11 Best Wedding Makeup Salon Games for Android & iOS

Salon games take a special place in every girl’s heart. What can be more fun than trying on various makeup and hairstyles? The answer is – doing the same things but for the wedding!

There are lots of wedding makeup salon games for Android & iOS that empowers you to prepare the bride for her perfect wedding day. These games will lead you through multiple steps – from SPA to makeup, hairstyle, and the dress try-on!

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Here’s the list of the 11 best games in that category you should try. Take a look!

Wedding Day Makeup Artist

Wedding Artis‪t‬

Let’s start with the game called Wedding Day Makeup Artist. As you can guess by the title, this is a classic dress-up game that empowers you to pay with wedding outfits and makeup.

Your main goal in this game is to lead the bride through all the important steps before her wedding. First of all, you’ll need to give her a SPA — it helps to relax and prepare her skin for future makeup. You even get to do the bride’s manicure and decorate every nail by your will.

The next step is the hairstyle. It needs to be said, the game covers a wide hairstyle collection and you can choose in between more than 30 options. Plus, you get to change the bride’s hair color and add some fancy accessories such as a tiara, a veil, and all that. Once it’s done you’ll get to the makeup part — there’re lots of steps to take here.

Along with the hairstyles, the makeup collection of the game is quite impressive as well. You get to pick the eyeshadow look, the eyelashes style, and even pick the colorful lenses. And the last part is obviously the dress — pick the dream dress that will suit the wedding theme.

Wedding Artis‪t‬ 1 Wedding Artis‪t‬ 2


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Wedding Makeup Artist: Salon Games for Girls

Wedding Makeup Artist

Wedding Makeup Artist is another salon game that empowers you to prepare the bride for her perfect wedding.

You start the game by preparing the bride’s face for the future makeup — just as you would in a real life. Along with real people, your girl may have some imperfections on her face that you need to get rid of. To cope with that, you take her to SPA — there are plenty of beauty tools that will make her skin clean and fresh.

Then, you move to the hair and makeup. The game is bundled with multiple hairstyles — from long hair to short, from simple curls to more difficult hairstyles. Herewith, you get to switch the hair color and add some cute accessories to match the overall look. The game has a large collection of veils, bows, tiaras, and all that.

As for the makeup, you will need to go through several steps — from contouring to an eyeshadow look and lipstick. Plus, you get to pick the eyelashes style and even add colorful lenses if needed. Once it’s done, the only thing you have left is to pick a perfect dress. There’re plenty of options here as well — from short and colorful to classic white princess dresses.

Wedding Makeup Artist 1 Wedding Makeup Artist 2


Bridal Princess Wedding Salon‬

Bridal Princess Wedding

Next, we have the Bridal Princess Wedding Salon game. This is a typical girly dress-up game with a wedding theme.

Frankly speaking, this game is not that different from the previous ones on our list. The UI is quite similar and the main character is a typical Barbie-looking girl with Bambi’s eyes. As you may already guess, the first step you take in this game is a SPA for a bride — do some face masks, add a moisturizer, and don’t forget to get rid of pimples.

Next, you get to pick a hairstyle. It needs to be said, you get an impressive amount of options here and you can pick the hair color as well. There’s also a huge section of various accessories you may add such as veils, bows, tiaras, and all that. Plus, you may add earrings and a necklace to finish the whole look.

Speaking of the makeup part, there are dozens of styles you can try. You may even go for some crazy colorful eyeshadow looks and vampy lips to add some spice to the wedding. Plus, you may change the color of the girl’s eyes by adding colorful lenses. And lastly, you get to pick a dress — their game covers various styles and colors as well.

Bridal Princess Wedding 1 Bridal Princess Wedding 2


Wedding Makeup Salon

Wedding Makeup Salon

Wedding Makeup Salon is the game that empowers you to experience what it’s like to be a bridal makeup artist.

Along with its sister apps, this one starts from preparing your girl for makeup. You get to wash her hair and apply multiple haircare products to make it shiny and smooth.

