Percentage & Ideal WeightTaking care of your health includes not only a course of vitamins and avocados for breakfast. You should also keep an eye on other indicators of your body, such as body mass index, body and visceral fat content, waist size, and much more.

BMI Calculator is an application that will help you regularly perform all these calculations and monitor your body weight. In addition, the application will also help you calculate the calorie rate and your other parameters.

The body fat content is as important as a healthy growth-to-weight ratio. You may have a lot of diseases and complications if this indicator is above or below the norm.

In fact, BMI Calculator will serve as your medical advisor, which will remind you of the right level of calorie intake and physical activity.

The user-friendly interface of the application makes it pleasant to use, and you will always be aware of the data about your body. Different calculations will help you get information from different sources and make conclusions based on it.

BMI Calculator Body Fat Percentage & Ideal Weight1 BMI Calculator Body Fat Percentage & Ideal Weight2


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Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Percentage CalculatorThe level of physical fitness is related to the state of your body. The Body Fat Percentage Calculator can help you find out how much fat you have, how it affects your exercise and other information.

The application works very easily and you will enjoy using it. You don’t have to go anywhere to get an evaluation or buy extra equipment – you will be able to update your data regularly and learn about all the changes.

The Body Fat Percentage Calculator works for both metric and imperial measurement systems. It is worth noting that measurements for women and men are different. For example, women will need to take additional hip measurements to get more accurate results and indicators.

Also, Body Fat Percentage Calculator gives you a summary table of the recommended percentage of fat for each age for men and women. At the same time, even the application team makes a reservation that your indicators may not coincide with the table because the human body is unique and may not always obey the rules.

Body Fat Percentage Calculator1 Body Fat Percentage Calculator2


Huawei Body Fat Scale

Huawei Body Fat ScaleAt the beginning, we already mentioned that there are special devices for measuring the percentage of body fat. These devices are smart scales that can analyze your body composition at home and provide accurate results.

Huawei Body Fat Scale is a special application for scales from Huawei, which quickly and accurately transmits all the information to your smartphone. So if you have such a device at your disposal, this service will be simply indispensable.

Huawei Body Fat Scale uses bioimpedance analysis to study your body, and on the basis of the received data will make graphs and show the percentage of muscle and fat. In fact, with a small scale at home, you will get the result of a good clinic.

Also in Huawei Body Fat Scale, you can track your progress or changes in indicators that can happen to you over a month or even longer. So if you exercise, check if you really have more muscles and less fat?

Huawei Body Fat Scale1 Huawei Body Fat Scale2

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BMI,BMR and Fat % Calculator

BMI,BMR and Fat % CalculatorSome of the applications have a too simple interface and for this reason, users do not like to install them. If you are not confused by this detail, we present the BMI, BMR, and Fat % Calculator application.

It is very useful for regular calculations of BMI, BMR, and Fat % Calculator. After receiving the data, you can easily adjust your diet and training plan, as well as more carefully take care of your health.

The simple application interface is a set of fields that you will need to fill in. This is the most trivial information about the performance of your body – height, weight, age, sex, as well as measurements of the waist, neck, and hips.

It is on these indicators BMI, BMR, and Fat % Calculator and will calculate how much fat is in your body. In the application, there is another useful function for those people who want to lose weight or gain it – the calculation of basal metabolism.

Based on the information about your body and lifestyle, the service will calculate the amount of energy that you should consume daily.

BMI,BMR and Fat % Calculator1 BMI,BMR and Fat % Calculator2


Navy Body Fat Percentage Calculator and TrackerIf you are looking for an application that will help you track your body condition, Navy is a great option. Here you can measure all your parameters with a simple roulette, and the application will automatically perform all the calculations and provide you with the results.

Colorful and illustrative graphs will help you to assess at a glance, in which direction you are moving and how far you are even to the goal. Over time, your scores can change, no matter what you did during this period.

Navy uses the U.S. Navy method in its calculations, which is recognized by international experts as a truly qualitative method. At the moment the application is still being finalized and is a beta version, but it perfectly fulfills its task.

After all the calculations are completed, Navy will provide you with a numerical result of the fat content in your body. It is also immediately comparable to the U.S. Navy scale, so you will immediately know if you are healthy.

Navy Body Fat Percentage Calculator and Tracker1 Navy Body Fat Percentage Calculator and Tracker2


BMI / Fat / Weight Calculator

BMI Fat Weight CalculatorAt the moment it is fashionable to control your own weight, exercise, and eat properly. We can even say that this is one of the best areas that have become popular in our time.

We offer you to find out how healthy is your weight and the percentage of fat mass in your body with the BMI / Fat / Weight Calculator application. As you can understand from the name, here you will get the results of three calculations – Body Mass Index, ideal weight, and percentage of fat mass.

The percentage of fat that is present in your body is an indicator of your fitness. The more muscles you have, the less fat you have and this statement makes sense. In the application you are invited to enter your height and weight, as well as other parameters, and based on them, the service will make calculations.

We would like to note that this application will show the exact data only for ordinary people, who do not go in for sports or have a normal body mass index. It does not take into account a large number of muscles of sportsmen or developed muscles.

BMI Fat Weight Calculator1 BMI Fat Weight Calculator2


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BFitt – Body Fat & BMI Calculator

BFitt - Body Fat & BMI CalculatorThe stylish and dark design immediately attracts the attention of both athletes and ordinary people who want to learn a little more about themselves.

In the beautiful and convenient BFitt application, you will be able to calculate the indices of your body, as well as to adjust them according to your goals.

Watch your progress on the screen, as well as get basic information about what happens to you over time. It is worth noting that BFitt only works in a metric system, which may be inconvenient for some users.

The percentage of fat in the application is calculated using the circle method. So in order to know how much fat you have, you will need to measure your waist, neck, and hips.

Thanks to the results, BFitt will calculate and show you what you are made of. It also calculates your muscle mass based on the results.

These figures are also used by BFitt to calculate your basal metabolism – how much your body spends on heat, digestion, and internal organs. You will receive comprehensive information for setting new fitness goals.

BFitt - Body Fat & BMI Calculator1 BFitt - Body Fat & BMI Calculator2


The information about the percentage of fat in your body will give you an advantage. This way you can adjust your diet and get to the goal faster, as well as improve your appearance. This is especially important for those people who regularly exercise fitness or strength sports.

Also, you should not forget that a healthy percentage of body fat can save you from early death or health problems. Visceral fat may be present even in those people who at first sight look healthy enough and physically developed. We hope that our article has helped you find a handy tool to track your health.

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