18 Best Anime Dress Up Games for Android & iOS

Anime characters are the most beautiful and popular in the whole world. Many people are anime fans. Have you ever wanted to create your own anime character and dress him or her up?

We have prepared a list of the best anime dress-up games for you. It doesn’t matter who you are an adult or a child, a boy or a girl. Anyone will find for themselves the app that they like. Dress up your characters. Thousands of clothes and accessories are waiting for you.

If you love watching anime, then download the streaming apps that you will find in this article.

Anime Kawaii Dress Up

Modern Japanese fashion awaits you in this app. Dress up your anime character in whatever you go for. Create a unique look. The app has 6 different characters with different skin colors.

You will be able to create a whole avatar and use the avatar photo for your social media profile. This is a cool kawaii app for anime lovers. First, select a character. Then, the app will send you to a huge dressing room with a large selection of clothes and accessories.

Choose from hundreds of clothing options. Match a sweater to a skirt or jeans with a top. Match colors correctly and don’t forget about choosing the right shoes.

You can also choose a stylish handbag that will perfectly complement your character’s look. What look do you choose for a cute princess or femme fatale? Don’t forget to add accessories like glasses, earrings, bracelets, or pendants.

Pick a background for your avatar after you create it. The app has a choice of several backgrounds such as cafe, park, city, and more. One of the nice additions to the app is the ability to add a pet to your avatar.

What will you add to a cute puppy or fluffy kitten? Everything depends on you. Create a fashionable look and try to bring it to life. The app is only 49MB in size. Anime Kawaii Dress Up has been installed over 1 million times. Try it and dress up your anime character with stylish clothes.

Anime Kawaii Dress Up1

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Shining Anime Star

Shining Anime Star is an exciting dress-up game that offers a world of fashion exploration and creativity. If you’re a fan of anime-style characters and love experimenting with different outfits, this app is perfect for you.

The app features a vast array of clothing options, including dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and hairstyles. Whether you prefer a cute and casual look or a glamorous evening gown, you’ll find plenty of choices to suit your style.

You have the freedom to choose your character from a selection of charming anime-style avatars. Each character has its own unique features and personality, allowing you to select the one that resonates with you the most.

While you can’t create clothes from scratch, you can mix and match different outfits and accessories to design your own unique looks. Experiment with various combinations to create the perfect outfit for your character.

To my mind, Shining Anime Star is one of the best games on this list s it provides an entertaining and interactive platform to explore fashion, mix and match outfits, and design stylish looks.


Anime Dress Up – Games For Girls

If you are a fan of Japanese pop culture then this is the app for you. It combines kawaii, anime, and manga styles. You will find something that you will absolutely love. This is a virtual dressing room. You will have 6 characters.

Pick the girl that most resembles you and start dressing her up. The app also has 4 colorful backgrounds, but we’ll talk about that later. Anime Dress Up is completely free. There are no in-app purchases, so the app is safe for kids.

Wake up the fashionista and let your sense of style create unique looks. Start with animatronic girls. You will develop your skills and maybe someday you will become a reputable fashionista.

If you are a schoolgirl then create wonderful images for school. What image will you create? Bad girls or excellent students? Athletes or nerds? It all depends on you. Try on sailor shirts for your models.

This great app will help you kill time in line or break time. You will get endless fun because the app has over 250 types of clothing in different styles. You can create a million combinations.

All clothes are sorted into groups. This allows you to quickly find the type of clothing you want. You can also change your model’s hairstyle. Match your hairstyle to your clothes. Don’t forget about accessories and pets. The app has some cute pets.

Add the background after creating the look for the model. You can take a photo of your model and save it to the gallery. Anime Dress Up has been installed over 5 million times. Install the app and you can create great looks. By the way, it weighs only 32MB.

Anime Dress Up - Games For Girls1

Anime Dress Up Games for Girl‪s

This app will let you dress up anime angels. Choose a beautiful angel girl and choose the most stylish outfit for her. You can completely change her appearance. Her name is Emma. Select the top and bottom.

Choose colors and materials to match the outfit. Select shoes and accessories. You can also customize the appearance of an angel. Choose the hairstyle, makeup, and more.

This app is different from others because you can also dress up an anime angel guy. His name is Liam. The app has tons of clothes for girls and guys. Combine pieces of outfit and create unique combinations.

Since you are creating angels, then you have to choose the type of wings and a halo. Click on the icons to try on the outfit. You will be able to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of heavenly inhabitants.

