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The company Walt Disney is known all over the world as a producer of animated and motion pictures. She also owns a network of cable channels, television, and radio stations, amusement parks. Disney Channel is an amusement channel, dedicating television programs for children and family viewing, based on original series,

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Disney Channel is an entertainment channel, specializing in television programs for children and family viewing, based on original series, films, and cartoons.

Both adults and children liked the characters of the Disney Company – Mickey Mouse, Guffy, Donald Duck, etc. However, the TV channel specializes not only in broadcasting cartoons. In the arsenal of the company series, films, educational programs. All this you can watch directly

Both adults and children liked the characters of the Disney Company – Mickey Mouse, Guffy, Donald Duck, etc.

However, the TV channel specializes not only in broadcasting cartoons. In the arsenal of the company series, films, educational programs. All this you may watch directly on the screen of your mobile phone. How? Just download one of the apps that we have selected for you.


disneynow1This is a private application from the eponymous TV channel. It permits you to view all the cartoons and shows, both in real time and upon request. You are also able to choose the language of the transmission view or turn the subtitles on and off.

The club of Mickey Mouse, Jesse, Austin and Ellie, Liv and Maddie … the user may watch these and other TV shows, broadcast on the Disney channel. Not all series are affordable for viewing but you may discover quite a lot of cartoons and programs to enthrall the kids for a while. Regrettably, there are too many ads in the app.

Of course, it’s all apply to Disney goods but nevertheless, it’s advertising.

The application likewise allows you to view the schedule on the TV channel. Thanks to this, you are able to discover the time of broadcasting your favorite programs and schedule them to be watched on TV.

Disney Channel is a good application for viewing Disney shows. It differs a simple interface, rich content, and a large selection of settings to meet the needs of all users.


iOS version Android version

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Walt Disney Company offers many of its most popular films and TV programs directly to its European customers through the DisneyLife platform – a digital subscription service.

The DisneyLife platform at the initial stage will offer users, first of all, old content from the library of family films and TV programs from Disney. In particular, the content will include the production of animation studio Pixar, as well as a television program produced by the channel Disney Channel.

Disney claims that the platform will feature thousands of Disney Channel programs, as well as hundreds of movies, albums, and books.

A spokeswoman for Disney said that the DisneyLife platform would become an “additional service” for the company’s existing projects.

Android version


Internet service Sling TV provides access to many well-known TV channels, including the Disney Channel.

Sling started with a live Internet TV trend in 2015. The company’s basic plans are among the most inexpensive, starting at $20 per month for choosing the main channels. Then you may select one of the additional packages to add additional channels, such as a group of themed or comedy channels for $5 a month, and you can watch them on almost any device.

Sling allows you to build a package of cables that you want. Sling TV is the dream of those who wanted to tear themselves away from the wireline cable.

At the presentation, the company introduced the updated (for the first time) Sling TV user interface. It includes a number of new features, in particular, the function of quick calling “My TV” for the most liked TV series and calling content on demand, which the viewer did not watch until the end. Also added a new section “What’s Hot”, reflecting the trends of the audience of Sling TV.

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This product ensures access to the online broadcasting of more than 120 TV channels. As in the case of traditional TV, the channels will be affordable by subscription.

There are four of them: “Live a Little” worth 35$/month will allow watching 60+ TV channels; “Just Right” – 80+ channels for 50$ per month; paying 60$ a user will receive a “Go Big” package with a set of more than 100 TV channels; and finally, “Gotta Have it” for 70$ per month will provide accessibility to the maximum number of channels, i.e. more than 120.

In addition to package offers, in DirecTV Now, it will be possible to purchase channels and a la carte-models.

Channels such as HBO and Cinemax, for example, can be connected for 5$/month, however, subject to the subscription to the basic package.

If we are talking about the Disney channel as well as other favorites like Nick JR and Sprout, then you can watch them by connecting one of the service packages.

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This is an international streaming video service. The fame of service in many countries is extremely elevated.

The largest online cinema suggests its users accessibility to more than five dozen TV shows and hundreds of films for every taste, and new items appear right on the day of release.

No need to wait for the series to appear on various resources. It is enough to launch the official application or go to the Netflix website, where a fresh series is already waiting. Piping hot!

You can watch them with anything. Suitable laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and, of course, TVs with set-top boxes. To get acquainted with the possibilities of streaming service, a month of free access is provided. The subscription can be canceled or changed at any time without any penalties.

Service Netflix cooperates with the world-famous Disney brand and has the right to broadcast its channels. So to your viewing are available various cartoons, serials, and films of the Disney Channel!

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Hulu has launched an online streaming service. Thus, the company was in the heart of a expanding and highly competitive market – after all, as is known, the viewer is extraordinarily choosing the Internet, rather than a satellite or cable as a means of admission to television content.

