Matix App Review

At launch, the first thing that is shown to us is a colorful animation with a stylistically beautiful company logo, made in blue on a white background.

Next, we are asked to select our age through a rather sensitive slider and agree to the privacy policy. And here on the main screen we are greeted by a cartoon dragon and asked to choose how many questions we want to answer in return for the reward.

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This educational game for children is for a child or even an adult to learn math from scratch by completing different levels and getting a reward in the form of gems.


There are a lot of levels, as well as game modes. You can just solve examples, or you can solve examples and destroy obstacles while the plane is flying. You can even choose a model where you or your child will solve examples in which they were wrong before. There are a lot of options.


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The game is tied to the game center and you can always follow your child’s progress. And the child himself will be very interested in performing various achievements. Of course, this is a very good educational game for children that will make the child love math with fun levels.




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