The interface will inspire you for angelic styles. The icons are framed in gold frames with wings. You can also choose the pose of your model.

Take a screenshot directly through the app after creating the outfit. Share your angelic outfits on social media right from the app. Anime Dress Up Games for Girls is 82MB. Download it and you will have hours of fun and style learning.

Anime Dress Up Games for Girls1

Moon’s Closet: Dress up game, Goth girl creator

This app is made in the kawaii anime style. It only has exclusive items of clothing. You can create a pastel girl and use her as an avatar. Start by selecting a model. You can completely customize the girl.

Choose the body type, appearance, and skin color. Change eyes, nose, hair, ears, and more. The app will allow you to choose any color. Move the sliders to find the color you want. Yes, you got it correctly. The app has tons of clothes without color.

You can choose the color for the clothes yourself. This expands the capabilities of the app. You can create billions of combinations. The app will be useful for little girls who want to develop a sense of style and design.

The app will also let you choose the facial expression. Create an anime girl who looks like you. Choose a background for the model and add stickers to it. Share your avatar with your friends using social media.

Add speech bubbles with phrases. Use your pastel anime girl avatar as wallpaper for your smartphone. Don’t forget to come up with a name for your anime girl. All your characters will be saved in the smartphone’s memory.

The app has in-app purchases. They will expand the capabilities of the app. It has no ads. Nothing will distract you.
Moon’s Closet is only 70MB in size. Install it and join 500 thousand users from all over the world.

Moon's Closet dress up game

Gacha Life

In Gacha Life, you have access to a vast collection of clothing items, hairstyles, accessories, and more. From trendy outfits to quirky costumes, there’s something for everyone. Mix and match different pieces to create unique looks.

You can choose and personalize your character’s appearance, including their hairstyle, face, eyes, and skin tone. This level of customization allows you to create characters that reflect your style and imagination.

Gacha Life offers a Studio Mode where you can create scenes, set up your characters, and even add dialogues. This feature lets you bring your characters to life in various scenarios, fostering your creativity.

The app also includes mini-games that provide additional entertainment and allow you to earn gems to unlock more items for your characters.

To acquire new clothing and accessories, you can use the gacha system, which works like a capsule-toy vending machine. Spin the gacha and see what stylish items you’ll get.

Overall, Gacha Life suggests a fantastic platform for fashion enthusiasts and creative minds to experiment with clothing and character designs.


Highschool Boy Makeover – Anime Dress Up Games

This app is noticeably different from others on our list. It will allow you to create schoolboys. You will be able to create your anime crash. The app has a huge selection of clothes.

Choose from t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, hats, shoes, and more. You can also personalize your anime boyfriend’s appearance. Choose his facial expression, eye color, and hairstyle. Create cool outfits.

The design of the app is beautiful and the interface is intuitive. This is the standard character dressing app. Feel free to experiment. Create stylish or even crazy looks. You will be able to create hundreds of handsome anime guys.

The app has no in-app purchases. It is completely free and has no ads. You can create outfits for guys even offline. High school Boy Makeover has been installed over 100,000 times. Try it and create the guy of your dreams.

Highschool Boy Makeover - Anime Dress Up Games1
Highschool Boy Makeover - Anime Dress Up Games2

Chibi Anime Princess Fun Dress Up Games for Girl‪s‬

This app will surprise you with unusual models. You will need to dress up anime girls. They are drawn with the wrong proportions. Their heads are larger than their bodies. This makes them cute.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own cute anime girl, then this app will make your wish come true. Create a unique style. The game will not bore you because you will have a choice of 8 different girls. Pick the girl that most resembles you.

You can dress up anime girls in the clothes of your dreams. The app has tons of clothes and dresses. The developers make every part of the game perfect. They keep updating the app with new and exciting things.

If you are sure that you have completely dressed up an anime girl, then select a background and music. You can completely personalize your anime girl.

Take a picture and share it with your friends. Create anime characters for your friends and send them pictures. The app is 83MB. Download it and you can spend thousands of hours in fun dressing up anime girls.

Chibi Anime Princess Fun Dress Up Games for Girls1
Chibi Anime Princess Fun Dress Up Games for Girls2

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Anime Fantasy Dress Up – RPG Avatar Maker

This app will allow you to create an anime RPG character. You can create a fantasy anime girl even if you can’t draw. The app has 6 models of girls to choose from. These models are heroes from the fantasy world. Do you like knights or warriors?

