10 Best Banner Maker Apps for Android & iOS

Wanna make eye-catching banners on your own? This article has you covered!

Luckily, you don’t need any special design skills to make graphics these days — there are plenty of banner maker apps for Android & iOS that will help you do that. These apps let you make promotional graphics for any occasion, and they will look just a good as professionally made ones. Some apps even let you create a logo for your business, but you’d better use logo design apps for that.

We’ve gathered together the 10 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!



Let’s start with an app that doesn’t even need an introduction. If you’ve ever tried to make any graphic design you’ve probably come across Canva.

All jokes aside — it’s probably the most functional and yet easy-to-use app to make designs with. Thus, even if it’s your first time trying to design something — you’ll do good. This service lets you make all kinds of designs — from banners and posters to logos, presentations, and so on.

More to say, the app covers ready-made templates for all the designs, so you won’t have to start with a black canvas. There are also loads of narrowly-focused templates for wedding invitations, birthday cards, IG Highlight covers, and more. The amount of templates here is truly impressive, and the majority is free to use.

As for the banners, the app covers plenty of templates in different sizes. You may also set a custom size if needed. Plus, you get to edit all the elements on a template — background, fonts, pics, and all that. The app covers a wide collection of graphic elements along with a solid photo stock. You can even make a video poster for SM easy as pie.

Canva 1 Canva 2


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Adobe Spark Post

Spark Pos

Would a list like that be complete without an Adobe app? Most likely, no.

Along with the previous one, this app also lets you make feature-worthy graphics for any occasion. Herewith, the app has an intuitive UI, so you won’t need any special design skills to create something worthy. The app covers thousands of pre-designed templates for various types of graphics — from postcards and invitations to logos, banners, and any other ad graphics.

The app’s template collection gets regular updates to fir all the latest trends and styles. The best thing is — all the templates are fully customizable, so you can change every little detail of it. Feel free to change all the pics, add new elements, experiment with typography, color palette, and all that. The app also comes with an auto-resize tool to make your graphics it for all the platforms.

Additionally, the app has a built-in photobank, so you don’t need to look for pics anywhere else. You can even create animated designs if needed. All your projects are being saved in your account, so you can always come back to them later on. You can also share all the designs right on your SM.

Spark Post 1 Spark Post 3




Wanna make eye-caching designs? You can’t go wrong with this app!

This app covers a wide compilation of templates for any design occasion you may think of. Need to make an ad design? Easy as pie! Thinking of changing your brand identity? This app has you covered as well. Even if you need a book or album cover you can easily make it here. The best thing is -the majority of templates are free, so you won’t spend a coin.

The same goes for images and individual graphics elements — you won’t be charged for anything. More to say, all the images in the app’s bank are royalty-free, so you can use them in your designs without any worries. New pics, graphics, and typography styles are being added every day so no lack of choice here as well.

In case you don’t like any template that much, you can always start with a black canvas. You can also save any projects as a template for further use. This service syncs on all the platforms, so you can make designs from anywhere. You can also share your graphics directly from the app and even send them to print right away.

Desygner 1 Desygner 2


Flyer Maker

flyer maker

As you may guess by the name, this app helps you design flyers, banners, and all that.

Apart from previous apps, this one is dedicated to posters, so if you need a versatile tool for all kinds of designs — that’s not the one. In case you only need a banner — this app will satisfy all your needs. For now, the app covers over 5K templates, and more are being added on a daily basis.

All the templates are sorted by themes and categories, and you can also use a search engine to find something specific. All the templates are fully adjustable, so it’s not a problem to make a completely unique design. You can switch all the pics, try new fonts, add extra elements, and more.

The comes with a resizing tool that lets you make the design fit to any SM with just a few taps. You may rather use standard sizes or add a custom one. Plus, you can share the result right from the app without saving it. The app runs on sub packs, but there is plenty of free template and elements anyway.

flyer maker 1 flyer maker 2


GoDaddy Studio


This is a universal graphic design maker that is easy to use.

This app lets you come up with any kind of graphic design in minutes — from IG stories to promotional ads and banners. Plus, it runs on a no special skills needed concept, so you’ll get to make a solid project from the first try. There are plenty of pre-made templates you can use as a base or a source of inspiration for your own design.

The templates are fully adjustable, so it’s not a problem to make unique graphics. You can change the entire color palette, replace all the images, add some new stickers and elements to end up with a personalized design. There’s also a wide compilation of fonts you can try. Additionally, there’s a bg remover that lets you get a PNG with a single tap.

