9 Best motion detector apps for Android & iOS

We’ve all been thinking about the safety of our home. Installing cameras around the perimeter of your house or plot, at the entrance to your apartment or right inside your house is a great idea for your own safety. But their installation is quite expensive, and not all people can afford to pay for it. You may have small children to look after all the time, or you are going away for a long time and don’t want to leave the house unguarded. We have a solution for you!

Do you have an old smartphone with a working camera? If so, you can use it for this purpose! Any movement will be detected – you just need to install one of the applications we have selected for you. Motion detector apps are the solution for your security.

Salient Eye, Home Security Camera & Burglar Alarm

Afraid someone might steal your stuff? Living in a dorm and you don’t want other people to come into your room while you’re away? Then you can turn your smartphone into a security guard in just a few clicks.

Salient Eye is a great way to do that. The app is designed for Android smartphones. With it, you can monitor what’s going on in your home even from a distance. To do this, you can control the camera and send images – Security Camera. You simply install the app on your smartphone, which will function as a security system on your smartphone. To transfer data, you will need to give permission to use the camera and access the Internet – for example, via Wi-Fi.

In order to test the application, you just need to run it and move in front of the camera. You will immediately see its effectiveness! You can even set up an audible alert for additional alerts – the phone will make an alarm sound if someone tries to get in.

salient eye screen1salient eye screen2


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Motion Detector Pro

Mmotion detector pro logootion Detector Pro is similar in functionality to Salient Eye. This application will help you to detect robbers or thieves in time, as well as to easily monitor your neighbors and their movements in your area or in a neighborhood.

The versatile motion detection algorithm in the camera’s field of view allows you to receive information in a timely manner. With your personal smartphone you can immediately receive a photo notification to your email. All you need to do is give the smartphone security guard access to the camera and e-mail.

In real time, you can see who moves in and out of your home. Maybe your neighbor wants to steal your socks or chips?

motion detector pro screen1 motion detector pro screen2


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Presence Video Security Camera

presence video security camera logoNot only owners of Android phones can ensure their security without additional costs. For those of you who still have an old iPhone, iPad or just a previous model and are using a new one, you can easily turn it into a whole security system.

Presence Video Security Camera allows you to adjust the sensitivity of motion perception, as well as receive notifications and alerts about any movement. You’ll need to set up the camera in the right direction, and to increase accuracy in darkness you need to allow the application to use the flash.

If you are ready to pay $5 a month, the application will provide you with additional functionality. You will be able to record sound, store video in the cloud, or simply record for longer periods of time. Also in the Pro version the phone will be able to make additional sounds when motion is detected.

presence video security camera screen2 presence video security camera screen1


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Alfred Home Security Camera

alfred home security cameraUniversal application for both iOS and Android devices. You can watch your home not only during movement or detection of foreign objects, but also at any time from anywhere in the world.

The intelligent system sends you an alert as soon as it detects motion in its field of vision. You can upload all your records to the cloud and access them at any time, not only online. You don’t need to buy a huge amount of equipment and wires: the smart Alfred Home system is so well thought out that it calculates all the possible situations.

For 4 dollars a month you get HD-quality recording, removes all advertising, that is present in the free version, as well as sync with the system “Smart Home”.

alfred home security camera screen2 alfred home security camera screen1


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Universal Baby Monitor

universal baby monitorWorried about your child? Infants can often hurt themselves or cry when they wake up and find no one else around. In order to prevent you from having to stay near your baby’s crib 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Universal Baby Monitor has been developed.

If your child wakes up, the camera will record the movement and send you a notification right away. In addition to video recording with your smartphone, you will also be able to receive notifications about the sounds that appear.

The sensitivity of the application is also designed for any noise – the microphone picks up even small noise. If you see that your child is awake, you can use the speakers to start calming him/her right away. Usually, a mother or father’s voice is enough for babies to calm down a little bit.

The app can also act as a night light for your child. In general, you get enhanced functionality than just a baby monitor or video surveillance. You will be able to constantly monitor what is happening to your child even from a distance.

universal baby monitor screen12 universal baby monitor screen1


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Smartfrog Cam & Baby Monitor

smartfrogYour tablet, smartphone or any other device with a camera can easily replace your security system. It’s easy enough to install special software on them and you can assume that your home is safe.

In addition to the tracking device, Smartfrog also offers you the baby monitor function. This is represented by the fact that you will not only receive a notification that your child is awake and moving, but also the sounds he makes – crying, laughing or attempts to talk.

Videos can be recorded for up to 30 days in a row – you don’t need to constantly clear your memory or restart the app. With this feature, you can easily go on a business trip or vacation for a week or more, while keeping track of what’s going on in the house and not worrying that someone will get inside.

Moreover, in Smartfrog you can even share the broadcast in social networks – for example, send to friends or relatives.

smartfrog screen2 smartfrog screen1


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Camera Trigger (Motion Detect)

camera triggerCamera Trigger is a standard application for motion detection in the camera’s range of vision. Since the utility has access directly to the camera of a smartphone, it can use all its functions – autofocus, portrait mode shooting and saving recorded material in the gallery of the device. You can either record video with motion or just take a picture.

You can set the Camera Trigger to run on a timer. So the application will start at a certain time and wait for movement. You can also shoot in slow motion.

It is possible to automatically save all records to the DropBox cloud storage. When motion is detected, you can get a notification to your e-mail immediately at the moment of the trigger.

camera trigger screen1


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Motion Detector

motion detectorThe most genius is always simple. Despite its very simple interface, Motion Detector does a great job. On the home page you can immediately adjust the sensitivity of the detector, the frequency of photos, as well as the size and other parameters of the content created.

All settings are made in just a few minutes, and you can immediately begin to set up the device where you want to control the movement. After taking photos, the application sends you a notification where the photos were saved.

Basically, the application’s root folder is located on your smartphone’s SD card. Of course, this cannot be called a full-fledged security system, but it fits perfectly well as entertainment.

motion detector screen2 motion detector screen


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securet procamFor those who have a large house or apartment and want to keep track of what is happening in other rooms, SECuRET ProCam can help. The local Wi-Fi network allows you to receive a real-time image. So you can keep an eye on your children, for example – how they play or how the baby sleeps – so you don’t have to be around them all the time and do your business in peace.

The recording and motion detection algorithm is clearer and more advanced than other applications. In Receiver Mode, you can view your recordings from another device that also has the application installed. It was developed back in 2009 and has been improving its algorithms ever since.

securet procam screen2 securet procam screen


Security in this day and age is incredibly important. Indeed, all people should keep an eye on their things, their children, and even their pets. To avoid wasting a lot of money on professional tracking systems, you can easily convert your old smartphone into a real security gadget.

Modern technology allows you to monitor everything happening even remotely, it is not necessary to be in the same apartment or have direct access to the smartphone itself. Just choose the right application to install and feel confident that you have secured yourself with minimal cost.