12 Best Baseball Game Apps For iOS & Android

Baseball apps are quite popular nowadays. Just like all the other sports games apps, they allow a player to deeply immerse into the reality of a game with its competitive and exciting atmosphere when effort and luck should coincide in order to win.

Baseball itself is quite an engaging game, which is the reason why it remains interesting even on the screen of your phone. So it is high time to download some of the best baseball game apps and start playing!

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Are you looking for an action-packed baseball game with cool graphics? Look no further than this app. Of course, if you prefer the game to look mega realistically, then this is not your first choice, but it has the best gameplay among all of the baseball game apps on the market for sure.

The element that makes the game convenient and versatile is the fact that you can choose if you want to have a half-automatic controlling here or make it fully manual. You can even switch during the game. Apart from that, here you can create your own team, train them, and win competitions!




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MLB 9 Innings 20

As was mentioned before, some players prefer the graphics would be as close to reality as possible. This game is exactly like this – you got a chance to feel like you are in the baseball movie or something.

Plus, the players that you will find here do exist in real life – here these are only virtual versions of them. Probably, baseball fans will find this game cool even if they don’t like video games in general. You will have to complete the club mission, earn more points, and win the grand cup at the end.




Homerun Clash

The game is very simple, the interface is pleasant and intuitive. All you have to do is hold the ball. Your main task is to hit a home run. The game also features a network mode, you can compete with players from all over the world.

There are also some interesting game modes, such as:

  • Battle Royale: A 4-player mode where only one player wins.
  • Tournament: A competition for higher ranks and rewards, held every three days.
  • Clan Combat: A competition between clans of players.
  • World Challenge: A real-time survival competition, with up to 100 players playing at a time.



Super Hit Baseball

For those who are looking for a more simple app without any fancy graphics and more lightweight, check out Super Hit Baseball. This is a great game if you just need to spend some free time, to unplug, and, at the same time it is a baseball game.

An interesting feature of this game is the more you are progressing, the more new players you can unlock. In addition, you can unlock not only players but new stadiums as well.

The mission of the game is simple – win games and win the ultimate championship of the world. Play again a ladder of opponents and win prizes!

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MLB.com Live Drive

Another one from mlb.com. This one is really fun and exciting and made specifically for playing. There are a number of levels to go through, which include different awesome ballparks and bonuses like slamming into cars, airplanes, and even spaceships!

You can get these bonuses by earning additional scores. One way to do it is to smash homers outside of the playing field and into the city.

The game is constructed in such a way that all the laws of physics are working, which is nice to know because the experience you get is very similar to the real playing. In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy a super-dope baseball game app, download Live Drive and start playing!
mlb line drive screenshot


MLB 9 Innings 22

This game can only be played on mobile devices. It is a full-fledged role-playing game with stunning graphics and gameplay. Over 2,000 star MLB players are now implemented in realistic, fully 3D graphics, all 30 MLB stadiums with live spectators have been added.

In addition to the solo mode, the game also features ranked battles in which you can compete against players around the world. You can also get different rewards and prizes for advancing in the player rankings, with which you can improve your team.

There are several game modes in the game:

  • Real-Time Battles: A real-time competition
  • League Mode: Compete to win the World Series.
  • Dynamic Ranked Battles: Compete against the best players in MLB 9 Innings 21.

MLB 9 Innings 22 1


BIG WIN Baseball

Come to the plate – you have been dreaming about it for so long! Play on the pitch like a real baseball player – using different moves, techniques, and repeating the famous strikes.

In BIG WIN Baseball you can assemble a team of your dreams. They will fight their opponents from all over the world with crushing blows. With every game, your skills are only improving to prepare for the Daily Pennant and win the main game.

Players can choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. Each player’s and team’s qualifications are enhanced as they pass the cards.

The graphics of the application are very high quality: each player is individually drawn, as well as the playing field. The movement animation is also very realistic.
Become champions and bring your team to the main cup and a big win – prove that baseball is your passion.

BIG WIN Baseball



Real Baseball 3D

Not enough for realistic graphics games? Then you should play Real Baseball 3D. Authentic graphics in 3D, careful drawing of the field and players, compliance with the laws of physics, and much more – you can feel like a real player on the field.

Hit the ball with a bat and watch it fly – be careful, do not let it fly out of the stadium! The ball can be thrown in any way – twisted, curved, slider – as long as it can be pulled back by a member of your team. The runner must get to the station incredibly quickly and lead you to victory.

You gather the team of your dreams – choose carefully. Develop strategies, calculate the course of the game, and possible situations – the coach’s duties are on you and you cannot count on anyone else.

With over 700 players to choose from, you will find the right ones to go into the season and conquer the pedestal.



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Baseball Boy!

This game is really something different. Here you won’t find the traditional baseball game with noisy stadiums and teams of rivals. Instead of that, you will be playing a game with an actual plot. You are playing for a boy whos task is to beat the ball so hard so it flies as far as it can.

It might sound weird for the first time, but it is a really fun baseball game with fun graphics. A very hilarious feature is that you can choose the bet: it can be a traditional one it a banana. Or even a fish.




Homerun Battle 2

Homerun Battle 2 is an excellent baseball game app for playing baseball with fellow-minded people from all over the world. The game actually includes 6 modes. In one of them, for example, you compete with a randomly chosen player.

In the beginning, you may choose your character and customize it. You are also given an opportunity to choose your stadium. All and all, if you are looking for a game where interaction is the key, choose Homerun Battle!

In the beginning, you may choose your character and customize it. You are also given an opportunity to choose your stadium. All and all, if you are looking for a game where interaction is the key, choose Homerun Battle!

Homerun Battle 2 screenshot



Baseball Star

If you liked the first game on our list you will surely love this one as well. They are similar in terms of graphics, however, the gameplay is different. And the plot of the game differs here as well. Here you need to create your team and compete with another to win the games.

While playing, you will be seeing 4 different screens with all the important positions of the players. When it’s time to take action you need to click on the screen with the players you need. This element makes the game fun and exciting. Plus, no Internet connection is needed.




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Flick Home Run!

Flick Home Run is a top-grade game combining colorful graphics and an entertaining plot.

When you first start playing, you will instantly get to the menu page. Tap on the New Game Button to select the preferred playing mode from the following list:

  • Minor Challenge
  • Major Challenge
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Moonstar Mode
  • Training

The game also supports a great variety of other modes, but they will be available only after receiving a certain amount of points.

As soon as the ball appears, you will have to flick and throw it as far as possible. Finally, the game will show you the score. But be careful – you can’t miss the time to hit the ball!

Flick home run1



So that was it for the best baseball games apps. We hope you have found what you were searching for. Have a good time playing, love baseball, and check out our site to find some more awesome apps!

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