Plus, you will need to take care of her face — your bride may have imperfections and coiffed eyebrows. Your job here is to take all the skincare steps needed for her face to look nice and smooth.

Then, you’ll get to do her hair. The game covers several styling tools like a curler or a straightener so there’re lots of hairstyles you can go for. Plus, you may pick some pre-made hairstyles and add a veil or a tiara to match the look.

Once it’s done you can get to the makeup. There’re lots of details you can adjust here — from lenses to eyeshadow looks and contouring. Of course, you get to pick the wedding dress as well — there’s a huge collection that covers various styles. The cool thing is you may even pic the groom’s outfit for it to match the dress.

Wedding Makeup Salon 1


Super Wedding Stylist 2021

Super Wedding Fashion

As you may guess by the title, Super Wedding Stylist is the game that enables you to test your sense of style.

This game is a full-on bridal dress-up with a bunch of dresses, accessories, shoes, and makeup styles you can pick from. The thing that makes this game stand out its UI and graphic design. Apart from previous games, this one is more realistic in all its aspects — from the characters to the outfits and makeup.

Plus, all the dresses and beauty products look a bit more modern than the previous ones — there’re not many crazy eyeshadow colors or gothic fantasy dresses. Therewith, the game does cover multiple styles of dresses and makeup and you can easily go for something unique and unusual.

Another cool thing about this game is the fact that you get pick the theme of the wedding and dress the bridesmaids and mom as well. And if you’ll ever get bored with the dress-up part, the game has a multiplayer mode based on bridal wars. During the war, you get to compete against a real player to see whose sense of style is better.

Super Wedding Fashion 1 Super Wedding Fashion 2


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Wedding Makeup Salon

Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup Salon is another bridal makeup artist sim that will get you through all the wedding-preparation steps.

This game is another classic representative of the genre. It starts from a SPA center for your bride where you get to clear her skin and prepare her for future makeup. The game covers about 20 SPA tools you can use on your bride including hair care products.

Once it’s done, you’ll move to the hairstyle and there are lots to choose from. The game covers all kinds of hairstyles and hair colors — from classic ones to some crazy bright pink pixie options. Plus, you can add some accessories such as bows, veils, earrings, necklaces, and all that.

The makeup collection in the game is quite huge — there are more than 90 tools to pick from. You will be able to do the girl’s contouring, add blush, pick a lipstick and play with eyeshadows. You may even add some makeup art to the bride’s face if needed. When you’ll be done with that you’ll need to pick the dress and take a memorable shot.

Wedding Makeup 1 Wedding Makeup 2


Gopi Doll Wedding Salon – Indian Royal Wedding

Gopi Doll Royal Wedding

Gopi Doll Wedding Salon is the wedding dress-up sim dedicated to Indian culture.

Your main goal in this game is quite basic — to prepare a charming bride for her wedding. The only difference is — it’s an Indian wedding and the whole preparation process is slightly different from a regular one. Thus, before going to SPA you’ll need to take your girl to the massage to help her to relax.

Next, you’ll move to the SPA part — give your girl proper skin and hair care, do her nails and draw henna ornaments on her hands. Then, you’ll move to the hair. The game covers multiple hairstyles and hair colors you can try on your bride. And of course, you’ll need to pick accessories such as a veil, tiara, and so on.

The next part is makeup — there are more than 100 products you can try including eyelashes, lenses, a highlighter, lipstick, nose rings, and all that. Plus, you can try various face art compositions as well. And lastly, you will need to pick a perfect wedding costume — there are traditional Indian costumes along with dresses so you can pick whatever you like.

Gopi Doll Royal Wedding 1 Gopi Doll Royal Wedding 2


Wedding Makeup Salon Love & Dream

Wedding Makeup Salon Love

Wedding Makeup Salon is an average wedding preparation sim that empowers you to help a bride get ready for her big day.

