100² Logic Games review

100² Logic Games logo100² Logic Games is a puzzle game with interesting features. It’s a new way to play familiar to everyone, but it’s already very annoying sudoku.

Interface and control

The first time you launch the application, an information window opens in front of you. Here you can read a short instruction to the game.

Then click “Alright, let’s go!” to go to the game menu. Here you will see the standard from this developer menu of the game. The first section contains puzzles. Here you will see a window with possible puzzles at the moment. There are only 200 puzzles.

They all look like sudoku. But made in a more interesting way. When you click on any puzzle, you will see the window with this puzzle. At the bottom of the screen, there are icons with which you can control the application.

There is a button to go back, the section with information about planets, hints, cancel the action, and restart the game. Also in this window, you can open other puzzle sets.

In total there are 8 pieces, in each of which on 1-7 kinds of puzzle sets. Let’s return on the home screen. In the section of instructions, the big quantity of prompts for the management of the game is collected.


In the settings, you can check your achievements and leaderboards. There are also available updates for the game. From the app settings, you can turn on a light theme, change the language for the rules of the game, turn on and adjust the sound, the screen mute timer, text color, mute hints, and much more. Also here you can view other developer games.

100² Logic Games screen 1 100² Logic Games screen 2

In general, 100² Logic Games is an updated and more interesting version of the first developer game with an almost similar title – 100 Logic Games. Here you can change the images of icons on planets, buildings, and more. Enjoy a beautiful puzzle game and spend time with the help of your brain.

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