11 Free Apps to Add Tan to Your Photos (Android & iOS)

Are you dreaming of having glorious pics with tanned skin? Luckily, there’re apps that can cope with that!

There are lots of free apps to add tan to your photos for Android and iOS that can make it look like you’ve just had time on the beach. These apps can give a bronzed radiant look to your skin or fix your uneven tan. Plus, all the apps give you very natural results so no one will ever guess your tan is not real!

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor


Let’s start with an app called AirBrush. This is an app that empowers you to make all types of appearance modifications on pics.

This app can cope with various skin problems or excess weight and it can also make you look like you’ve spent hours resting on a beach under the sun. Let’s talk about the tools of this app you can use for it. So there’s a tool called bronzer that can darken up your skin and make it look sun-kissed.

This tool doesn’t require many actions from you as its completely automatic. Plus, the outcomes usually look quite realistic and smooth. However, the tool might have small troubles with identifying your body shape where your clothes are ending. In this case, you will need to use an eraser to get rid of all the imperfections.

You can also make the tan color optimize for yourself by settling its opacity. Once you’re done you can also use filters to make the tan even more real. You need to consider there are some filters that intensify the tan even more. Herewith, the app can also help you modify your body shape and add muscles.

AirBrush1 AirBrush2


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Retouch Me – Body & Face editor. Skinny app


The second app is called Retouch Me and this is an app that can handle any type of body modifications you want on your pics.

The main destination of this app is to give you tools that can get your pics to perfections easy and fast. Plus, the way this app works is quite outstanding cause there are quite a few movements required form you. Thus, your goal here is to enter and mark the tools you want to use. It needs to be said, there are lots of engines to choose from.

Then, you need to send a request to the app’s team, and they will do the rest. Sound a bit odd and uncomfortable but the whole process actually takes a few mins. However, you need to consider that all tools here are paid.

So here are the tools you will need to get a tanned look. You go to the body section and pick the tan tool (obvious, yeah). You can also try a skin tone engine, just pick the tone that is darker than yours. In case you want your skin to be tunes and dewy there’s also a shining tool that will make it seem like you have shimmering bronzer on your body.

Retouch1 Retouch2


Skin Tanner


As its name suggests, Skin Tanner is an app that is destined to give your skin sun-kissed look.

This app is fully dedicated to skin tanning so you won’t get lost in its tools. Furthermore, this app is probably the easiest way to get your skin bronzed with not so many actions. All you need to do is to tap on the tan button and the app will do the rest.

It needs to be said, the app is quite great in identifying the outlines of your body so you may not even have to alter the result. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to every rule so you might notice tan outside of your body. Thus, the app might get confides by the clothes you’re wearing and tan it as well. In this case, you’ll need to use an eraser to get rid of all the excess tan.

Be sure to pick the small-sized eraser and close up the pic to not erase the tan that is in the right place. Once it’s done, you can optimize the density of your tan and the tan level in general. You can also settle the tone of your tan (there’re a few options for that).

Tanner1 Tanner2


Fotogenic: Face & Body tune and Retouch Editor


Fotogenic is an app that will give you natural-looking tan results on your pics.

There are lots of tools for body and skin modifications in this app but you will need the one called bronze skin. This is an automatic tool so you just need to tap on it an the app will take care of the rest. Wherein, the tan this app gives you has natural colors so you won’t look like you’ve just fallen into a jar with paprika.

Once the tan is applied you can erase all the patches outside of your skin. Be sure to use a small-sized erasing brush and zoom the pics while doing that. Besides, you can settle the density of your tan and its opacity. You can also add a smoothing tool to make the tan look even more realistic.

Furthermore, the app has a glow brush that can make your skin look dewy. There are several colors of the glow and you can pick the bronzy one. There are also makeup filters and various told that can correct lighting and darken up your skin even more.

Fotogenic 1 Fotogenic 2


Sweet Selfie – Beauty Camera

SweetSweet Selfie is an app that can imitate suntan on your shots.

This is an app dedicated to all kinds of body perfecting tools so you can do a lot more than just tan with it. The tool you’ll need to get a sun-kissed look is called tan (of course it is). This tool automatically applies tan to your skin and all you’ve left to do is to get rid of all the imperfection.

This tool works amazingly on the beach pics or any other ones where you’re wearing your swimsuit. In case you’re trying to add tan to your face and arm only the app might have trouble with identification where your clothes end. So if you notice any smudged or tan patches on your hair or clothes you’ll need to use an eraser.

Herewith, you’d better pick the smallest erasing brush to not erase the tan on your actual skin. When you’re done you can settle the opacity of the tan. Furthermore, you can use a smoothing tool to make the tan look even more natural. You can also try shading instruments to add contouring to your body.

