5 Apps That Help to Remove Overlay from Photos on Android & iOS

Wanna find out how to remove overlaid objects from your pics? This article has you covered!

Luckily for you, we’ve gathered together the apps that help to remove overlays from photos on Android & iOS. Although these apps are not automatic — it’s the fastest and the clearest way for you to get rid of all the unwanted overlays on your images. More to say, these apps can cope with hearing any objects you don’t want on your pics, so you’ll def get good use of them.

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Here’s the list of the 5 best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!

Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

Let’s start with the classics — Adobe Photoshop is the most-used app when it comes to any kind of editing.

It needs to be said, removing an overlay from an edit is quite a challenge — mostly because there’s no way to cope with it automatically. It’s still possible tho, just takes some time and concentration. In case you’ve already decided to skip this app because Photoshop is too complicated, and it’s only for pros — don’t rush yourself.

Frankly speaking, this app is quite intuitive, and it covers step-by-step guidance if needed. So how do you get rid of overlays? Several ways depend on the type of OVR you wanna erase. If you’re dealing with stuff overlayed in the bg, the app covers an automatic eraser and even a swapping tool that lets you shift the bg in secs.

You can also find a pic to replace a bg with and add it as an extra layer on top of the original one. Then, highlight the objects you want to erase an OVR from and play with layering to get the clearest result. In case you don’t like the look of a particular object you may rather use a retouching brush to remove it or take more time with the previous method.

adobe photoshop 1 adobe photoshop 2

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Overlay Cut Out

Overlay Cut Out

Next, we have an app that is fully dedicated to overlays.

In the first pale, the main goal of this app is not to remove OVRs but let you add those to your picks. But it won’t stop us from using it however we need, right? According to the machines, you need to load two images — the one for the background and the one for the foreground and that’s exactly what you’ll get to do.

The trick is, you’re going to load an edited pic you wanna remove an overlay from and whatever you’re going to replace an overlay with. Then, you’ll need to erase all the unneeded objects using the brush. Herewith, you get to regulate the size of the brush and its sharpness. Make sure to get extra concentrated and careful with small items and the edges.

Once you’re done with this part, you’ll get to play with blending instrs and set the layering as needed. For now, the app covers over 100 blending modes, so you’ll be able to get quite the effect you needed. The only thing you left to do is to save the outcome or pot it right on your SM. The app does have a paid sub pack, but you don’t need to get rid of an OVR.

Overlay Cut Out 1

Background Eraser

bg eraserThe name of this app fully reflects its concept. It’s a big eraser that works just fine with deleting unneeded overlays.

As you may guess, the functionality of this app doesn’t let you remove all kids of OVRs — only the ones placed in the bg. Although this is quite a limit, it gets the job done without any bugs. Plus, the majority of overlays are usually placed on the bag, so the chances are high this app will cover all your needs anyway.

What is more, the app lets you get rid of the bg manually, so you can erase any areas you need. The mechanics of this app is quite simple — there’s an auto mode that detects the bg and makes it transparent in secs. In case there are any smudges or things that require a touch up you can cope with them with a repairing brush.

As for the manual tool, it is basically a brush you can use to erase whatever you don’t wanna see on your pics anymore. You get to adjust the size and intercity of the brush to get clear results. Additionally, you get to zoom the pic in and out to not delete smth by accident. You also get to decide if the bg will go transparent or white after being erased.

bg eraser 1 bg eraser 2

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This is another ng remover that you can use to rub out the unneeded OVRs.

Apart from the previous app, this one covers two instrs you may need to remove overlays — a bg eraser and a stamping. The stamping tool lets you remove individual objects while leaving the pic look unedited. That’s because this tool erases the objects by covering them with details from another area of the pic. Thus, you get a clear pic with no smudges and no one can tell there was another object there.

In case the overlaying is placed on the bg of your pic you can use a bg remover to get rid of it in a couple of taps. This tool automatically detects the background and separates it from the foreground of your pic. This feature works great in most cases but if the bg of your shot is too complex you may need to do some touch-ups.

To cope with that, you can use a repair brush with regulating size. Once you’ve highlighted the ng you may rather make it transplant or white — it’s up to you. Additionally, you can use a replacement tool to switch your bg to smth completely new. Once you’re done you can post the outcome right on your SM.

Apowersoft 2

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Remove Unwanted Object

remove unwanted objects

And lastly, we have a remover app that is suitable for erasing unneeded overlays.

The mechanics of this app is quite simple — you use an eraser brush to rub out any objects from your images. Herewith, there are no limits for what you may erase, so you can get rid of anything — from people to text. The tool works by replacing unneeded parts of the pic with the ones for another area.

It needs to be said, the tool works clean and smooth, so there won’t be any smudges or smth. However, if you wanna remove a small object from a complex background, make sure to zoom your pic to avoid mistakes.

Plus, if you’re dealing with a massive overlay that covers the majority of space on the pic — this app won’t help you out, you’ll need a bg eraser for that. The app lets you have the result or share it straight on SM. It also doesn’t affect the quality of your shots at all so no worries about that.

remove unwanted objects 1 remove unwanted objects 2

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