For 40 dollars a month Hulu will suggest its viewers a selection of 50 sports, news, entertainment and children’s TV channels, among which, in particular, such channels as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, A & E and Disney Channel. The new platform also offers users various alternatives for streaming video content.

The service proposes the possibility to store up to 50 hours of video, the opportunity to register up to six individual profiles and play two streams simultaneously within the same account.

Hulu is possessed by Walt Disney, Comcast, Twenty-First Century Fox, and Time Warner.

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YouTube Kids

Kids – Youtube – a real godsend for parents. An application that allows you to view videos from the hosting of Youtube even to a small child!

Video hosting YouTube today released a special application that gives parents additional control over what their children watch and protects children from obscene content.

YouTube Kids – a bright and very childish version of the familiar to all applications. Why children? Because he is deprived of the usual sidebar menu and pop-up ads. Instead of all this – a minimal interface with large funny buttons and solid good movies and a light pleasant background music.

More than a million videos are more than enough to provide hundreds of hours of viewing. Using the program is absolutely safe – all content is tested and moderated. Your child is guaranteed not to see anything superfluous.

But the most interesting is the parental control function, which hides behind the lock, in the lower right corner. To access the settings you must enter the specified four-digit password. In order for the kids to not be able to do it themselves, a one-time password is prescribed in letters.

In parental control, you can not only configure the account and access to the selected content in detail but also set the timer.

YouTube Kids will appeal to every parent whose child knows what YouTube is and likes to watch videos online.

iOS version Android version

PlayStation Vue

Service Sony PlayStation Vue allows customers to watch live programs, movies, and TV shows via the Internet.

The service will provide users with a unique experience – it will give an opportunity to watch your favorite programs in real time and provide unique streaming functions, for example, saving the streaming video to cloud services or simultaneously playing on multiple devices.

With PlayStation Vue, you may tie your account to several appliances and provide synchronous streaming of content on five devices at the same time.

You can also appreciate the possibility to record video in real time in your own storage in the cloud service. Here you are able to save thousands of liked episodes to avoid conflicts in the schedule and see everything you need at a time convenient for you.

For viewing the Disney channel, you need to connect the basic package of streaming service and enjoy your favorite movies and cartoons!

iOS version Android version

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Freeform – Movies & TV Shows

freeform2This app is an official representative of the Disney channel, therefore, here you will be able to find all the latest shows and movies that were released by the channel. Maybe you won’t find some old movies here, but the ones that were released not more than 5 years ago will surely be discovered.

There are several kids’ modes that parents can set according to the age of their child (the app is meant for children. One cool advantage of this app is that it includes Disney games as well! Now the kids will be fully entertained.

Moreover, Freeform gives its users the possibility to watch the channel online.

You can sign up into the app with the key by your TV provider so you don’t have to pay double on signing up.

What is more, you will find fun emojis in the app and will be able to personalize them and all the Disney channel experience according to your preference – quite a standard, but useful feature for today.

However, there are some controversies about the app, such as privacy – watch your kids won’t upload irrelevant pictures to the app because there are some games that require uploading the pics.


Android version

JustWatch – The Streaming Guide for Movies & Shows

Just1This app is a convenient streaming service that allows you to watch any movie or series you would like. Currently, the app has offers from Megogo, Netflix, and other streaming services.

Thus, you can obviously find Disney movies here as well, you just need to type it in into a search bar. Any further algorythm is quite easy as you need to just start watching the movie. However, remember that some movies have the age limitation so take care about your kid’s safety before giving the access.

There are various types of subscription in the app, including the free trial period that you can use to watch your favortie movies.

This app generates your wish list, meaning you can easily find a movie or series that fits your viewing experience.

Just watch is not exactly the app to watch Disney channel, but you can find lots of Disney movies and shows in here in case you want to watch something from this studio.


Android version

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disneyplus1What can be more obvious than a Disney official app to watch Disney movies and shows? Disney+ is a premium version of the standard version where you can find not only the latest trends of Disney but also the old TV show gems, such as H20 Just Add Water and others.

When you download and install the app, you either use your already existing account for the Disney channel or create a new one. However, keep in mind that the subscription for Disney+ is always more expensive than for the regular channel.

As soon as you logged in to the app you will see several categories of movies – originals, classics, shows, cartoons, etc. Everything depends if you want to explore movies by category or you’re looking for something specific. In the case of the latter, you need to type in the name of the movie into the search bar.

By the way, even if you don’t quite remember the name of the movie, you can just type in the description of the plot into the search bar – and the app will most likely find this show/movie for you. From our recommendation, we’d advise watching Disney+ on bigger devices, rather than smartphones.

One more thing you should keep in mind before using Disney+ is that it requite a truly stable internet signal since the quality of everything is HD.


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