15 Free Flashlight Apps for Android & iOS

Imagine a dark parking space. Unlit staircase. Stony path in the mountains. The list can go on … In all these situations, a simple and convenient application with a flashlight on the smartphone comes to the rescue. There are many great options for both the iPhone and Android smartphones.

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We have compiled a list of the best applications with flashlights for your smartphone. Note that they all work on the basis of the flashlight of your device so that they will not make it brighter. However, applications contain additional features like changing the color of the flashlight, sending an SOS signal, turning on by the clap, etc.

FlashLight HD LED

LED Flashlight HD is a useful, and sometimes even very necessary application that allows you to use a flashlight. With it, you can provide yourself with additional light, using even the screen of your mobile device

. Despite the fact that there are already quite a lot of similar applications, this is what isn’t only very popular but also in demand for a wide variety of users. It has a convenient and very easy to use interface. One has only to press one button and the light instantly lights up.

Also, the application is thought out almost to the smallest detail, which makes working with it even more enjoyable and convenient. It contains widgets and even additional lighting, which gives your flashlight an even brighter light. The application also allows you to use the entire screen as a source of light, thereby adding brightness, if necessary.

The application is so simple and doesn’t contain anything extra, so it doesn’t cause any difficulties. You only need to download the LED flashlight HD to start using right now.

If you like minimalism in applications, but at the same time it should be practical to use, then definitely LED flashlight HD is a great option for you.

FlashLight HD LEDFlashLight HD LED app

app store logo

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Torch – Flashlight

Torch – Flashlight is an application that will turn the flash of your smartphone into a bright and convenient household flashlight.

Surely each of us got into a situation where you need to add a little light. The keys fell out on a dark street, the flash drive rolled under the cabinet, the only light bulb in the room burned out – these situations are easy to imagine, and the flashlight is not always on hand. You can, of course, use your phone screen, but it goes out too quickly, and the glow gives a dim and diffused.

In order not to be taken aback in such situations, install this small application and turn the flash of your phone into a bright portable flashlight, which is now always at hand.

Torch – Flashlight is launched with one click. The program has a clear and intuitive interface, as well as several modes of operation. You can turn on just a bright solid light, you can activate the strobe mode or, if necessary, give an SOS light signal.

Torch - Flashlight appTorch - Flashlight

Flashlight for iPhone + iPad

In this application, not only basic but also fun features are available. For example, you can send an SOS signal, use the built-in compass. Also, “disco mode”, which adjusts the light of the flashlight to the music that you play and different strobe modes are available. In addition, you can measure the height above sea level, which is especially useful in hiking.

Flashlight for iPhone + iPad is very simple to use. You just need to click the power button and illuminate all around! Besides now you can change skins!

Flashlight for iPhone appFlashlight for iPhone

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FlashLight Zerone Mobile Inc.

FlashLight is a convenient and simple flashlight for any modern Android-smartphone or tablet equipped with an LED flash camera.

Tired of applications in which the simplest features are trying to mix with the complex and unnecessary functionality? Then this application will be most welcome for you.

It is, in fact, a simple icon for the main screen, with a single click on which you can put the camera’s LED flash into the continuous mode, which will allow you to use your smartphone as a bright flashlight.

A great option for any smartphone, especially if the built-in application for working with a flashlight is not there, or if it doesn’t work correctly.

FlashLight Zerone Mobile Inc appFlashLight Zerone Mobile Inc

Best Flash Light

This is a powerful, multi-functional flashlight that has a ton of features for turning on a flashlight for various purposes.

Best Flash Light from RV AppStudios is not an ordinary flashlight. This isn’t minimalism for beginners. It has several features that may be of interest to you:

  • One-touch turning on. A simple, large button in the app turns on the LED flash. But that’s not all.
  • You can control the intensity of the flashlight using the slider under the LED ON button.
  • Automatic switch based on the orientation of the device: tilt the iPhone into landscape mode, and the LED flashlight will turn on automatically.
  • Timer: Set the flashlight to flash at specific time intervals. The slider allows you to control the frequency.
  • A flashlight with a zoom function that allows you to see magnified things.
  • Clap Control: just clap to switch on/off the flashlight.

We believe that the application corresponds to its name. On the App Store, this is the best flashlight of all time.

Best Flash Light appBest Flash Light

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Torch light

Torch light application successfully combines the functions of LED flashlight and the clock. Now darkness will never take you by surprise!

The features of the application include the use of the LED camera as a light source, the ability to customize a bright screen, and use it when you need to light the road or a dark place. You can change the colors and intensity of the light.

The brightness of the flashlight allows you to look even into the most narrow and dark spaces and look for the lost thing under the sofas. The application requests permission to access the camera, a pre-installed flashlight, and the Internet. Now you can always light the way and not get lost.

Torch lightTorch light app

Flashlight •

Flashlight for iPhone is a unique free flashlight application for all iPhone models with built-in flash.

A list of the features of this great utility:

  • It is possible to use the flashing mode instead of the static light of the “flashlight”.
  • Pulse mode (Morse code).
  • Use the flash as an emergency beacon (SOS signal!).
  • The ability to use a flash and a display as a source of light that will be useful, for example, with a low battery charge.
  • This is a universal application. It is suitable for both iPhone and iPad, iPod touch.
  • Also, the developers say that the Flashlight application is well optimized for using your battery. Although it’s worth noting that long use of the flash still significantly speeds up the discharge process.

The application is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the App Store. There is an advertisement but if it annoys you greatly, you can turn it off (this is done via in-app purchases).

