11 Best Apps to Learn Organic Chemistry (Android & iOS)

Organic chemistry has always been one of the hardest subjects to learn. Complicated explanations, tricky equations, and messed descriptions were often ending up with a mess in students’ heads. Another problem is that professors not always can teach it properly so students could understand it.

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But now the solution has finally arrived – with 11 best apps to learn organic chemistry you can finally get clear with all those formulas and elements and decide for yourself in which way you want to learn this controversial subject.


Chemistry is an app that will help you with the science lessons. The Chemistry is perfectly done for the Uni students or high school students who feel difficulties in performing chemical tasks.

The app interface is very accessible; from the main screen, there is a transition to five tabs such as Reaction, Table, Solubility, Molar Mass, and Schemes. On the first Reaction window, you can enter the formula in the corresponding field.

The application will give you the result of the reaction; at the top, right you will see the history of your requests. The Table tab contains a periodic table with a very convenient arrangement of all elements and their values (you can use a search button to find an element by a name or a symbol).

You can see the continuation of the table in the next window, called Solubility. In the Molar Mass tab, you can calculate the molar mass of the elements in the formula.

A nice addition to the application is its availability to use the Chemistry app in offline mode. There is also such function as the addition of the widgets to the home desk of your gadget. They will be helpers for remembering the periodic table and chemical elements.




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Organic Chemistry Essentials

This app can become a perfect completion to your main textbooks and works on organic chemistry. The advantage of it is that it was designed by a former organic chemistry instructor.

It covers a lot of topics so you could find any type of information that you are looking for. Reagents, synthetic strategy, and organic reactions – these all you can find in this app.

What is more, it will give you useful tips and tricks on how you can deal with the reactions and study more efficiently. Just launch the app and you get to the main menu with a list of basic topics in organic chemistry.

Choose one that you are looking for and then you will be guided to another list of commands that you can do. Then choose one unit that you would like to study and you can get away with it.


Chemistry Formula

If you need a pocketbook with all chemistry formulas in it – here is the application for you. You will also find a number of equations, reactions mechanisms, and detailed descriptions of them.

One essential thing to remember here is that all these are made for intermediate students so you probably can’t start using it with zero knowledge in chemistry.

It covers all the aspects of Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. School students will find this app irreplaceable when it comes to difficult tests because organic chemistry often requires extra practice.

It can be also useful while preparing for the graduation exams. All you have to do is to choose the unit of chemistry that you would like to explore and you will get tons of information on the screen of your gadget.


Complete Chemistry App

This is a more simple chemistry app that will be your simple guide into the world of organic chemistry. Well, for those who like illustrations and beautiful designs this Complete Chemistry app is not the right choice for you. However, the one significant advantage of this app is that it has a very convenient search bar.

You will find it at the top of the screen and will be able to find any information about organic chemistry. Each element contains a detailed description of its properties and its nature.

All the formulas and reactions are also divided into categories that you may find in the main menu. Overall, the app is good to serve as a quick guide into the chemistry world.



Chegg: Textbook Rental, 24/7 Homework Help + More

If you are tired of giant and heavy textbooks that take a lot of space and bring minimum efficiency then here is your solution. This app allows you to have access to all these books 24/7 right in your pocket. Find a book you need by taping a title into a search bar.

There is also a possibility to buy books online. It is very convenient because you can easily handle all your homework tasks whenever you are.

If you feel like you need additional information you can check into the digital library which counts more than 2 million books in it. Still, if you haven’t found the information you’ve been looking for, just take a photo of your task and send it to the community.

There is a huge chance that you will find an answer to your question with which you are struggling with your homework because the data is really impressive. And if you have an emergency case, the online tutor will help you at any time. So don’t waste your time and go look for the necessary studying here!



Organic Nomenclature

Organic Nomenclature is an app that will help you to master chemical nomenclatures. The application will be super useful for the students, who are learning chemistry or biology in school or at University.