You can also upload your band’s logo and add it to all the projects automatically. Besides, you can make animated posters for SM by using vids from your gallery or in-app bank. All the pics and vids in the app’s base are royalty-free so no worries about that.

GoDaddy 1


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Poster Maker

poster maker

It’s a banner design app that will be equally useful for pros and amateurs.

The app covers a wide range of banner patterns for any occasion you can think of. There are promotional posters, invitation ones, holiday ones, and more. For now, there are already thousands of options available and more are being added regularly. All the templates are sorted by categories, and you can also search by tags if needed.

In case you can’t find the right template you can always start a project from a blank canvas. Beyond that, each poster comes in several sizes and orientations, so it could fit any SM and printing style. You can also add a custom scale to make sure the poser is perfectly sized. As always, you get to customize every little detail of your banner — from images to fonts.

The app covers over 1K of typography styles and stamps you can use for extra decoration. There’s also a built-in photo stock with royalty-free pics if needed. You also get to add your pics and stickers from the gallery. Each design is being saved in your history, so you can always re-edit it later.

Poster Maker 1 Poster Maker 2




It’s an Android graphic design app for making creative posters.

If you need graphics for social media — it’s a perfect app to make one. This app lets you make cool IG posts, stories, highlights, marketing flyers, and even a preview for a YouTube video. There are plenty of ready-made templates for all the graphics that you can use as a case for your ones.

All the templates are categorized by scope, style, themes, and more, and you can use a searching engine as well. There are also animated templates if needed. Besides, you can resize any template in a couple of clicks to make it fit any occasion. You can also change all the elements on a template to make it unique — the app coves a wide range of bgs, stamps, and fonts you can use.

There’s also a wide photo gallery filled with HQ images. Plus, you get to load your own pics, vids, and PNGs. Once the project is done you can share it right on social media. The app saves all your projects in case you’ll ever need to re-edit them.

Posters 1 Posters 2




Wanna try your powers in graphic design? This app can help with that.

It’s an innovative tool that lets you make any graphics right on your mobile. The app covers thousands of templates and an impressive media library that lets you create unique designs easy as pie. Herewith, the app has a simple intuitive interface so even if you’ve never designed anything before — you’ll be able to make a feature-worthy project.

The templates are fully customizable, so there are practically no limits to your creativity. Plus, the app has recently added a free background remover, so you can make PNGs with a single tap. There are also over 20K stickers, stamps, and other elements to decorate your banner with. And if you’ll want to make an animated design- there are over 6K of templates and elements for that.

The same goes for typography styles — the app covers hundreds of options in different languages and more are yet to come. There are also over 1M HQ images that are royalty-free. You can also automatically resize any project to fit any occasion and share the result right on your social media acc.

VistaCreate 1 VistaCreate 2




If you’re looking for an easy graphic design solution — this app is the one.

It’s an intuitive poster maker that doesn’t require any design skills to use. There are thousands of templates for any kind of graphic design — from SM posts to event banners, and more. All of them are precisely sorted by themes, so you won’t get lost, and you can also search by tags and keywords.

The template collection gets regular updates, so you’ll keep up with all the latest graphic design trends. In case you don’t want to use a template, you can start graphics from scratch and save it as a template later on. All the elements in a template are replaceable — from a bg to the tiniest stickers, so it’s not a problem to make a unique design.

The app covers a massive collection of HQ images, fonts, stamps, and all that. Some of them are for pro subs only, but there are more than enough free ones. You can also resize all the designs automatically even if you need an unusual scale.

Kriadl 1 Kriadl 2


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Poster Maker

creative poster

And lastly, we have a banner maker that lets you make solid graphics in minutes.

This app is fully dedicated t making flyers, posters, banners, and other similar graphics. There are thousands of templates for all kinds of businesses and occasions, and you can try them all for free. For instance, there are templates for invitational cards, promotional posters, event banners, and more. Even if you wanna make a creative IG post — the app has a suitable template.

You can also start a design from a blank canvas, but it’s totally optional. Once the template is chosen, it’s time to decide on a size. You may rather choose the standard sizes or set a custom one. There’s also an auto-resizing tool that lets you fit a design to any occasion in a single tap.

The app covers a wide range of forest, decorative elements, and GIFs you can use on your posters. New elements are being added with each update, so you could always make trendy graphics. There’s also a huge compilation of royalty-free HQ pics. The app has a paid sub-pack heat that unlocks special content and removes ads.

creative poster 1 creative poster 2


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