12 Best Transparent Screen Apps for Android & iOS

If you want to surprise your friends. You need a transparent screen on your smartphone. Transparent wallpaper amazes with its realistic look. It seems that you don’t have a smartphone case. It will appear that all the icons are displayed on what is in front of you. Try these apps and you can create the illusion. Transparent wallpaper will surprise everyone.

Make your phone screen fascinating and eye-catching using these free live wallpaper with sound apps.

There is a list of the best transparent screen apps for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper

This app will allow you to create an experience that no one else has seen. Just make one click and your icon screen will turn into a transparent screen. You will be amazed at the realism of your screen. The app doesn’t affect the performance of the smartphone.

The app also has a catalog of live wallpapers. Choose what you like. You are waiting for more than a thousand options. The app has been downloaded over 500 thousand times. It doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 2.4MB. Download it and you will get amazing transparent wallpapers.


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Clarity Wallpaper

You only need a second to turn your screen into a transparent one. This app has a huge amount of wallpaper. It doesn’t overload your phone system. Transparent wallpaper works without delay. You will really think that your smartphone doesn’t have a case. All wallpapers have HD quality.

This app will also allow you to create your own wallpaper with a unique design. It has many tools to create perfect wallpapers. Create motivational wallpapers for your smartphone. Some wallpapers are paid. Try this app right now and you will be convinced of excellent work.

Live Wallpaper Transparent by Campingg Studio

Live Wallpaper Transparent will make your phone home screen bright and stylish. This app includes an incredible number of backgrounds and screensavers with unusual special effects.

Do you want to try the mirror wallpaper feature? Or have been looking for themed live wallpapers of high quality for a long time? Test out new developments, including a ghost screen. This option uses your phone’s camera in a wallpaper format.

In this case, the home screen will show a broadcast of everything that happens in the focus of the camera. Just point the camera at a beautiful view of your favorite person to capture that image as a unique wallpaper.

Change your wallpaper depending on your mood, the season, and your desires. Try the digital clock option on your display. Now you can update your phone’s style with a single tap. Set a camera instead of wallpaper on your home screen or choose any image from the app’s collection.

The set of images is constantly updated with new trends. Your view of the world is directly reflected in your wallpaper design with Live Wallpaper Transparent.


Transparent Wallpaper by AZ Mobile Software

Transparent Wallpaper offers you a diversified set of images for your phone home screen. Travel, try your hand at art, and don’t forget to mark your actions on your phone. This effect is obtained if you display the image from the rear or front camera on the screen. Then everything that the camera will be directed at will appear on the screen at once.

Do not miss your chance to make an exclusive live wallpaper. It only takes a few seconds to get the desired picture and set it on your home screen. First, install the app on your device and open it.

Determine which camera you want to use. The front camera can be used for perfect selfies and snapshots with friends. The rear camera can capture gorgeous landscapes, sunsets, and sea waves with precision.

Once the screen is transparent, point the camera in the direction you want. When the picture on your phone looks right to you, just tap the screen. You can immediately put the picture on the Home screen.


Transparent Wallpaper Screen by AppboxDevs

If you still have not found an app with the original wallpaper for your phone, go to Transparent Wallpaper Screen. Here you can choose a beautiful picture or create it yourself. Show your creativity and get a unique live wallpaper that you can show off to your friends. You will get a great opportunity to make a successful shot and use it as a screensaver.

This app will make your phone transparent in one moment. This image is no different from the usual wallpaper: you can change it at any time. Open other apps, go online and work without interference.

With the help of your phone’s camera, a real image will be displayed on the screen. You will immediately feel the effect of the transparent screen. Everything that is around you, you will see on the phone. To install Transparent Wallpaper Screen you will need 6.19 MB of memory and Android 5.0 and newer.


Transparent Camera Screen by Southern Studio

Try to change the outdated wallpaper on your phone to something unusual. This app makes your phone screen completely transparent. Now the wallpaper on the home screen changes depending on what the phone’s camera is pointed at.