Sweet 1 Sweet 2


BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

BeautyPlusBeautyPlus is another app that can bronze up your skin tone. As you can guess by the title, this app has lots of tools that can help your pics reach perfection. To get the sun-kissed look you will need a skin tone changing tool. This tool comes with a brush and a couple of tan shades you can use to make it look like you’ve been on a glorious vacay.

The trick here is to use a small-sized brush and the shade that is not too dark for your skin tone. And when you apply the suntan to the places where your skin meets the clothes you might need to close up the pic to not mess it up. When you’re done with applying the tan you can optimize its density and its opacity.

Plus, you can use the smoothing tool to get rid of any harsh lines and make the tan look even more real. The app also has a highlighting brush that adds sheen to your skin. You can also switch shades here and make it look like you’re wearing shimmering bronzer on your whole body.

BeautyPlus 1 BeautyPlus 2


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Body Tune: slim and skinny, reshape photo editor


Body Tune is an app that covers all the body modification tools possible.

The main aim of this app is to make you look fit and healthy on your pics but it can also be your personal virtual solarium. The tool that makes your skin bronzy in this app is automatical so you won’t need to paint over your whole body applying the tan. The app usually gets to add the tan quite naturally so no worries about that.

On top of that, the color range of the tan is quite realistic too so people can really believe you look that tanned. In case you notice any smudges with the way tan was applied you can get rid of it with the erasing tool. Wherein, be sure to not pick big-sized erasing brush cause you can accidentally delete the tan from your actual skin.

It needs to be said this tool works best with the swimsuit pics and barely have any smudges with it. Once it’s done you can optimize the opacity of the tan and smooth out your skin. You can also add yourself a little bit of height or muscles. You can even try out various tattoos and hide excess weight.

Tune1 Tune2


Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover


Perfect365 is an app for adding all types of makeup products to your pics but it can cope with the suntan as well.

The app covers all types of cosmetic items you can think of even wigs. And the outstanding thing about this app is that all its makeup items come in various shades. So as for the taking tool, there’s no tool for an actual tan. But you can use a tint or a foundation that a couple of shades darker than your actual skin.

Wherein, you will need to use a brush and paint over app parts of your body you want to be tanned. This method can help you get the result without having to erase the mistakes an auto mode can make but it might take a while if you need to cover your whole body. However, the advantage of this method is that you can try various shades of tan so see which one looks best.

Furthermore, you only need to paint over your body once and if you’ll decide to switch the shade it will be done automatically. The trick here is to use a smaller brush when your paint over the areas close to your clothes or body lines.

Perfect365 1 Perfect365 1


Perfect Me – Body Retouch&Face Editor&Selfie Tune


Perfect Me is another app that can make your skin look sun-kissed.

The app covers lots of instruments that can modify your appearance but the one you’ll need it’s called skin painting. And its name fully reflects what its capable of. With this tool, you need to pick a brush and the tan color and let the app do the rest.

The whole process is taking secs and the outcomes usually look quite realistic. Plus, the app has a tool that can fix your uneven tan by filling up all the untanned spots. In case you notice any smudges or excess tan patches you can fix it with the eraser tool.

Once you’re done with the tan, you can optimize its density to match your skin better. You can use smoothing tools to get rid of any harsh lines and skin imperfections. There are also tools that can hide all the blemishes you don’t want to see on your body or face.

Perfect 1 Perfect 2


Avatan – Photo Editor Touch Up


Avatan is an app that can easily imitate a solarium effect on your pics.

This app covers multiple tools that can help your pics reach perfection and it can make your skin bronzed as well. So the tool you’ll need in this app is called spray tan. This tool doesn’t require many actions from you except for correcting the outcome if you’d want to.

It needs to be said, the tool works quite well and the skin looks radiant and natural when you use it. It needs to be said, you can get the best result with this tool by using it on swimsuit pics. That’s because the app might have problems identifying your clothes and it can get it tanned as well.

In this case, you’ll need an erasing tool to get rid of all the excessive tan patches. Once you’ll be done with that you can settle the density of the tan and smooth out your skin. If you have lots of pics that need to be tanned you can mark this tool as your fave for quick access.

Avatan 1 Avatan 2


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Bestie – Camera360 Selfie


And lastly, Bestie is an app with various selfie perfecting tools that can also cope with making your skin tanned.

It needs to be said, this app doesn’t have an automatic tan tool as it’s mainly covered face instruments. Thus, you will need to use the foundation tool that’s a couple of shades darker than your skin. The benefit of this tool is that you can actually pic the shade of your tan.

Herewith, you will need to paint over all parts of your body you want to be tanned by yourself. It might take a while when you’ll try it for the first time but it empowers you to avoid excessive tan on your clothes that you can get with an auto mode.

The trick here is to use a small brush and take time when you paint near your body outlines or clothes. Once you cover your whole body you can optimize the opacity of the tan. Plus, you can also try light correcting filters that can darken your skin and radiant brush for a dewy look.

Bestie1 Bestie2


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