9 Best Keyloggers For Android 2024 (Free & Paid)

Wanna keep track of what’s going on inside someone else’s phone? Now, there’s a simple way to do it remotely and unnoticeably!

There are plenty of keyloggers for Android 2024 (free & paid) that will log every keystroke made on the targeted phone without the owner knowing. Such software may be used for many things: kids supervision, staff check-ups, or spouse monitoring, but you can actually use them in any way needed.

Plus, some of these apps come with additional features like GPS and call tracking, and so on. All these keyloggers are effective and safe to use, so choose whatever suits you most!

We’ve gathered together the best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!


Let’s start with an app that claims to be the most trusted keylogger for Android.

Sooth to say, this time the claims seem to correspond with reality. The app is easy to use, fast to install and covers plenty of useful tools along with the keylogger. As for the keylogger, it lets you keep track of all the keyboard taps on another device. You’ll get to see all the keys, text, web searches, and all that.

Plus, you get to set up immediate alerts to inform you of all new texts, calls, and any other actions you wanna trace. The app works with all the apps, including third-party ones, so you won’t miss anything. Another cool feature of this app is geofencing: lets you add limited GPS areas and get notified if a person leaves it. This tool is mostly used for kids’ control, but you can use it for practically anything.

You’ll also get to view the entire browser history with all the deleted searches. You’ll even get to block access to certain websites if needed. The app lets you view the phone’s gallery with all pics and vids along with the documents. It comes with the stealth mode, so no one would guess he’s being watched.


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Next, we have a powerful keylogging application that thinks one step ahead.

It comes with wide functionality and all the tools you will ever need t watch over your kids or employees. The app will track every single tap on the keyboard, so you’ll be awarded of all that happens on the needed device. You’ll get to read texts, view browser records, see all the keys, and view the call list as well.

Herewith, even if the phone owner deletes the texts, clears his browser history, and all that: still be able to see them all, so no chances to miss out here. You’ll also get to set the list of keywords to be immediately notified if the phone owner uses them. The app works with all the third-party messengers and SM, so no concerns about that.

Along with that, it covers GPS taking, so you’ll be awarded of all the movements the phone owner makes. You may even create geofences for certain areas and get informed if the phone leaves them. And if you want to get deeper into the spy world, there’s a screen recorder that lets you record vids and take screenshots at any time.


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This is a spyware utility that lets you observe someone else’s device remotely with no roots.

The main goal of this app is to make cell phone logging simple and accessible to anyone. Wanna make sure your kids are safe with their phones? Easy, done! Looking for a way to control the productivity of the staff? The app can cope with that too! Practically, you can use it for everything, even cheater catching.

It also covers all the third-party messengers and social apps, so you won’t miss anything important. The app lets you collect all the texts, calls, photos, videos, web searches, and more. Herewith, you’ll get to see all the texts and calls that were erased by the phone owner. GPS location tracking is also available, and you may also set safe areas to watch over.

You’ll get to view all the emails with timestamps and the name of the people the person is communicating with. There’s even a tool that lets you control the phone camera if needed. Plus, there’s a stealth mode, so you’ll remain invisible to the phone owner. The app runs on sub packs, but there’s a free trial and a 30-days money-back assurance.


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It’s a tracking utility that lets you make sure your kids are safe and employees are productive.

It’s a spyware app that lets you track someone’s phone activity. Herewith, it is fully hidden for the person you’re spying on (although there’s no point for it, right?), so you get to know the full truth. It works with plenty of devices, including Android phones and tablets.

As for the features, the utility will track all the keystrokes made on a certain phone. Thus, you’ll be aware of all the texts written, all the calls, web searches, passwords, logins, and all that. Even if the browser history and call list are cleaned, and the texts are erased, you’ll still get to see them. The app works with all the third-party apps, so no worries here.

You may also set notifications of SIM card shifts, watch over location data, and more. One account enables you to watch over up to 5 devices, which is quite generous. As for the price, the app runs on sub packs, but there’s a free trial that doesn’t require credit card details.


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It’s a keylogger with full phone tracking.

