15 Best apps that pay you to walk (Android & iOS)

Keeping yourself in shape is difficult – you need motivation, purpose and time. And if time can be found sometimes, the motivation is difficult and almost impossible to find. Different people can be pushed to action by different motives – someone wants to please others, someone can pursue the goal to improve health.

One of the most important motivators at all times for people is a material gain. Money, the benefits of civilization, convenience and so on – all people seek comfort and prosperity, they want it.

Did you ever think that you could get money just for keeping yourself in shape? How about getting paid for your activity? Nowadays, there are applications that are ready to pay you for… just walking around!

Yes, because people are trying to motivate for physical activity, the developers have created applications that will track your walking movements and give you a reward for it. So, we are ready to introduce you a new kind of small income – just for fun, while bringing a positive result for your health and your wallet.

Applications that give you real money just for steps and activity

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

sweatcoin paysTalking about the monetization of human activity, the first application that comes to mind is Sweetcoin. This is the most famous, well thought out and popular application, which was one of the first to translate steps into money.

Well, it is almost money. The service does not give you money in the form of real notes or coins, as you might think earlier. But we can say that it is a worthy equivalent to money.

Sweetcoin has its own internal currency, sweatcoins, which gives you the opportunity to buy something new and useful. In fact, you do even the smallest amount of activity on a daily basis – going to a bus stop, cleaning, walking with friends and even moving around at work – all the activity that you do is transformed into real money.

The only thing to keep in mind is that Sweatcoin only works in the open – so if you want to benefit from moving around the office, you will be disappointed. Your e-wallet receives funds for all your activities, and you can store them for some time.

It is worth talking about the benefits that you get. Firstly, you become more athletic and tightened, which is a positive thing. Even the smallest physical activity will only benefit your health.

Second, you can buy or exchange coins for worthwhile items or services. For example, it can be healthy food, fitness products, sports goods and even certificates to restaurants. Of course, their value varies depending on the value of the product itself and you can decide for yourself what to buy.

sweatcoin pays screen2 sweatcoin pays screen1


StepBet: Get Active & Stay Fit

stepbetYou know what motivates people more than getting money? The opportunity to lose their money! If a person invests in his or her own business, he or she always tries not to lose his or her finances, and maybe even multiply them. This is how StepBet works: you put your own money on yourself. Now let’s consider it a little bit more.

Initially, you will need to connect your activity tracker to StepBet – for example, Google Fit or Samsung Health. With these apps, you can set your personal goals for fitness and daily activity.

Of course, the developers have provided that the beginners do not get impossible goals and, accordingly, professional athletes do not lower the bar. In order to get a step-by-step goal, you will need to make a contribution. After that, you officially join the community and start your game!

To track the fairness of decisions and awards, StepBet has a WayBetter referee. In the case of of suspicion or disagreement, you can easily contact them and get an answer or support.

Once you have achieved your daily or weekly goals, you win. The common pot in the game you share with other players, who just like you have contributed and achieved the goals.

Interaction with other players, personal contribution, constant contact with WayBetter – all this motivates you to stay active all the time. Of course, no one wants to lose their bet, especially when you can increase it!

stepbet screen2 stepbet screen1


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Yodo – Cash for walking & running

yodoThey say it takes time to form a habit. This is really true – you won’t be able to acquire new habits in a short period of time or by doing the action a couple of times.

Yodo is designed to give you the habit of doing sports, running or just walking every day. Since the best attachments can be developed in a game form, the developers are focusing on this.

Yodo allows you to earn money from your love for sports. A lot of rewards that you can get just by staying active are easily available to you.

You can even get the money in cash – as long as you want to get it. Rewards can be completely different, and you can even get them by downloading your sporting achievements or by inviting friends.

The counting of steps is done in real time. All your past activity is just as easy to track – in the app you can see how active you were yesterday, a week or a year ago.

Running training is also tracked by your location. At the very beginning of your workout or in front of it, you activate the GPS sensor, which will give Yodo all the data about your movements. Of course, this activity will also be taken into account.

