11 Sites Like Reddit You’ll Eager to Use Everyday

Remember The Matrix? The world is data. Information. You cannot possibly read or just look through all of it, remember how difficult it was to read matrix? All news has to be fun and useful on a daily basis.

I mean, like, I spend some time with New York Times but it would be nice to have sites you can totally surf and feel like reading something substantial.

Infotainment, but not infomercials that are all over us recently. Reddit is the most popular one.



Voat declares to be censorship-free right away. That’s a good start!



That is also the site most similar to Reddit. You just get Subverses instead of Subreddits. But the first page, unlike Reddit, does not hit you with megatons of information. User can totally ease into it in a second.

Right now it is offering things like How Old Floppy Disks Worked link from YouTube, quite a few discussions of last week shootings including Turkish coup attempt, a medical article about immune system and a brainiac level article on physics. Variety is certainly here.

And I sincerely appreciate “Atheism” Subverse. It is a rare thing even in 21st century.

There is more hate-based stuff here than in  good old Reddit, because … “no censorship”, remember?


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Quora surprised me with this look of the landing page.


Signing for fun things to read or ask sounds pretty nerdy. And it is nerdy, but also classy. It’s a question-and-answer site where a community of users asks, answer and edit each other with perfect grammar (probably perfect).

Facebook users will be happy to hear that Quora was founded by Facebook people Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Those guys were crazy about Q&A sites.

But as you see it requires users to register with their real names rather than an Internet nicknames (screen name), and the site is basically unusable if a user is not logged in and using cookies.

It has evolved into a community though. Veterans of industries and people who matter right now answer questions more often than not, e.g. Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia.

When you see those big names you kind of eager to spend some time here without a doubt.

For people who like the election systems, the voting system here is excellent. Voters keep best answer on top, super easy to find.




Just the first picture can tell  you that it is more liberal thinking than the ones above. Newsvine syndicates content from major sources quite a lot. That makes it a news aggregator.

You can write your articles as well. Citizen journalism at its best here.

There are only 2 important buttons on this site. “Show Articles” and “Show Seeds”.

newsvine 2

Write a popular story and get promoted to the front page. What else can you ask?



I love the dark butterfly logo.


With Popurls you can check current headlines of everything. Reddit, The Verge, Digg, Flickr, Huffington Post, Metafilter, Longform, YouTube, Google, Buzzfeed, and many other major news outlets. And articles that seemingly come from nowhere like the funny thing I just found: “10 Amazing Services for The Rich”


If you try scrolling it down all the way to the bottom it will take you some time. The amount of content is overwhelming. It would take weeks and gallons of coffee just to read the most interesting things here.

Customization feature is a savior here. You need to create an account and log in. Right after that, you can start customizing, but all content and topics you like on top and so on.

This site also has 10 years of history, launched in 2006.


Digital Journal

The opposite of Mashable is quite a serious Digital Journal. Condensed relevant civil journalism right here.


Digital Journal is an empowering tool for people who want to go from posting their opinions on Facebook to something J-word worthy.

Literally this is a place when you can start about personal stuff in a classy way and get a share of the website’s revenue.

Go for it.



Buzzfeed has a free mobile version.

Fullsize version looks a bit like a tabloid.




Digg looks the opposite of overloaded Popurls and messy Reddit.


Only the articles most voted for land on the main page. Easy to navigate interface can help you find only the niches you prefer.

Right now I am reading the “How to Fix Flying” article. It is helping me to love flying again!

Some paid to feature articles are here as well. But they keep up with the quality standards.

You can totally Digg it with yours.



StumbleUpon starts a lot like Quora.

stumbleupon  But for some reason, I could not “connect with Google”.

This things daresay to PREDICT what you are looking for. Except you have to tell it what you like first, like tech, sports, “iPhone awesomeness”, etc. Then StumbleUpon will feed you just the news you like.

Although this site could be overwhelming just like others, people come to love it.

To state the obvious, you can find things here that you would never find on your own.


Hacker News

hacker news

Yes, Hacker News is about IT stuff. Surprisingly it does not look as if creative IT people ever touched it. The guys are probably busy hacking somebody.

But if you are an IT guy you can even find a job here. Just click on the “jobs” button in the middle of that orange line.



Mashable looks like a regular news website. Just like with news sites you can choose a global region, e.g. Asia, Australia or the UK. Although the last one exited Europe and currently is just an island.


The entertainment part is really extensive here. Plus Social media, Lifestyle and Watercooler departments here add up to the most leisurely aggregator in our list.

mashable 2

Just like you’d expect it produces tons of new info every day. You can keep up with most things if you only check out the “must-see” topic. That’s where the popular content is waiting for you.

Mashable can teach you lots of things, for instance, marketing tools.

This is a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to killing time. Countless videos and audios and other clickable little things will keep you awake till morning.

New stuff every few minutes, your reading skills better be well above average.



One more alternative to Reddit is the 4Chan website. Compared to the sources we observed before it has some distinctive features. Here you can leave comments and add posts without any account which is impossible on other websites.

The interface of the web source is obsolete but still, it is an alternative to Reddit. The board consists of various categories like Japanese culture, Video games, Interests, Creative, and Miscellaneous.

Another advantage (or disadvantage) of 4Chan is that it allows posting content anonymously. That’s why this web source can be classified as 18+.



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Reddit and some of these sites are extremely popular. Sites like that will keep popping up because a few thousand visitors are guaranteed. So, this list cannot possibly be ever complete. The funny thing is you can go to Reddit or Mashable or some others and ask for a good alternative. It depends more on how much data you can consume in a lifetime.




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