4 Best Animal Identification Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever been wondering which species of animal or a bird you’ve seen? Are you curious about the wildlife inhabitants in your state? This article has you covered!

There are animal identifying apps for Android and iOS that that can easily identify an animal for you. Those apps contain detailed information about thousands of animal species with fun facts and bright high-quality pictures.

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Some of these apps can even male you feel like a professional researcher and help scientists understand the animal’s behavior. Sounds interesting, right?

Here’s the list of 4 best apps that category that worth your attention. Have a look!



Let’s start with an app called iNaturalist. This is an animal identifying app that covers thousands of species.

Frankly speaking, this is the most popular nature apps out there. For now, the community of the app includes around 400000 people.

It also needs to be mentioned that lots of users are professional scientists and naturalists that can help you to know more about animals and nature in general. Besides, the app, in general, was created in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences.

Apart from looking through a huge animal dictionary, you can also use a notebook section to write down your own thoughts and observations. Speaking about animal identification in the app, it is as easy as it can possibly be. All you need to do is to take a pic or upload it from your mobile. At that, you can also discover animal species yourself using a dictionary section or the search engine.

As it was already mentioned, the app has a huge base of animal data. Each animal listing includes a detailed description of it, its habit, habitat and also info about its color and what it usually eats. The listing will also tell you if the animal can be dangerous for humans and what you should do if you’ve angered it.

You will also see several pics of each animal so that you can be sure its the one you were looking for. In case the app has trouble with identifying your animal you can always start an open discussion to hear people’s opinions about it.

In the long run, if you want to get the hang of animal species you should give the iNaturalist app a try.

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SmartScan – Identify Plants, Flowers, Animals, etc

smartscanSmartScan – Identify Plants, Flowers, Animals, etc is an app that enables you to identify all parts of nature.

The main purpose of this app is to answer all the questions you can ask about nature. Including the fact, this app is not all about animals it still has a rich base of the animal to identify.

Apart from animals, this app also empowers you to identify plants, fruits, vegetables, and even landmarks. Besides, the amount of identification categories is growing day by day so who knows what will appear here next.

At that, the app makes it very easy to identify whatever you won’t – just take the picture or upload it from your mobile and it will be done. Each listing in the app contains a detailed description of the animal (or whatever you’re looking for) and it was verified by professionals. Moreover, the app includes several pics of an animal and sometimes even short vids of it.

The app also functions as a social network so you have the ability to communicate with other users through open discussion topics. You can also share the pics of animals you’re looking for and discuss it with other users. The app also supports more than thirty different languages and it works offline.

In the long run, if you want an identifying app that covers different aspects of nature, pay your attention to the SmartScan – Identify Plants, Flowers, Animals, etc app.

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Animal Tracker

Animal TrackerThe next app is called Animal Tracker. As its name supposes, this app empowers you to track animal movements around the world. However, it contains a huge animal database as well.

The main point of this app provides you with a map that you can use to track animals in almost real-time.

Needless to say, this app only tracks animals that are chipped by scientists and other researches. So let’s talk about the animal identifying a part of the app, shall we?

First of all, this app doesn’t have a handy camera tool that automatically identifies an animal by its pic. At that, you will need to set up the searching engine and take your time looking for the right animal.

It needs to be mentioned that the searching tool in this app is quite great and there are lots of filters that ease your searching. Along with that, the app covers thousands of birds and wild animals so you won’t have problems with that.

When it comes to animal listings itself, the app provides you with a detailed description of an animal and its picture. The listing usually tells you about what this animal eats, shows you a map of its living habitat and much more. It also includes the info about the animal’s species and its scientific name. Besides, the app also empowers you to take pics of animals included in the map program to help the scientists track it better.

To crown it all, if you’re interested in watching how animal species move around the world and you want to know more about animals in general, give the Animal Tracker app a try!

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Seek by iNaturalist

Seek by iNaturalistAnd the last but not the least, Seek by iNaturalist is an app that basically works as a shazam but for wildlife inhabitants. Along with some of its sister apps, this one also empowers you to identify animals by taking or uploading the pics of it. The one thing that makes this app stand out is the fact that it has a rewards system for you seeing some birds, animals, and plants. Besides, you don’t even need to take pics of animals – turn on the camera and it will point out the animals and birds on your way. It basically works as a Pokemon Go game but with animals.

As you identify an animal or a bird, its dictionary listing will automatically appear on your screen. Each listing includes the info about the animal, a couple of pics, and a scientific name of it. Besides, the listing will tell you about the living habitat and food preferences of each animal and also points out some fun facts.

Furthermore, the app also has a notebook section that includes the history of your rewards and more. You can also use this section as a real notebook to write down your thoughts about animals and draw. Besides, you are allowed to add new species that weren’t included in the app before – describe an animal (or whatever else you want), add a pic and that’s it. The app also doesn’t ask you to register so it’s completely safe to use.

To crown it all, if you want an entertaining app that will turn a process of learning about the nature around you in a fun game, be sure to try the Seek by iNaturalist app.

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