Yodo may give you special sports assignments or set goals. You are also rewarded for their completion. If you want to, you can get what you earn every day, but you can also save it – money and other rewards will be available to you at any time.

yodo screen2 yodo screen1


Walkify – Keep Walking & Earning

Walking with your dog, jogging in the morning, going to work or shopping can all bring you extra income. Walkify is an additional source of income for people who are constantly active and want to earn money on it or for those who are looking for motivation for constant walking.

You can monetize every step of your life and every meter you walk. They are equal to one point within the application, which you can then exchange for a real reward. By the way, you get awards every 3 days – so Google immediately gives you cash earned – like a salary! Awards and gifts you get every 4 days.

Your running sessions are also easy to track in Walkify. In real-time, the application monitors the distance, run duration, and calculates the speed and calorie consumption based on this data.

In any case, all your movements will be paid for – you maintain your fitness at the same time, and you earn – of course, not millions of dollars, but still. You can also earn points by watching videos and advertising – although the main source of points is running and walking, but you can benefit from everything with Walkify.

walkify screen1 walkify screen2


CircleCare – Live Healthy. Earn Rewards.

circlecareTaking care of your own health, well-being – this is incredibly important and is the basis for long and happy life. Your health and the health of your family can now be constantly under control of just one application, as well as bring you real income and pleasure from yourself.

Nowadays, you can rarely meet a completely healthy person. Someone has congenital diseases, someone is constantly taking vitamins and complex supplements, someone is taking insulin and so on. Since CircleCare monitors your health, the application will constantly remind you about taking vitamins and medicines. For all the timely actions you also receive an award!

You can create your own healthcare network with your colleagues, family or friends. In this way, you can motivate each other to win new prizes, as well as monitor your health and stay active.

You can also keep a diary of measurements of all your health indicators – blood pressure, weight, height, and other vital signs. You can not only keep track of your acquaintances, but also of absolute strangers. You can also send postcards to people to show that you support them in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Awards will be a nice addition to your community communication!

circlecare screen1 circlecare screen2



runtopiaThis is an application that does not benefit so much from jogging and activity as it does from motivating and striving to become a better version of yourself. Runtopia can keep track of your training, progress, and movements in full. It’s a community that supports each other and trains together to share successes, achievements, and progress.

At the beginning, you can choose your level of training – beginner, amateur, professional and so on. Depending on these indicators, the service will select the right program for you. In fact, you will be able to contact other people who have similar hobbies to you, as well as record any of their achievements – the first 3 kilometers, 5, 10 and so on.

Every day new goals and distances appear in front of you, which you have to overcome in order to get an award. This is where the speech about money begins – by performing specific tasks that you are faced with, you get the opportunity to receive a reward in cash.

Yes – you can just earn on your training. This is done to motivate people to do sports – “when you run, you make yourself and the world a better place”.

Prizes that are unknown to participants to the end can be different. You will learn this only after completing the tasks or after participating in many international marathons. Your results are compared with other participants and all the data is presented in the overall standings. Share the photos from your training sessions, reach your goals and earn money – Runtopia encourages you to train.

runtopia screen2 runtopia screen1


Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

weight lossDid you ever think you could turn your excess weight into real money? Weight Loss Bet will become your assistant in this business, giving you money just for losing weight. You don’t have to starve, train or go to a surgeon – just be active!

Weight Loss Bet is a system where you bet on your weight loss. On average, each time almost 80% of participants reach the end and they get more than 1200 dollars! In addition to the basic weight loss, you can perform Challenges and tasks that the organizers have prepared for you. They will also bring you money!

In the beginning, you take a picture of the initial state of your body to track the results. After the game is over, you take a photo of the result and compare it. Most likely, you will see a visual result, which will please you! You can also keep track of other participants, who, just like you, set goals and achieve them. Weight Loss Bet also tracks your steps during the day and includes them in the overall result.

You get access to your reward at the very end and you can spend it on new tasks, marathons or competitions right away. You can also spend it on yourself because you deserve it! Now your motivation for weight loss and activity can be real money, and large sums of money – just try it together with Weight Loss Bet.

weight loss screen2 weight loss screen1


Achievement – Rewards for Health

achievementThe health care system is always based on the citizens themselves. It is strongly influenced by your health condition, various diseases, immunity and even the food you eat. Your entire lifestyle has a direct impact on your life expectancy and your health care needs.

