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Developers of the company “Capital j Media” managed to improve the step-by-step naval strategy Battle Fleet, which already enjoyed immense popularity among gamers. The first part was remembered, first of all, for its fascination, realism and high detail of objects.

The Second World War. The Pacific Ocean. Confrontation of US warships with Japanese naval forces. It is in these conditions unfolding events in the cross-platform game Battle Fleet 2. At your disposal, there are 5 types of ships: battleships, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and aircraft carriers. Players will have to create a fleet, control the territory surrounded by two opposing sides, defend themselves against attacks, and themselves deal crushing blows on enemy ships.

There are several game modes. Quick Battle – a single game with randomly composed fleets. The Custom Battle mode allows the player to select certain types of ships and combat installations for a selected number of points. In addition, there is a possibility of multiplayer games (via the Internet and on one device).

The strategic map is divided into sectors, in some of which there are islands and on them, onshore art batteries and airfields are located. Opponents begin on equal terms with divided in half (by number) sectors. Each has two home sectors, where it is possible to build new ships and the loss of which will lead to defeat. All sectors, each move generate a different number of points of local prestige that are used for building ships.

The gameplay is the following. Opponents step by step make combat maneuvers off the coast of a certain territory (Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Taiwan, Alaska, and Canada, etc.). In order for torpedoes, antiaircraft, and artillery warheads to hit the target, you have to strain a little. Choosing a combat weapon and the optimal shooting location, it is necessary to estimate the distance to the enemy fleet from the radar parameters, aim at the angle of attack, calculate the acceleration of the projectile, and give the command “fire!”.

Information about any ship (maximum speed, the radius of fire, cost, the number of combat sorties, captain’s surname) can be viewed by clicking the Stats button. Next to the ship, its “standard of living” is displayed, which, naturally, will decrease with each hit on the target and, ultimately, disappear with the ship sinking. In turn, each of the combat installations has its own indicators of damage, range. In this case, the number of shells is limited, which creates the need for additional consideration of decisions by the player. However, the dynamics of battles from this does not suffer.

When the caliber matters …

All who played in the first part of the Battle Fleet, immediately recognize the local “proprietary” interface for controlling the movement of ships and shooting. Nothing has changed here. And this is good, in our opinion, the decision is very successful for this kind of game. We point the weapon on the vector to the enemy and using the slider, “by eye” determine the expected range of the shot. Guessed – lucky. We did not guess – we repeat the guidance taking into account the previous shot, the good on the map until the end of the turn is the point from the hit of the projectile. Often, it is possible to get through only the third or fourth time, and each gun turret has a maximum of 2 rounds for small calibers and one general shot for large calibers. Silent reminds the notorious Angry Birds but to play is fun and most importantly – the results of shooting cannot be calculated for sure in advance.

The firing range for local calibers is from 3 to 4 thousand meters for ship calipers and 2 thousand for torpedoes. The power of the guns also plays a big role. Ordinary guns from destroyers and frigates shoot a lot and often but not far away and not very painful. But the main calibers of cruisers and especially battleships can easily send a “trifle” to the bottom for a couple of shots. However, a couple of moves are required to reload the main battleships of the battleship.

The aircraft carriers in Battle Fleet 2 are a very formidable, although not an ultimate weapon. The results of each air raid vary quite randomly but are often capable of causing very significant damage to both ships and ground structures.

Submarines can use the above-water position and, if necessary, go to periscope depth. Torpedoes deal relatively average damage, but they almost always hit the target (unless you chose the correct vector of attack and the enemy is within the range of the torpedoes). You can fight in submarines with the help of deep-seated bombs. As a rule, there are enough pairs of accurate discharges. Sometimes it is possible to drown a submarine and accurate art fire “along the periscope,” but the damage from such hits is not very significant.

As before, the game has arcade “gadgets” in the form of scattered tactical card bonuses. It is enough to get to any of them, on any of your ships. As a result, you will randomly be given the opportunity, for example, to repair one of the ships to make unnecessary air strike, or recon (the game has fog of war), to obtain one more precise aiming, and different other “pluses”. It does not spoil the game but adds variety.


Thus, Battle Fleet 2 is the most interesting wargame, despite the absence of her pure elements of the strategy. The advantages of the naval simulator include realistic highly detailed 3D graphics, a good interface, and a solid management system. Weaknesses? Except that the lack of historicity of the game but it is quite compensated for the expense of good music on the background of the exciting sea battles.

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