Before you start doing your bride’s makeup and dress her up you will need to prepare her for that. Thus, you will need to get her to the massage, relax and moisture her body, and even help her to get rid of some imperfections. You’ll even be able to give her a pedicure to make sure she’ll look absolutely gorgeous in her heels.

Next, you’ll need to wash and condition her for them to be shiny and healthy. The same goes for her face — heal her acne, pluck her brows, use some face cleansers, masks, and a moisturizer to get perfectly smooth skin. Once it’s done you get to do her hair and makeup.

Herewith, the game covers a massive base of hairstyles and makeup tools so it will take some time for you to come up with the look. Plus, you get to customize all the details — from lipstick to lenses and eyeshadow. You also get to pick accessories such as tiara, earrings, and necklaces. The finishing touch is the dress and the shoes — once you’ll do that you’ll only need to take a wedding shot.

Wedding Makeup Salon Love 1 Wedding Makeup Salon Love 2


Wedding Day Makeover‬

Wedding Day Makeove‪r‬

The name of this game fully speaks for itself. Wedding Day Makeover is a bridal dress-up game that grants you to test your sense of style.

From the first look, this game is just the same as most of the other ones on our list. But don’t hurry to judge — it has some cool features that make it stand out. You start with the skincare routine — get your girl to the SPA, cleanse her face, apply a face mask and finish up with deep moisture. Don’t forget to wash her hair and apply the treatment for it to look shiny and smooth.

Then, you’ll move to the makeup section and there are lots of tools to play with here. Along with the classic wedding-day makeovers, the game also covers some unusual crazy eyeshadow looks and face art. Thus, you make your bride look like a fairy, a rainbow candy, a gothic queen, and so on.

The same goes for the hairstyles — you get to change your bride’s hair color first and there’re lots of bright options here. Plus, the collection of hairstyles include some unusual ones with a mermaid or fairy vibes. Next, you’ll need to pick the best outfit. As you might guess, there’s more than classical princess dresses in this game so have fun with that.

Wedding Day Makeove‪r‬ 1 Wedding Day Makeove‪r‬ 2


Anime Wedding Makeup

Anime Wedding Makeup

Anime Wedding Makeup is the classic wedding salon sim in an anime setup.

In case you’ve got bored with the typecast wedding games and you’re an anime fan, this game is definitely your cup of tea. Although all the steps you will need to get your bride through are quite basic the design and the anime vibe give this game authenticity.

The first step in the game is SPA where you get to apply skincare and prepare your girl for the makeup. Once it’s done, you’ll move to the hair and makeup part — the game covers multiple makeup tools so you’ll be able to come up with the perfect look for your bride. The same goes for the hair — there are lots of hairstyles and hair colors you can try.

Next, you’ll get to find a perfect dress and there’s a huge collection of those as well. Herewith, the game covers both classic and some cartoonish dresses so there’s something for everyone. Once the dress is picked you’ll need to add some accessories and pick and outfit for the groom.

]Anime Wedding Makeup 1 Anime Wedding Makeup 2


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Makeup Girls Wedding

Makeup Girls Wedding Dress u‪p

And lastly, Makeup Girls Weddings a wedding salon sim for girls with a passion for makeup and fashion.

Apart from its sister games, this one skips the SPA part and gets straight to the makeup. There’s a massive base of makeup tools in the game so you can spend a while picking the best look. You get to customize everything – from eyeshadows and liner to the lips, blush, and all that. You may even add colorful lenses if needed.

Then, you’ll need to do your bride’s hair – there are lots of styles as well and you also get to pick the hair color. Plus, you may add various air accessories to complete your look.

The last part is obviously the dress but you can’t pick the whole dress in this game. The game empowers you to pick the top of the dress and the skirt separately to make sure it perfectly matches your taste. You also get ot pick the belt and adjust the sleeves. Therewith, you can pick the color of every part of the dress to get the perfect result.

Makeup Girls Wedding Dress u‪p 1 Makeup Girls Wedding Dress u‪p 2


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