Corporations involved in health care are interested in the performance of the average person. How their health is affected by their activity, sports, and even nutrition. Achievement offers you pay for your data. That is, the app will keep track of your daily steps, sports and meditation activities, and you will also need to download your diet and other activities there. This way, manufacturers and developers can get information about average people and predict what they’ll need.

Achievement pays you for the data they receive from your various trackers – fitness bracelets, pedometer applications, and diet tracking. Your healthy behavior can bring you money – the healthier you are, the more developers are willing to pay you. Be active and it will have an immediate impact on your health – you’ll see it in Achievement after a while.

achievement screen1 achievement screen2


RunBet – Run more, Earn more

runbetAnother application developed by WayBetter. We already have a StepBet application from this company in our top, so you may already have an idea of the system used by WayBetter. At the same time, as the name suggests, this application focuses on running, not just daily activity. You can find enough people who do sports every morning.

Running is most popular – it is morning jogging that can motivate people to be active during the day. This is the easiest and does not require additional equipment – you just put on sneakers and run forward – right to the best version of yourself. The main thing is that with the help of RunBet you do it together with other people who need motivation as well as you do.

In the app, you choose from a common directory of games that will suit you. You bet on yourself or more precisely on achieving your goal. So do the other players – and together you form a common bank of the game. Those who reach the goal share a common bank. Of course, we all understand that due to circumstances or forgetfulness not all players reach the end. So, if you reach the goal, you will definitely get your own benefit.

Running is tracked with Runkeeper and other utilities. If you don’t have the ability to run outside to track GPS jogging, you can do it in the gym or at home on the treadmill. Simply upload a snapshot of your results – the support team will verify the authenticity of the snapshot and set the results as your achievement.

runbet screen1 runbet screen2


Applications that give you a part-time job while making you more active

Postmates – Local Restaurant Delivery & Takeout

PostmatesMany people consider the work of couriers to be temporary and perceive it as a part-time job. Despite this, it is most often possible to find ads to find couriers for a permanent job. Usually, they have a permanent schedule, as well as formalize job placement. But don’t despair if you’re just looking for a part-time job – PostMates will help you.

Now you can use your walks. For example, you go for a walk around your neighborhood or in the vicinity of your home. Postmates can provide you with work just in time – the time that will be most convenient for you. The point is that this application is a delivery service for absolutely everything. Food from restaurants and cafes, equipment, products from shops – the service is widely used in all spheres.

You can become a courier for such orders and combine your walk with a little extra work. So you can get money for the fact that you decided to walk. You may be able to get to know the city better, but you may also get rewarded and possibly tips. Tips are 100% left to you and are your personal income.

All you have to do is register with Postmates, note that you can complete your order and that’s all. In your spare time or when you’re out for a walk, you can see the delivery offers you can get and if you want you can accept them. It’s worth noting that almost all orders are paid in advance by the customer and you just have to pick up the order and bring it to your destination.

Postmates screen1 Postmates screen2



doordashDoorDash is another service that gives you a real second job that can bring you pleasure and remain active throughout your work. You can work in the office of a large company during the day on the “mysterious boss”, and in the evening become a boss for yourself, walk and earn some money at the same time.

You can choose your own working hours and nobody will change them without your knowledge. If you wish, you can even work full time on your own weekend – DoorDash allows you to choose any schedule. All you need to start earning is your smartphone, your free time and, for example, your bike.

Yes, you won’t always be able to get to your destination on foot. Of course, you can choose your own delivery area – for example, it may be within a kilometre of your home, but then there will be very few or no orders at all. So if you want to capture large areas, it is better to have a bicycle at hand.

Bicycling is a great way of doing things or doing sports, especially if you spend most of your time at work without being physically active. Convenient conditions, flexible schedule, activity and money – this is beneficial and convenient for those who want to move around and earn money (or just to earn money).

doordash scrren doordash screen


Rover – Dog Boarding & Walking

roverDaily activity is forced on dog owners and other pets who require walking. If you don’t have a pet for some reason, but you don’t mind messing with it or taking a walk, the Rover app will help. It’s designed for dog owners who don’t have enough time or opportunity to take care of their dogs themselves.