It’s easy to set up and use, so you won’t have issues with that. Furthermore, it only takes a couple of mins to install, and you’ll remain unseen by the phone owner ever since. The app is originally made for parental supervision, but you can use it in any way. The tools are quite standard for the industry, but the keylogger itself is quite powerful.

You’ll get to log all the SM activity, view the entire browser history, watch over location changes, and more. The keylogging tool lets you view all the keystrokes, including the logins and keys. For instance, you’ll get to read all the texts (including incoming ones), search on SM, and more.

Beyond that, you’ll get to remotely block Wi-Fi connection (which is, in fact, cruel) and contacts. It works with phones and tablets, and you can view all the results on the web version as well. It also works with all iOS versions, so no concerns about that. All the results appear on categorized dashboards, and you can view the data app by app.

umobix android

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If you were looking for an entirely free spyware tool – you’ve just found one. Needs to be said, it’s a rare thing for the industry, as the majority of keyloggers run on sub packs.

This app lets you watch over smartphones secretly, which is perfect for checking on children, staff, and whoever else you don’t really trust. It lets you view all the media files including pic, vids, and docs. Plus, it lets you view all the notes, and even calendar events if needed. Along with that, it lets you observe all the texts, calls, and internet activity.

To be more precise, you’ll get to read all the texts from all the texts and SM. And even if the phone wonder deletes them – you’ll still get to view it. As for the calls, you’ll be able to view the incoming and outgoing calls along with duration and contact name. Plus, you’ll be notified of all the keystrokes including passwords, logins, and all that.

The app also lets you track the geolocation of the phone. You may even set up safe areas and get informed if the person leaves them. All the data will be sorted by apps, so you could only view the info you’re interested in.


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This is a top-rated spyware utility that lets you log all the keystrokes made by other phones and more.

The app lets you watch over any target risk-free and with no roots. That’s because of a stealth mode that makes you invisible to the phone owner. The installation process is fast and easy: it only takes you through three steps, and you’re ready to go. As for the features, the app will log all the keystrokes made by the phone owner.

This means you’ll see all the logins and passwords, all the texts, web searches, and SM activity. You’ll eleven get to view the calendar with all the events and marks if needed. Plus, the app lets you view the history of calls with the timestamps, duration, and all that. You’ll also get to watch over location changes and get alerts if the person comes into certain areas.

All the data will be strictly categorized by apps, so you won’t get lost here. You’ll get to reorganize the dashboard as needed and disable the data from the apps you’re not interested in (although you never know what you can find, right?). The app runs on sub packs, but there’s a free trial as well.


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Here’s a spyware utility that lets you log all the actions from other people’s phones.

This program provides you with a safe and reliable way to monitor certain phone activity. The app is mostly used for kids’ supervision or to watch over staff, but no one actually limits you here (feel free to get creative). The app comes with a stealth mode that enables you to remain hidden from the owner of the phone and it’s impossible to notice you’re being watched via this app.

As for the tools, you’ll get to remotely track everything: GPS, texts, emails, SM use, and more. It works with all the popular third-party apps, including telegram, so you won’t miss anything. You’ll also be able to view the entire callbook, even if it was cleared out.

Beyond that, you may also set it to observe dating app activities if needed. Plus, you get to make a list of triggering keywords and be informed if they were used. The app also lets you track GPS and set up safe areas – you’ll get notified the phone will leave them.


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And lastly, we have a parental control app that includes a keylogger.

The app offers basic yet effective features, so you won’t need any other spyware. Plus, it’s one of a few keyloggers that are actually free, so it definitely worth trying. Although some users complain that it’s pretty complicated to use, it’s actually not that bad and there are tutorials to explain to you how it works.

It covers all the standard tools for GPS tracking, call monitoring, and all that. You’ll get full access to the gallery of media files and docs too. As for the texts, you’ll get to observe both accepted and send texts along with the timestamp. Even if the device owner deletes them, you’ll be able to view them either way.

The app works with all the third-party apps, so you won’t miss out here. You’ll eleven get to make real-time screenshots while staying unnoticeable to the phone owner. Plus, you may see the entire browser records and even the browser bookmarks. In case you want full control, you may also block apps and limit screen time remotely.


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