The app works in the background and does not affect power consumption. You can use your phone as usual and watch the incredible views through it. Call other callers, watch movies, and play games.

The app connects the front camera and then the image appears on your screen. You will definitely not get tired of the monotony of the image on your home screen.

In the settings, you can choose which camera you want to use. Get the most realistic HD-quality image possible. All features are offered to users for free. Check out the new development of Southern Studio.


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Transparent Phone Effect Prank by Just4Fun Wallpapers And Widgets

Don’t hurry to change the wallpaper on your phone until you try Transparent Phone Effect Prank. An interesting idea with a transparent effect will appeal to everyone without exception.

The app works based on the use of your phone’s camera. Everything that the rear camera captures will appear on the full width of the screen. No one else will have such wallpapers. The app will not make the screen truly transparent. Yet, the image looks realistic and has a high resolution.

Using the Transparent Phone Effect Prank is easy. Install the app and open it. Press “Start” and don’t forget to allow access to the camera. After that, you are left to marvel at how the design of your phone has been transformed.

You can adjust the degree of transparency yourself in the settings. Together with the transparent screen you can open any apps and games, use the browser, and make calls.


Transparent Screen Wallpaper by Mega Apps Island

Feel your screen transforming before your eyes with Transparent Screen Wallpaper. This app lets you use the views captured by your phone’s camera instead of wallpaper. This app combines the capabilities of the camera and a live wallpaper program.

Now the appearance of the screen will change every second. You can set them both on the home screen and on the lock screen. It looks stylish and modern.

You can use both rear and front cameras to work. The process of changing the wallpaper takes less than a minute. The finished image is broadcast in excellent quality and high definition.

In addition to the transparent screen option, you can choose a mirror effect. Transparent Screen Wallpaper is characterized by simple operation and free usage. Transparent wallpaper is an interesting idea that solves the issue of boring static wallpapers.


HD Transparent 4K Wallpaper by Go Advance Translator

Experience unusual emotions by using transparent wallpaper in HD Transparent 4K Wallpaper. The Transparent wallpaper effect is widespread nowadays and is suitable for any electronic device with Android 7.0 and newer.

This app will allow you to forever forget about the usual pictures on the screensaver, which have long since lost relevance. Now your wallpaper will accurately convey the views that surround you. To do this, you will need a phone camera: it can be both back and front.

In your hands, the phone screen will become completely transparent. Do not forget to share an interesting program with friends.

Check out the collection of popular live wallpapers. Use the shake option to change the picture or add special effects. Decorate your home screen and lock screen to your liking. HD Transparent 4K Wallpaper can run in offline mode and saves battery power significantly.


Transparent Camera Screen

This app will help you set transparent wallpapers on your smartphone. Choose a transparent wallpaper for your home or lock screen.

The app doesn’t affect the performance of the smartphone. It doesn’t overload the system. This program will open up many new features for you. You can walk without taking your eyes off your smartphone.

Make fun of your friends. Look at their reaction when they look at your screen. This app is easy to use. It constantly works in the background without overloading the battery. It has been used more than 500 thousand times around the world. You can see everything that happens behind your smartphone.


Transparent Screen

The main feature of this app is that you can set transparent wallpaper using the image of the front camera. You can also use a back camera. You can still know what is happening on your phone while you play. You can change the transparent view and zoom. You need to give permission to use the camera.

The app will automatically stop working when someone is calling. Download this app and experience the new live wallpaper experience. All your walks will be safe. Developers continue to update the app and fix bugs. It has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Try it and you will see everything behind your phone.


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Transparent Live Wallpaper: Transparent screen

This is a simulator app that allows you to apply transparent wallpapers to your smartphone. The app will use your back camera to create transparent wallpapers. You can run any app and the transparent screen will continue to work. You can go and text at the same time. Don’t be afraid to fall or step into a puddle. You will see everything behind your phone.

The app is easy to use. Open it. Select the desired camera: back or front camera. Click on Set Wallpaper. You can look at the preview of your transparent wallpaper. This app also optimizes battery usage. Customize the transparent wallpaper. The app doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs only 3.4MB.

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