Maybe you like magicians or archers? Choose the heroine you want and dress her up. It is free and does not require in-app purchases. More than 300 items of clothing are in the wardrobe. Create a character for the role-playing game.

You will be able to find clothes for any role in the fantasy world. Mix styles and outfits to create a unique outfit. For example, put on a magician’s cloak and a knight’s helmet on your anime girl. It will turn out to be something unusual and interesting.

You can also add pets for your anime girl. Choose a personalized pet for your character’s role. You can also add a background. The app has multiple backgrounds such as forest, castle, and more.

The app has a colorful HD design. The interface is intuitive. Add accessories to your anime heroines such as swords, shields, wands, or bows. Add your characters to favorites and take screenshots of them.

Share screenshots on social networks so that your friends can see your anime girls. The app is only 39MB in size. It has been installed over 100,000 times. Download Anime Fantasy Dress Up – RPG Avatar Maker and you can create cool RPG anime girls.

Anime Fantasy Dress Up - RPG Avatar Maker1

Super Hero Dress Up Games for Boys Yugioh Edition‬

This app is more suitable for boys. You can dress up an anime boy and make them a superhero. Create duel masters. Create unique looks from hundreds of types of clothes. You will find 8 duel masters to dress up.

You can dress him up in the clothes of your dreams. Apart from clothes, you can change your master’s hairstyle. This will allow you to personalize the anime character more. The app has many accessories such as weapons, bracelets, and more.

Choose a jacket and pants. You need to achieve the perfect outfit combination. Create stylish combinations. Add a unique background that has cool music. All music is suitable for backgrounds.

You can share a screenshot of your anime character with your friends on Facebook or email. You will spend thousands of hours dressing up duel masters. The app has no ads.

If you made a mistake and chose the wrong outfit, you can change it at any time. The app takes up a little over 100MB. Create a fantastic outfit for your hero. Make him as much like you as possible.

Super Hero Dress Up Games for Boys Yugioh Edition1
Super Hero Dress Up Games for Boys Yugioh Edition2

Kawaii SELECT: Cute Dress up Games

Do you like to experiment with clothes? This simple app is special for you. Choose an anime girl to dress her up. Use your sense of style to create a unique and stylish look. Choose a hairstyle and hair color.

You can also choose specific types of clothing for your model. Customize your anime girl. Make her look like you. The app can work offline, so you can play anywhere.

An interesting feature of the app is the ability to add clothing brands. Moreover, you can also create your own brand. Don’t forget to add a pet to your anime girl. The app has real and fantastic animals.

Kawaii SELECT has a cute kawaii design and a simple interface. The app has several disadvantages such as the impossibility of changing skin color and a small selection of pets. But this does not spoil the app but allows the developers to make the app better.

Kawaii SELECT is updated periodically. The developers will add new types of clothing and improve graphics. The app takes about 60MB. It has been installed over 10 thousand times. The app is young, but it is rapidly gaining popularity.

Kawaii SELECT1
Kawaii SELECT2

PKCL Twins

In PKCL Twins, you can fully customize your characters, from their appearance to their outfits. The game provides a wide range of clothing items, hairstyles, and accessories, allowing you to create unique and stylish looks for your characters.

As you progress through the game, you have the chance to upgrade your characters and improve their abilities. This adds an element of strategy and progression to the gameplay.

The game not only lets you customize existing characters but also provides tools for creating your own characters from scratch. This feature unleashes your creativity, allowing you to design characters that match your vision.

PKCL Twins offers a variety of fun and challenging gameplay modes, including puzzle-solving and character interaction. You can engage in exciting adventures and quests while enjoying the company of your uniquely designed characters.

Overall, PKCL Twins is an entertaining and imaginative game that caters to players who enjoy character customization, creative design, and interactive gameplay.


Anime Dress Up Games For Girls – Couple Love Kiss

This is the second app on our list that will allow you to create an anime couple and dress them up. This app is unique in that you can create fantastic creatures such as mermaids or fairies. Start with an anime girl. Create a stylish outfit.

The app has hundreds of different types of clothing. You can also change your hairstyle. Create a unique kimono or wedding outfit. Start dressing up the anime boyfriend after the anime girl outfit is ready.

You can make a guy’s outfit unique or combine it with a girl. The app is completely free. It has no in-app purchases. Use dressed-up anime characters for your romantic stories.