FlashlightFlashlight app

app store logo


Flashlight – an incredibly convenient and useful application.

Having launched the Flashlight application, the main menu appears in front of the user. In the center of the screen of the mobile device is a large button, responsible for turning on and off the flashlight. The user can turn on the strobe mode and set the frequency. To do this, move the slider on the scale located at the top of the mobile device screen.

Above the on/off button, there is a compass. It shows the exact degree and direction using the classic red and blue arrow. At the bottom, there are two additional functions. The first is responsible for the color of the flashlight. It doesn’t always work correctly.

It depends on the device model. Not every smartphone or tablet can change the color of the flashlight. The second function is the Morse code Flash Light for SOS (after simple settings, the flashlight blinks and makes typical sounds).

The visual component is good. The developers decided to use black and purple for the interface. There is a function to turn off the backlight after a specified period of time.

Flashlight appFlashlight

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Powerful Torch Light

Who had the torchlight at their summer houses? Many kids like to play with it because the light of the torchlight seems like something impossible to them – it can even reach the sky! However, it is possible to reach the similar effect using only your smartphone?

Well, the light going from the rear camera of your phone is not probably going to reach the sky, but this app guarantees that you are going to get a flashlight effect, very similar to a torch one.

In general, this app is super simple, but it works, and that’s why it is popular. In order to help you to avoid wasting the complete charge of your phone’s battery, there is a battery indicator in the app. If it happens that you are using the app for too long, it will give you a warning.



Flashlight Ⓞ by iHandy

This is another application called Flashlight, but it differs with a built-in map and a compass for navigation in the dark. You can also adjust the brightness of the flashlight and send an SOS signal and 10 other signals.

Flashlight Ⓞ by iHandy has a beautiful design, minimalistic interface, and easy to use.

The only drawback is the annoying ads, but hey, it’s free.

Flashlight Ⓞ by iHandy appFlashlight Ⓞ by iHandy

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Torch is an application that will turn the flash of your mobile device into a bright flashlight.

Each of us at least once found himself in a situation when an additional source of light is needed. Not everyone, however, has a flashlight with him right now. But the smartphone – almost everyone. Lighting the road with a screen is very inconvenient: the light is scattered and rather dim. This application is useful here.

You will receive a stable bright beam of light, which can light up the road, and give a distress signal (SOS mode).

The application is very easy to use, the interface is intuitive, literally, consist of a couple of buttons. The program quite economically consumes battery power, so that the flashlight will last for many hours.

With this application, a powerful flashlight is now always in your pocket.

Torch appTorch

High-Powered Flashlight

Flashlight on a smartphone is probably one of the most convenient features of our gadgets. However, you should keep in mind that if you are using the flashlight for a too long period of time, it can waste the charge of your battery pretty quickly. Well, depends on your smartphone.

This app claims to be the brightest flashlight around. In includes the strobe effect and SOS distress signal. An interesting feature of this app is that it also includes the built-in compass.

Well, you can be sure that with this app, the flashlight of your smartphone is going to work at its full capacity. Just look out it doesn’t waste all the battery in a couple of minutes.



Color Torch HD LED flashlight

If you have never tried to use the phone as a beacon and didn’t even imagine that the phone can be so bright, now you can turn the device into a universal flashlight and make your day more bright with Color Torch HD LED flashlight.

Turn on the app when you need to light something, get out of the dark alleys or rooms, use a flashlight in a darkened movie theater, and light your way. The functions of the application allow you to change the colors and brightness of the backlight of your smartphone with one touch.

Customize the light of the rainbow, create a romantic atmosphere with flickering candles, and even give names to your favorite colors. The program uses the maximum screen brightness, LED camera capabilities, and changes the colors of the flashlight.

You will enjoy numerous effects, including emergency light and a pretty heart with the words “I love you”.

Color Torch HD LED flashlight appColor Torch HD LED flashlight

Torch – Tiny Flashlight ®

The Android application Torch – Tiny Flashlight is optimized for a wide range of mobile devices with camera and flash support. The camera flash emits a very aggressive light, especially in dark places and at night, which can be sent in the right direction if necessary.

This program will be very useful, for example, at the moment when you are just returning home from work, and there is no street lighting in the city at all or is simply turned off at the moment.

The application doesn’t affect the performance of the phone and will light up anything. The application allows you to work with two sources of lighting – LED flash of the main camera and the screen of the device.

The application Torch – Tiny Flashlight will offer you a choice of many beautiful and interesting widgets for quick access to the program.

The screen backlight can also be adjusted with a few clicks. In addition to the usual bright or warm screen backlighting, you can set the backlight using different color schemes. The features of the program include a virtual light bulb with a choice of brightness and color, the ability to use white lights, police and warning lights. Now you are fully prepared for emergencies!

Adjusting the screen backlight will allow you not only to maintain the health of your eyes but also to save the battery power of your mobile device.

torch - tiny flashlight apptorch - tiny flashlight

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Flashlight LED – Universe

Seriously, does anyone still uses a regular flashlight? It seems like they just died because smartphones with their flashlights just replaced them in recent years.

And even though in newer models the function of the flashlight is built-in into the menu above the screen, in older smartphones, where there are no such functions, flashlight apps are highly demanded.

On one hand, this is a quite standard flashlight app where you can switch on the light in a second. On the other hand, it has a function of lighting the screen of your smartphone with various colors so you can use your phone as a colorful flashlight, for example, at a concert.



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