13 Best Apps to Connect Your Smartphone to Car Audio System

Modern cars allow you to use all their functions to the largest. Together with mobile devices, they can create a complete system for playing music. To do this, there are special apps that allow you to synchronize your phone and your car’s audio system.

Thus, in this list, you will find the best apps to connect your smartphone to the car audio system. Enjoy your favorite music in your car without restrictions. And we also recommend you check out the additional article that might be useful for your car – the best parking meter apps for the USA.

Bluetooth Pair – BLE Auto Connect

The Bluetooth Pair – BLE Auto Connect app includes many different functions that you can use to control your machine.

The main opportunity that this application offers is to play music on your phone. To do this, you need to synchronize the audio system of your car and this application.

It works together with the most popular streaming music services. So, you can listen to any music and choose your favorite tracks.

Also, this application has some extra features. Thanks to it, you can use the navigator without purchasing any special equipment. There is an on-board computer here.

With its help, you can track the status of your car system and adjust some parameters. In this app, you will be able to use the speedometer function, which displays the current speed of your car.

If you allow the application Bluetooth Pair – BLE Auto Connect access to your geolocation, you can even use the car locator. It has everything you need here for your convenience.


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Advanced car audio setting

The Advanced car audio setting app will help you transfer all your favorite songs to your car’s audio system.

The app Advanced car audio setting uses Bluetooth for this purpose. Thus, you need to allow the application access to this instrument.

To listen to your favorite music in the car, you need to open the application Advanced car audio setting and click “Start”.

Remember to search for your car’s system on your mobile device before doing this. Then the app Advanced car audio setting will synchronize with the car’s audio system and start broadcasting.

The application Advanced car audio setting transmits music in the best quality. You will be able to turn on your favorite tracks in any music player that you have on your mobile device.

When you restart the application, you do not need to reconnect your machine’s system. It will remember all the data and connect automatically. You can change the music playback volume directly in the app Advanced car audio setting.

Besides, it works offline without restrictions. It allows you to listen to music even when the screen is locked.


CarAuto BT: Bluetooth Car Home

Listen to your favorite music in your car using the CarAuto BT: Bluetooth Car Home app.

You will also be able to control and adjust your car’s audio system from your mobile device. To do this, you need to synchronize your car’s audio system with your phone.

This process is performed by turning on the Bluetooth. When you do this, you can turn on the music and enjoy listening.

This app has a convenient music player integrated into it. Here you will find a large collection of popular and new songs.

You can also download your music from any music library on your phone. When broadcasting music, the application preserves the sound of high quality.

Adjust the individual frequencies of the music tracks to amplify specific parameters. You will also be able to turn on the video if your car has the right functionality.


App Remote

Connect your device to your car’s audio system using the App Remote app.

Listen to your favorite music anytime. The app App Remote uses Bluetooth to synchronize. You need to allow it to access this tool. Do not forget that your car must have all the necessary functionality for this.

The first time you synchronize, the app App Remote remembers all the added devices. So, you will not need to repeat this process again every time you want to listen to music in the car.

Besides, this application has several extra functions. You can adjust the volume and sound quality directly in the app App Remote.

Add your favorite songs from any music player.

The app App Remote works without restrictions even when the screen is locked. It has a nice design and a clear interface. You do not need to make any built-in purchases. Also, there is no built-in advertising.

App Rempte1

Car Music Streaming – Listen to BT Bluetooth Music

The Car Music Streaming – Listen to BT Bluetooth Music application is very easy to use.

All you need to do is allow it to use Bluetooth on your mobile device. It will connect the application Car Music Streaming – Listen to BT Bluetooth Music to your car’s audio system.

Music can be played on any music player on your phone. It will be broadcast to your car’s audio system in high quality. You can change the volume range within which music can be played.

You can also listen to the music library built into the application Car Music Streaming – Listen to BT Bluetooth Music. It is updated with new music every week.

Besides, you do not need to connect your phone to your car every time you want to listen to music. The app Car Music Streaming – Listen to BT Bluetooth Music remembers the connected device. Every time you’re in the car, it offers you its features.

Use this free app to enjoy your favorite music in your car. It will help you get rid of uncomfortable wires and things that interfere with driving.



The EasyConnection app will help you stay focused on the road and listen to your favorite music.

Now you don’t have to switch songs or choose the right radio station. Simply put your favorite playlist on your phone and stream it to your car’s audio system using this app.

It uses a Bluetooth connection for this purpose. Allow the application EasyConnection to access this tool to synchronize with your car.

The first time you connect, the app EasyConnection will remember it. When you reconnect, you will not have to re-enter all the data and connect your vehicle’s system.

You will be able to add your music from any music player on your phone to this app. You can then create a playlist of your favorite songs.

This free app will play your music in good quality. In doing so, you can adjust some of the sound settings.


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The Auto+Show app uses the most advanced method of connecting your phone to your car’s audio system.

The connection is made via Bluetooth wireless technology. Note right away that this method can only be implemented on modern models of the car stereo.

They are full-fledged multimedia devices with touch screens. One of the main advantages of such a connection is the absence of cords, which is much more convenient.

You need to activate the connection in this app and in the multimedia system. The devices are then synchronized with each other.

Once you’ve agreed, you can put your phone aside, or connect a charger to it. You don’t need it anymore. All music can be controlled via the application menu.

The app Auto+Show works perfectly even in the background and when the screen is locked. For example, you can play music on any music player you have on your phone.