This app, like others, allows you to take photos of your anime characters. Choose poses for singles or couples. You will be able to take cute pictures.

The app has been installed over 1 million times. Anime Dress Up Games For Girls is only 42MB, which is an undoubted advantage over other apps.

Anime Dress Up Love Kiss Games
Anime Dress Up Love Kiss Games

Dress Up Games, Cosplay Girl‪s‬

Do you love cosplays? If so, download this app. It will allow you to dress up an anime girl in different cosplays. Mix your favorite characters and create unique outfits. You can create completely new characters or old ones familiar to everyone.

Superwoman, Catwoman, super-spy, these and other outfits are waiting for you in the app. Dress up the model in a princess or Sailor Moon costume. It all depends on your imagination and style skills. Challenge yourself by creating hidden characters. The app has hundreds of types of clothing. Create unusual combinations to get unique outfits.

Dress Up Games, Cosplay Girls has a nice design and user-friendly interface. Hand-drawn graphics will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of anime.

Try to compete with your friends. You will need to dress up an anime girl in famous outfits for a while. Who knows the best anime characters? You can figure it out.

The developers continue to update the app, fixing bugs. The app takes about 60MB. Try it and you can dress up an anime girl in your favorite cosplays.

Dress Up Games, Cosplay Girls1

Magic Princess

This app not only lets you choose outfits but also offers the option to customize your character’s hairstyle, ensuring every detail of your creation is perfect.

You can enhance your character’s look with accessories such as tiaras, jewelry, and hats. Plus, there are makeup options to further refine your character’s appearance.

Magic Princess provides a selection of beautiful backgrounds and scenes where you can place your character. This feature allows you to set the stage for captivating storytelling and imaginative scenarios.

Finally, Magic Princess offers an enchanting playground for fashion enthusiasts and creative minds.


Cat Diary

Cat Diary is a delightful mobile game that brings together two charming elements: cats and fashion. This unique combination creates an enjoyable and imaginative gaming experience.

The game features adorable feline companions that you can interact with and dress up in various outfits. Cats have a universal appeal, and their presence adds a cute and endearing aspect to the gameplay.

Cat Diary allows players to unleash their creativity by customizing the cats’ appearances. You can choose from a wide selection of clothing items, accessories, and hairstyles to create stylish and unique looks for your furry friends.

While the focus is primarily on the cats, you have the opportunity to design their outfits and styles. This allows you to put your fashion design skills to the test and experiment with different combinations.

The game offers a range of features that include dressing up your cats, decorating their surroundings, and taking cute snapshots of your creations. It’s a perfect blend of fashion design and pet care.

So, you should definitely try it, this is an incredible game for those people who love both anime and dress-up games.


Anime Avatar Creato‪r‬

Anime Avatar Creator is a great anime outfit app. You can not only develop your style and fashion skills but also create an avatar for your profile on social networks. The app has dozens of customizable tools for creating beautiful outfits.

Create combinations or choose ready-made outfits. You can also personalize your model. Choose the facial features and expression. You will be able to express all kinds of emotions. Moreover, you can create not only a girl but also an anime guy. Add accessories to complete the outfit.

You can add a kawaii pet to your anime avatar. They will become good friends. Select the background after creating the outfits. The app has a huge selection of backgrounds. This game will not make you bored.

You will spend thousands of hours dressing up cute anime avatars. The app is free and does not have any special ads. Download it and join the huge community of fashion designers. The app takes about 150MB.

Anime Me - Your Avatar Maker1
Anime Me - Your Avatar Maker2

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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Love Nikki is a game that will keep you playing for hours. This is a brand new outfit game. It is fundamentally different from the apps on our list. It is suitable for lovers of Japanese culture and anime aesthetics. Choose a girl and customize her.

You can make her look like you. Then dress her up. Thousands of clothes are waiting for you. Mix, mix, and experiment with clothes. Create a unique look for any event. You can also do makeup on your anime girl.

A distinctive feature of this app is the evolution of outfits. Yes, you heard right. You can evolve any outfit. It will get better and more stylish. Play with your friends and share stylish designs.

The design of the app is beautiful. You will feel like you are in anime reality. Raise the rank of your anime girls. You can also decorate your home. Your anime girl will have her own home.

This app is not only an outfit simulator but it also has quests and multiplayer. Use the app every day to get additional prizes. Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is popular all over the world. It has been installed over 10 million times.

The app only 100MB in size. Download it and you will be able to enjoy thousands of hours of play.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
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