11 Best Android App Cloners in 2024

The standard Android operating system does not allow you to clone any app. It is possible on a PC and it allows you to manage multiple aсcounts on the same device or to use two equal apps at the same time.

The developers of mobile apps have not ignored this feature and have created special services that allow you to use the programs you need in two profiles. So let’s take a look at these best Android app cloners in 2024, which have all the necessary tools.


The 2Accounts app is a handy tool for those who use many accounts on social networks or messengers at the same time. For example, for personal life and work.

With this program, you will be able to switch between accounts quickly and work with them simultaneously.

Besides, the app allows you to manage your accounts while splitting the screen into two columns.

You can send messages, comment on posts, and do other activities on all of your accounts. This saves you a lot of time and makes it easy to switch between accounts.

The app also keeps your data secure. All of your profiles are stored in the account, ensuring that they are safe and protected from hacker attacks.

You can also use the service to hide apps on your smartphone so that only you have access to them. To do this, you need to use the secret zone feature. This program supports all apps, so it doesn’t matter which ones you add to it to use multiple accounts.

Additionally, you can take advantage of paid rates that will give you access to an unlimited number of accounts that you can add to the program.


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DO Multiple Accounts & Clone

DO Multiple Accounts & Clone is one of the most convenient apps for those who have multiple accounts in apps and on various online platforms. It allows you to easily switch between app icons and accounts and manage them simultaneously.

With the app, you can add all your accounts to the app so you can switch from one to the other in just a couple of seconds, even without entering your username and password.

The app gives you the ability to manage your accounts, send messages, comment, and post on all of your platforms at the same time.

This program guarantees the security of your personal data. It also stores all of your account information, so you can easily recover it even after deleting the app. This program supports many popular social networks and messengers.

The app also has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. You can set up notifications for each account and set up automatic login when you start the app. Use the app’s protection feature for a second account to keep your data safe.

The app also allows you to turn on a light mode to save battery power.


Parallel Space – Multiple accounts

Parallel Space is an app for cloning your own accounts on different platforms. You can add multiple app icons to this program at once to activate a quick transition between profiles.

You will be able to do this even without re-entering your personal data, but the app ensures that your accounts are well-protected and secure.

In this app, you can also perform different actions in your accounts at the same time. To do this, you can choose the dual-screen mode, which allows you to open two accounts in real-time and synchronously send messages, follow your publications, and so on.

Despite not having to enter data when switching profiles, they will be safe. The app guarantees full protection against hacking. You can set up access to the apps yourself in the settings of your gadget.

Since the app supports different platforms, you can use it to add your accounts from multiple online platforms. You can also use the simplified mode to save battery and storage space.


Multi Parallel: Multi Accounts

Multi Parallel is an app where you can store all your accounts registered on different platforms.

You don’t even need to enter your username and password to switch between them, as all your data will be automatically saved in the program.

It only takes a couple of seconds to switch accounts. Use more than one of them at the same time, all on the same smartphone screen.

It also saves your device’s memory. The simplified mode, which you can activate yourself in the app, lets you conserve your battery.

The special protection function keeps all your data safe, so you don’t have to worry about their privacy. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly find the app you need and switch between the accounts that exist in it.

This app allows you to transfer to any online platform here. For convenience, you can also set up notifications in each profile to see the latest news, messages, likes, and more.


Super Clone: Multiple Accounts

Multi Clone is a unique app that will help you manage multiple accounts in different services and online platforms with ease.

If you often use multiple accounts, then you can use this program to switch between them in a matter of seconds with a single click on the app icon.

With this program, you can add all of your profiles in one place, saving space on your device while also saving optimal battery life.

With this app, you can track activities in each of your accounts, including checking chats and conversations, posting and rating content, and watching the latest news or current posts. The program also lets you set up settings to receive notifications from a specific account.

You can also set up automatic sign-in to save time on constantly entering passwords and logins. Set an extra password for each app you add to the program to sign in.

To do this, you can use a special key, a numeric password, or biometrics. This way you protect your data and make sure that only you have access to it.


Multiple Accounts: Dual Space

Multi Accounts is an advanced app that will help you keep track of every account, even if you have more than one.

Here you can easily switch your account from work to personal to keep track of new content, posts, publications, and up-to-date entries.