Bluetooth Audio Device Widget

Bluetooth Audio Device Widget is an app that makes it easy to connect to your car’s Bluetooth system. Want to listen to your favorite tracks? Follow the short step-by-step instructions.

This program will make the connection as fast as possible. Through the widget app, you will be connected to your Bluetooth. Now you do not need to go into the settings.

Is the blue light on your Bluetooth? It means that the connection worked. All connections you can see in the widget, and thus know if everything works on your phone.

The program will also show you the charge on the battery. It can be used with portable speakers, headsets, and so on. In addition to all of the above, you will be able to save the volume of devices on Bluetooth. The features of the program are many. There are detailed instructions on how to add widgets.

This app is high rated by all users. Not only will you be able to connect quickly, but you will also be able to watch the charge of your headphones and the device itself. You will be able to change the size of the widget. All in all, the app is one of the best in its segment.


Car Connect

The Car Connect app is a music player that can stream your music to your car’s audio system.

Like other similar applications, Car Connect uses a Bluetooth connection. It synchronizes with your car and remembers it for reconnection. For example, you will not need to re-sync your devices.

This application has a built-in library that stores many popular tracks. You can download them for free for listening without an Internet connection.

This will be useful for long journeys. This application runs in the background without restrictions.

In this case, you can turn on the music in another music player. It will also be broadcast to your car’s audio system.

The app Car Connect maintains sound quality and broadcasts music without any problems. Enjoy music in your car anytime and anywhere.


Bluetooth connect & Play

This app allows users to listen to their favorite music nonstop. Thanks to the connection via built-in Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to another device, so that you can turn on only what you really like.

To do this, you need to open the list, where there will be all the devices available for connection, and then select one of them. Just decide on the audio files that you want to run on your player.

You can also use this app to run music, clips, and voice texts on your speaker, tablet, computer, and other devices. Everyone without exception can use the proposed features. The program and its functionality are available in free mode.

To use the app, you need to have Bluetooth built-in and be available for connection. While using the service, you can adjust the volume, speed, and other parameters of file playback. All changes will automatically connect to the player.


Pioneer Smart Sync

This service opens up the possibility to keep safe while driving, and at the same time use your mobile via Bluetooth and car stereo.

Thanks to this, you can use all the points of the app interface without having to pick up your phone and without risking the safety you need to keep driving. The app allows you to use it offline, so you don’t have to hold your phone open to activate it.

With the app, you will be able to set the playback settings of audio and other files on your car stereo. There are also such features as reading voice-recorded messages that come in at the moment.

So you’ll always be able to answer a text message without distracting yourself from driving your car on your gadget. You can also use the app to answer incoming calls and talk using the hands-free feature. This allows you to make the road safer.

You will be able to control the interface of the app using your voice. So you won’t have to take your device behind the wheel to set music sound settings, switch playlists, and so on.


BT Car Audio

This BT Car Audio app is a handy tool for car Bluetooth syste­ms. It aids in managing the car’s audio and lighting features. It offe­rs options to manipulate the system’s lighting colors, juggle­ radio stations, and maneuver music playback. It’s compatible with se­veral sources: Bluetooth, USB drive­s, TF cards, AUX inputs.

A host of other controls, like song choice and volume­ adjustments, are available – e­specially great for tweaking high and low sound fre­quencies, as well as balancing front and re­ar frequencies. All the­se features contribute­ to an easy-to-use car Bluetooth syste­m.

Additionally, this app takes data privacy and safety to heart. As pe­r the maker’s details, the­y neither share your information nor gathe­r your data. It’s a critical matter, especially whe­n privacy worries are game high in app usage­ scenarios.

In brief, the BT Car Audio app exists to make­ car audio better for Bluetooth-fitte­d vehicles. It has thorough control feature­s. Not only that, but it also emphasizes user privacy while­ also frequently coming out with new update­s, all being huge plus points.

BT Car Audio
BT Car Audio

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Auto Sync for Android/Car Play

Auto Sync for Android/Car Play is a neat app that make­s driving easier. It links with your car’s system without a hitch, working we­ll for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Of course, with the help of this app you get an opportunity to connect your phone to car audio system, but it also has a lot of other useful features.

The main aim of the app? Giving critical car info right on your dashboard. You can ke­ep track of fuel leve­ls, the car battery, engine­ oil life, mileage, and tire­ pressure.

Get update­s and alerts in real-time to stay up-to-date­ about your car. This ensures safer and e­fficient operation. Plus, there­’s a digital car key/launcher and a scree­n mirror feature for added conve­nience and safety che­cks.

The app is big on safety. It has a wirele­ss driving mode that works smoothly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems. With just a touch, your phone­ becomes a handy car dashboard, so you can kee­p your eyes on the road.

It also include­s features like scre­en mirroring, maps for directions, call handling, and music streaming to e­nhance your time in the car without lowe­ring your attention.

The notification function in the app is also a big he­lp. Get all the updates about your car right on your dashboard. Re­minders for maintenance, ale­rts for low fuel, warnings about tire pressure­- the app’s got it all. It sends timely ale­rts to help in making smart decisions and kee­ping your vehicle in top shape.

Think of Auto Sync for Android/Car Play as a mix of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, booste­d with new features. Fe­atures like a car launcher, scre­en mirror link, and digital car key. It’s a complete­ solution for linking your smartphone to your car. This means you stay safe, informe­d, and connected when driving.

Auto Sync for Android/Car Play
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