11 Best apps to check room temperature (Android & iOS)

Nowadays, with all kinds of technological innovations, people have forgotten ordinary objects. For example, a thermometer.

This problem was solved by developers who produce outstanding more realistic interfaces. They became an imitation of these long-forgotten, but very familiar things.

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This list contains the best apps to check the room temperature. Thanks to them, you can always check the temperature, being in any room.

My AcuRite

My AcuRite My AcuRite is an application that allows you to turn almost any smartphone into a thermometer.

Once started, it is recommended that you use the “Calibration” section. This section is intended to increase the accuracy of the readings.

The utility has a beautiful interface. The results are visualized as a column of a mercury thermometer. Below are the digital results of the measurements. The accuracy is approximately 5 degrees.

For the application to work more accurately, you need to activate the GPS. The measuring utility synchronizes with the module. It calculates the temperature by checking the geolocation in which you are located.

You can also do without activating the location. But then you will have to register the name of the city or area manually. In addition to the total temperature, the application My AcuRite measures the following indicators:

  • humidity
  • atmospheric pressure
  • weather forecast
  • body temperature
  • other parameters

You can quickly measure indoor and outdoor temperatures. The application will allow you to check temperature fluctuations. You will also be able to see how it rises and falls during the day.

This thermometer works on geolocation data. It shows the temperature in a particular city. The app My AcuRite can show not only the temperature but also an extra parameter. It is the temperature “comfortable”.

My AcuRite My AcuRite

This free application works without restrictions and has no annoying advertising.


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Room Temperature

roomtemperature2Do you want to quickly measure the temperature in your room? Then, we advise you to download the Room Temperature app.

Once you have launched the app, it will provide you with simple guides. Thereafter, the app discovers the presence of an ambient temperature sensor to determine the exact temperature.

In case the thermometer sensor is not available, the app uses the indoor component of your device.

Just put your mobile phone or tablet for a few minutes and the app will instantly display your room temperature. You can also press the Save button top right to save all the temperature changes in the History section.

Moreover, the app contains a built-in temperature recorder that allows you to record the temperature for a particular time interval. For this, you just need to paste such data as maximum duration and interval.

In addition, Room Temperature allows users to view the weather forecast by the using current location. Plus, you can also track the time of sunrise/sundown, wind speed, humidity, etc.


HD Thermometer

HD ThermometerUse the HD Thermometer app to measure the ambient temperature. Made in an understandable style for each person, it is one of the simplest of its kind. It is presented as a pie chart.

After the application HD Thermometer is launched, the phone will immediately start measuring the environment.

The color of the scale will change depending on the temperature. The color gradation varies from blue to red. Blue is very cold air and red is very hot.

The average deviation from the actual thermometer is only 3 degrees. The largest deviation was fixed at 5 degrees.

But here it is necessary to take into account the possible error of the real thermometer at the user. So, according to statistics, this thermometer-app is the most accurate among its analogs.

The built-in temperature sensor is not capable of providing accurate measurements. But that’s not necessary. Deviations from the actual values will always be present, and this is the norm (within 3-7 degrees).

If you do everything correctly, you can reduce the error to 2 degrees Celsius.

HD Thermometer HD Thermometer

It is also necessary to carry out the appropriate calibration before each measurement. The phone should not be loaded beforehand. As heating of the internal parts will negatively affect the accuracy of measurements.

Thermometer Room Temperature

thermometer2This is quite a nice app that can quickly measure room temperature on all devices. Speaking more generally, this is the outside & inside temperature app, so you can use it to track the weather as well.

One remarkable thing about this app is that it’s lightweight and will operate on any Android device, even not the most powerful one.

You can measure the temperature in both Celsius °C and Fahrenheit °F.

Moreover, using this thermometer app, you will measure not only the temperature but the humidity as well (depends on the abilities of your device though). The interface design is quite simple, but not plain. It’s designed in a 3D glossy shape and can be converted into a widget.

Apart from that, the app is available in multiple languages. However, the app contains lots of ads.



Thermometer Now it’s very easy to measure the temperature in a room. Use the Thermometer application. This tool is very simple and accurate to use.

The application uses your phone’s electronic sensors to measure temperature. Namely, the phone battery sensor and the ambient temperature sensor.

The battery temperature sensor of your phone will help the app to make a more accurate analysis. The degree of heating of your phone can have a significant impact on this value.

For this reason, it is also recommended not to use your phone a few minutes before measuring. If you see that the readings are not quite accurate, you can calibrate the thermometer. To do this, open a special menu item in the application settings.

As mentioned earlier, the application Thermometer is very easy to understand. All you need to do is open the application and start the temperature measurement process. Also here you need to choose which scale you want to see the room temperature on.

Thermometer Thermometer

The application Thermometer can display the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. It is available for free on all platforms. It also requires a small amount of memory for your phone.


Room Temperature Measure App

Room Temperature MeasureA simple and clear Room Temperature Measure application will help you measure the room temperature and more. You can also find out the weather forecast for the next few days.

The app Room Temperature Measure requires an internet connection to work. You also need to enable geopositioning. This will help the app understand where you are and give you a more accurate forecast.