You can also manage your profiles simultaneously by splitting your smartphone screen into two icons. This way you can easily combine personal and work, saving you time going from one account to another.

The app keeps your data secure because you can set up your own passwords to access it. All of your accounts are stored in one app, so you can easily recover them even after you delete the program.

It supports many popular apps, so you can use it for all your accounts in the internet environment. You can choose the location of the icons in the app yourself, so you can quickly find cloned ones and switch from one to the other literally with the click of a button.

You can also take advantage of the paid features of the app, which will allow you to create not one, but several accounts and manage them all from one place. The paid rate also includes a secret zone feature that allows you to hide apps from view and keep them private.


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Parallel App – Dual App Cloner

The Parallel app is a handy and feature-rich program that allows you to use several accounts on online platforms at once in one place and switch between them quickly.

Besides, the app allows you to create hidden accounts that no one can see. This is especially useful if you want to hide your identity or keep your messages private.

Customize how you sign in to each account by setting passwords and encryption. Set notifications for individual apps to get up-to-date information about your latest posts, publications, and entries.

In the app, you can also open multiple accounts at the same time to view the information in each of them. It supports both games and apps for social networks, messengers, and other online platforms.

The app also offers its users a paid version in which you can connect not one but several accounts from the same platform. Also in the paid version, there are no ads to distract you.


Dual Space Pro – Multi Accounts

Dual Space Pro is a program that lets you create two account instances in apps on your device. With it, you can use multiple profiles in one app, switching between them without entering your password or other personal information.

One of the main features of Dual Space Pro is the ability to create a parallel space for any app. You can create a second copy of any app you use and use it for another account.

This is handy if you want to use multiple services in the same app, such as social networks or messengers. All data associated with a second instance of the app is stored in a secure environment, which guarantees its security and protection against hacking.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that your data will always be safe. Hide your apps so only you can access them. Customize your login options, like choosing a password format. This gives you extra security for your accounts.

If you want to use more than one account in this app, you need to activate the paid version. Then you will get even more features such as alerts and malware warnings.


Clone App – Parallel Space

Clone App is a feature-rich service that allows you to add other programs to switch between your accounts. Here you can add icons of social networks and various games, messengers, and other things.

You don’t need to re-enter your password and other personal information to switch from one account to another, because you can set up settings for automatic login.

You can also set a password to log in to the app itself. This will further protect your data from being hacked. Your accounts will be put in a separate location in the app, so you can use them without getting mixed up with each other.

Name the icons of all the programs that you have added to the app in your own way. This will allow you to quickly find the account you need. You can also set up notifications for each profile. This way you will get notifications about new posts, publications, and updates.

To make the space in the app more interesting, you can use stickers and emojis. Change the color scheme and theme of both the app itself and the icons located in it.


Dual Space – Multiple Accounts

Dual Space is an app for creating multiple accounts and organizing the most convenient space to switch between them. Here you can add your favorite apps where you have two or more profiles for different purposes.

With the ability to quickly switch between them, you can easily control the actions in each of them, and even at the same time.

For convenience, you can connect notifications that let you know when messages and notifications are coming to your device from different accounts.

You can also secure your data by enabling password protection. But you won’t need to enter your username and password when you switch accounts.

Use a special hidden zone in the app. It will help hide your apps from other users, thereby ensuring their safety and complete privacy.

For the convenience of using the app, you can customize the design of its interface, choose the appropriate color scheme, as well as change the names of icons and assign them certain pictures. The app will also allow you to protect your device from malicious programs with special alerts.


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App Cloner – Clone App for Dual

App Cloner is a program that allows you to form a convenient and comfortable environment for switching from one in-app account to another.

Thanks to it, you can easily separate personal from work, using multiple accounts to quickly switch between them.

To avoid confusion between accounts, you can assign specific names to your icons. You can also change the theme of the app yourself by choosing the best color scheme for it.

You can also add more than one account from within the app. For each of them, you are allowed to set individual login parameters. For example, you can set a suitable password or use biometrics. Hide some apps by using the hidden zone feature.

Besides, you are also allowed to add to the app icons of social networks and messengers, as well as various entertainment programs, games, and other services. To keep up-to-date with the latest relevant information in each account, you can install and set up notifications.

Here, your data will be safe, as well as completely secure. If necessary, you can restore them at any time, even after deleting the app. You don’t even need to enter passwords and other data to switch between active accounts.

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