Organic Nomenclature features clear and interactive lessons on how to name the compounds in the chemistry course. Every lesson includes in itself a quiz that will help you to consolidate the learned

knowledge. The app lessons will be covering such topics as alkanes, cycloalkanes, aromatics, ketones, and alcohols.

When you open the application, the first feature you will see is the white-green interface. On your main screen, there will be five parts that consist of the above-listed themes (alkanes, cycloalkanes, aromatics, ketones, and alcohols).

On the left of each topic name, you will see the Quiz button (when pressing on it the test will start). Going back to the home screen, on the top left corner there are two buttons that are responsible for the additional information (a guide on how to use an app) and the Store (there are some other helpful applications).

You will be also offered to buy more topics and the corresponding quizzes to them.

Overall, the Organic Nomenclature is simple in usage and helps in studying a lot.




The main goal of this app is to provide you with full information on chemical reactions and their kinds. After using it you will get the general idea of how all these elements in chains work.

There is a lot of literature on this topic. The app was developed in consultation with Professor Dr. Erick M. Carreira of ETH Zürich, the app covers over 600 hundred named chemistry reactions. So now you know for sure that you will learn really essential information without extra facts.

It has a number of flashcards with which you will remember all reactions. If you want to do some training you can go to the quiz.

The app contains all kinds of information about organic chemistry – from the very basic to recent discoveries. All you have to do is to choose the unit that you would like to review and start memorizing.



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This app covers a range of topics related to organic chemistry.

It includes work with chemical structures – you can understand and learn them by drawing, the possibility to calculate cheminformatics properties, sketching different chemical reactions, Dropbox uploads support & file association back from the Dropbox App, the ability to view a periodic table, and many others.

In general, the app looks much more simple than the previous one so it is possible to say that people who prefer less than more will like this app for learning organic chemistry. Here you won’t find any extra features like searching for a tutor, etc., it’s more a handy app.

Still, it has all the main packages of information to provide you with all the necessary information about the subject. By the way, here you can save your drawings and send them via e-mail.


Learn Organic Chemistry Nomenclature LITE

We all think that those people who get away with all the organic chemistry learning stuff are just lucky. Well, now you can get lucky too.

This app will provide you with all the skills needed for learning this complicated subject. It’s not a secret that the most difficult part of it is probably memorizing organic compounds.

This app includes clear, concise, interactive lessons on how to name the compounds commonly encountered in an organic chemistry course. After each lesson, you can check how well you understood the material by taking a small test.

Alkanes, Cycloalkanes, Alcohols, Aromatics, Ketones – all those elements that you were afraid before will be remembered in no time. After each quiz watch and analyze your mistakes.

The app was created by a well-known chemistry professor so the learning process is well-organized. What is more, the app has a simple and clear design that is comfortable for users.


Learn Chemistry – Notes, Dictionary, Perodic Table

It doesn’t matter if you study at school or at university – you will find this app useful anyway. All the necessary knowledge from the subject of organic chemistry are collected here. Or, being more precise, here you can find any possible information concerning the chemistry subject.

Here you will find all the basic concepts, atomic structure, formulas, and so on.

The prominent feature of the app is its interface design – everything is sorted out according to the categories very conveniently, with illustrations, so you can open anything you need in a matter of seconds. The app is updated with the new information regularly.



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Organic Chemistry Flashcards

This app is full consists of tests. For those who want to evaluate their knowledge of organic chemistry, this app will be a good match. A lot of flashcards, slides are made for fast learning and reviewing the information.

You can choose any field of organic chemistry and practice it – just click on the necessary unit in the menu. Addition Reactions, Substitution Reactions, Elimination Reactions, Coupling Reactions – all of these you can find in here.

You can overview large topics briefly or dig deeper and click on the specific field of chemistry. For example, if you want to learn only the information about reactions just select those categories.

When you are answering the test the correct answer is shown immediately. Scroll through the questions and do them all. This app includes a smart questions feature which reduces the chance of seeing a question you’ve already answered correctly.

You know what the structure of propane is, why keep reviewing it? By the way, the positions of questions are always random so don’t worry that you’ll remember the answers by a certain order.


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