To measure indoor temperature, your phone must have special sensors. Many modern smartphones have this feature. If your phone does not have such sensors, the temperature measurement process can take 1 hour.

By default, room temperature data is presented in degrees Celsius. But, you can also select the Fahrenheit scale.

To make the air temperature data more accurate, you can use the app’s calibration. To do this, open the setting and select the appropriate menu item.

Room Temperature Measure Room Temperature Measure

Next, you will need to leave your phone for about an hour and not touch it. This way, the app Room Temperature Measure can normalize all the processes in your phone and the battery temperature.

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Sensors Temp and Humidity

Sensors Temp and HumidityThe Sensors Temp and Humidity application shows room temperature based on your phone’s sensors.

All readings are accurate and the application is very simple. You will also find out about the weather and temperature outside.

To do this, the app Sensors Temp and Humidity uses your geolocation and data from different sources. The app compares data from different servers to give you more accurate results.

This application shows the actual room temperature. You can be sure of the accuracy of the data. But, sometimes the application needs to be calibrated.

This can be done in the application settings. You can also select the units of measurement. For example, Celsius or Fahrenheit.

You will need the Internet and access to your phone’s geolocation to operate the app Sensors Temp and Humidity. This way, the application can better understand where you are and what the air temperature is.

Sensors Temp and Humidity Sensors Temp and Humidity

The free app Sensors Temp and Humidity works without any restrictions. Besides, there is no built-in annoying advertising. It has a very nice design and useful functionality. Now the weather thermometer is always at your fingertips.

Smart Thermometer

smartthermometer2The classic Smart Thermometer will help you measure temperature anywhere.

You can know the exact room temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. This app will come in handy for you, as sometimes it is very important to know the air temperature.

For the application to work, you need to allow it to access your geolocation. It will then automatically determine your location.

If you do not want to give the application Smart Thermometer access, you can enter your data manually. This way you can know the air temperature anywhere and at any time.

It is recommended not to use your phone for 30 minutes before measurements. Sensors for measuring the air temperature are located in the battery of your phone. Their temperature can have a significant impact on the readings. This will give you inaccurate information.

You will see an image of the thermometer on the main application screen. Touch the screen to measure the scale of the meter.

Overall, this is a super simple thermometer app that can be helpful if you need to measure the temperature in the room quickly and that’s it. Moreover, it won’t occupy much memory space on your phone, so keeping it on your device will make no harm.


House Temperature

House TemperatureUse the House Temperature app to measure room temperature, humidity, and pressure. It uses your geolocation data. You can also view the weather forecast to prepare for low or high temperatures in advance.

You can also use this application as a barometer. This can be useful for those who like to travel, hike or fish.

In general, this application has 4 main functions. The first is to determine the room temperature. The second one shows the humidity level in the room.

The third one tells you the air pressure. With the help of the fourth, you will know whether the current conditions are comfortable for you.

The air temperature in the application House Temperature is displayed in degrees Celsius. But, you can switch to the Fahrenheit scale. The humidity is shown as a percentage.

This application is very easy to use. Simply start the room temperature measurement on the main page of the application House Temperature.

House Temperature House Temperature

For more accurate readings, it is recommended to calibrate the application. You need to start this process in the settings and do not touch the phone for a certain period of time.

Live Room Temperature

Live Room TemperatureThe Live Room Temperature app is multifunctional.

It allows you not only to measure room temperature. But also you can take advantage of many other useful functions.

Also, this program will help you to learn about the status of your mobile device. Get information from all sensors on your smartphone in real-time.

The main purpose and task of this application are to measure room temperature. It is very convenient to use.

You can install the app Live Room Temperature as a widget that the temperature readings have always been in front of your eyes.

For a more accurate readout, you need to calibrate the application Live Room Temperature the first time you start it up. To do this, enter the weather data from any service you can access that you think is reliable.

Next, you need to enable the calibration. It is not recommended to use the phone during this process. This is due to the fact that the battery of the mobile device heats up when used. This can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the application readings.

You can choose your own theme and temperature scale for the application Live Room Temperature. All this can be done in the settings. Celsius and Fahrenheit’s degrees are available here.

Live Room Temperature Live Room Temperature

This free app has no built-in advertising and does not need you to make any extra purchases. It works without restrictions. So you will always be aware of the current room temperature.

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Real Thermometer

realthermometer2Real Thermometer enables users to monitor the ambient temperature and check the real-time weather changes.

Firstly, we have to mention that this app does not take up much storage space, therefore you will install it in a few seconds.

Real Thermometer is developed in a minimalistic style, as it does not contain any superfluous options. The homepage displays the large skin with the specified temperature on the dark background.

The app supports Fahrenheit temperature and Celsius temperatures alike. Plus, you can always choose from three integrated skins.

As soon as you open the app, leave your device on the table for a couple of minutes and the app will automatically detect the current room temperature. Apart from that, you can also estimate the whole day’s temperature and body temperature.

If you want to check the weather forecast, you should enable permissions to track your current location.

Thereafter, the app will display an accurate weather forecast in your area.


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