5 Best Apps To Remove Filters From TikTok Videos (Android & iOS)

Most TikTok content is edited using built-in or third-party services. Although you can save them, you still can’t get the original. This becomes a particularly acute problem if you forget to save your original clip and now only have the final result.

To solve this problem, these best apps to remove filters from TikTok videos for Android & iOS will help you. Try all of them and choose the greatest one for you.

Upgrade your TikTok content with these best apps to enhance video quality.


VSCO is an app for video and photo processing. Its distinctive feature is the ability to remove filters from TikTok videos.

The app offers a free period of use designed to allow users to check its capabilities and quality of work.

Everyone has long understood and widely used the imposition of filters in videos. But not everyone is aware of the possibility of removing filters provided to the users of the app.

All users will be able to adjust the level of contrast, saturation, and color correction of their video by themselves. Now your video will be truly authoring instead of standard filters. You will be able to set highlights in such a way as to transmit the main idea or the most important details in your video.

In addition to the ability to remove filters, users will be able to edit the video. Creating your video story with the app is fun and easy. You will also have access to an advanced free photo editor.

Besides standard photo editing features, you’ll be able to take advantage of the built-in presets. Save the settings you like in the “Recipes” section and use them with one click.


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VivaVideo is a professional editor with a number of free options.

Unlike many similar apps, it gives users the ability to remove filters from their TikTok videos. After removing filters, you have the ability to edit your content yourself.

Color correction and the ability to edit clarity and brightness will make your video as close to reality as possible. You will be able to make the point exactly as it was conceived.

Other video editing features are also available to app users. Among them are editing, combining video with music, and changing the speed of the video. Create a slideshow, trim videos, or make slices of video files.

As you can see, the program provides the user with all the possibilities to make a video clip unique and made on a professional level. The app allows you to realize almost all creative and technical requests.



InShot is an app that provides users with video and photo editing capabilities. They can be edited at a basic or professional level. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

The app has an interesting feature – the ability to remove filters from TikTok videos. Filter overlay mode makes the video brighter and more interesting, but removes it from reality.

Removing the filter and, as a consequence, the ability to change it yourself will allow you to achieve the original quality. Change the brightness, clarity, color rendition, and other video parameters yourself. You determine the accents and nuances.

This process of video creation and its result can be marked as the author’s style and make your video stand out from the sequence of others.

In addition to the filter removal function, you will have access to advanced video processing features. For example, adjusting speed and volume, creating slideshows, and merging or splitting video clips. You will also be able to add text to your videos.

For professional video editing, the app gives you the option to add music or sound behind the scenes. Add animation to individual frames and much more.

The photo editor, in addition to standard processing, allows the user to add filters and text, and make a photo collage. All your photos and videos can be optionally captioned, the app has a gallery of fonts.


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The VLLO app allows you to perform high-level video editing. One of the features of the app is that users can remove filters from TikTok videos.

After removing filters with the app, users will be able to edit the video themselves. This will make it as close to reality as possible.

Change the brightness and sharpness of the video, make a color correction, and go through the other parameters.

Advanced video editing features are also available to users. For example, adding music and text, stickers, images, other videos, and more. For users’ convenience, all projects are automatically saved.


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The CapCut app allows users to remove filters. This is necessary to be able to edit the video on their own to make it as realistic as possible.

After removing a filter, only the user decides how to change their content – color, brightness, sharpness, and other parameters.

You can set accents and highlight important details yourself. In addition to removing filters, app users can also add music, text, stickers, split or merge videos, trim videos, and much more.

It is also possible to animate individual frames. If you want, you can also add automatic subtitles to your video or do a picture-in-picture tutorial. 

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