Animals require walking several times a day. Imagine the physical activity your pet provides every day! Do you want to walk a lot, be active, lift up or keep fit? Don’t you think walking your dog is difficult? Do you like pets? Then Rover is good for you as a living.

Of course, no one promises that you’ll be a babysitter or a carer for pets. In total, the app accepts 20-30% of your resume requests. Developers explain this by the quality that nannies are able to give the animals. But in connection with this, on their walks you will earn more – because the quality requires appropriate payment. Basically, your duties will include walking of dogs, that is, constant activity and walks.

Interact with your favorite animals, communicate with their owners, maintain physical activity and get paid for it!

rover screen rover scren



gigwalkConcerts are a wonderful pastime. But we often find that tickets are incredibly expensive, or that your bands come so often that you simply don’t have enough money to visit them all. Then Gigwalk will sponsor you or save you money on your tickets – are you already intrigued?

If you live in a big enough city, or if you do concerts often enough, you can earn money from it. Have you ever dreamed of being an organizer? See what’s hidden behind the scenes and behind the scenes? Then Gigwalk will be your guide. You’ll need to install the app, open it, and find the concerts that come to you. Organisers often need help organising, running events and even getting people to the venue.

Yes, you’ll have to be on your feet all the time, running around the venue and following the organisation or the crowd. But you’ll feel the atmosphere, get closer to your idols and learn what’s hidden from the general public. Take into account the fact that for this help and activity you get real money!

Gigwalk combines a vibrant experience of concerts and artists, physical activity, fun and extra income. Simply install the app and find the next event – now you can go there without paying for your entry ticket, while still getting the money!

gigwalk screen2 gigwalk screen1


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Applications that transform your activity into charity support

Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker

charity milesWhile most applications actually put money or other means in your pocket, Charity Miles works in a completely different mode. Yes, you also make money from your own sporting achievements, steps and other physical activity. But now all the proceeds are spent not on your entertainment, shopping and other benefits, but on charity. In fact, you don’t spend anything, but you still help charitable foundations, as well as people who really need money.

How does it work? Charity Miles is the most standard fitness tracker, which monitors the number of steps you have taken, physical activity during jogging and training, as well as even cycling. All you have to do is turn on the training mode – at which time the stopwatch will turn on – and turn it off when you’re done. The simplest thing is that you can walk your pet every night and earn money for charity.

Since all activity becomes money at once, you will need to choose the charity fund you want beforehand. In total, more than 40 charitable organizations are represented in Charity Miles. If you need information about the results, the figures are impressive – with the help of Charity Miles has already sent more than 2.5 million dollars to help people in need.

charity miles1 charity miles2


Impact: Fitness & Charity. Just Walk/Run to Donate

impactWe’ve already faced charity work related to sports. Impact is just such an application. You could say that it converts your steps into real money to help those in need. Imagine that your decision to walk to the store, not by car, can help a couple of dollars to a person who is seriously ill or poor. You’re just walking – but you don’t even stop helping people.

Basically, the money received from your activity goes to companies with charitable or positive projects. Thanks to you, they can continue their activities – that is, a lot of people are formed little by little, but in general it gives you a great result. Impact is your pedometer that tracks activity. Each 2500 steps you take are converted into money and many companies sponsor it. All of them are designed to instill useful habits, daily activity, and sport in people. But there are also a few competitions in the app that are worth mentioning.

Impact organizes Impact League – a small competition in which you can compete with your colleagues and friends. You create a personal team and can compete with others for valuable prizes – they are higher than the usual awards for steps. You can team up with your friends and together with your activity, you can earn money for real charity.



Sometimes it seems to us that we don’t need to walk for another 10 minutes. The reasons can be different – laziness, fatigue, unwillingness to play sports or fitness. From an early age, you may not have been able to develop a passion for activity, and this has become the norm for you. But now you can fix everything.

By increasing your activity you can earn money for yourself and other people. You can find hobbies such as morning jogging; a real part-time job as a courier or a dog keeper; you can even go home from work and turn your time into money while maintaining your physical fitness. Just choose the most convenient option for you, download the application and start earning on your feet – just walk!

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