11 Best Facebook Page Apps 2024 for your Business

Facebook is an excellent app not only for communication but also for running your own business.  But the functions of this platform are not the limit. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Facebook page apps for your business.

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Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is an app that will help you simplify the process of developing your business. Support your business and develop it in this app.

How is the app arranged and what is its use? It’s simple – now it will be much easier for you to maintain a business account on Facebook, communicate with your customers, and monitor the growth of your business.

The main functions of the mobile app:

  • Create posts for your account in the Meta Business Suite app and schedule them to be published on the platform. This is handy if you’re busy enough to post regularly but need to keep the asset on the page. You can write several posts in one day, and then simply set up a schedule for publishing them.
  • Communicate with your clients. The app allows you not only to communicate with your clients, but also helps to organize this process and saves you time. In order not to answer a hundred times the same type of questions, you can set up automatic answers.
  • Study your account statistics – the number of reactions to posts, the number of incoming messages, views of stories and account visits. This feature will help you promote your business account to the masses.
  • Create notes and leave reminders of important events in the built-in calendar.
  • Promote your business account
Meta Business Suite1

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Meta Ads Manager

Meta Ads Manager is an app that will help you increase the reach of your business accounts on various platforms.

The Meta Ads Manager app is a handy mobile add-on for managing your business and advertising. Now you don’t have to worry too much about how to increase activity on your page.

The main features of this app:

  • View and analyze your page statistics. Meta Ads Manager gives you detailed information about the activity of other users on your page – likes, comments, responses, profile views and so on.
  • You can add several accounts to the app in order to monitor your progress in the development of the business in real time.
  • Track ad performance. In Meta Ads Manager, you can match page activity before and after an ad purchase. You can track the status and action of ads.
  • You can use the split screen feature to work on two profiles at the same time.
  • Manage your business from anywhere in the world, wherever you are.

The app allows you to simplify the task of developing a business account on the platforms Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Meta Ads Manager 1

Workplace from Facebook

Workplace from Facebook is a workspace that will suit you if you run a group business. Raise the activity and productivity of your business!

Workplace from Facebook is a unique mobile app with a built-in workspace for you and your business colleagues.

The app works standalone – separate from Facebook, so you don’t have to mix communication between colleagues with everyday communication.

So, let’s move on to the app’s features:

  • The main purpose of the app is to make teamwork easier. Organize and establish communication between colleagues to increase productivity and develop your business
  • You can create groups and team chats where you can share useful information about your projects, develop new ideas, and so on.
  • Now it will be much easier for you to perform work tasks if you previously had to work on multiple devices. Synchronization will make it easier for you to work on multiple devices (you can easily adventure between a computer and a smartphone or, for example, a tablet.)
  • You can make audio or video calls, or even complete video conferences (using the screen-sharing feature). This feature will allow you to better understand your colleagues and improve your productivity.

The key to successful working relationships is mutual understanding and focus on a common cause, which is why the Workplace from Facebook application is completely free of any advertising. Nothing will dare to distract you from your work.

Workplace from Facebook1

Buffer: Social Media Planner

Buffer: Social Media Planner is a fairly simple and convenient mobile app for managing your business through social networks. Thanks to it, you can easily plan and create quality content.

First of all, the convenience of this app is that even if you run your business on several social networks or profiles, you can still collect everything in one place – in the Buffer: Social Media Planner app.

With this mobile add-on, it will become easier for you not only to upload content to your accounts but also to track activity, analyze progress and keep a record of sales.

The main functions of the app:

  • Create content in the app and distribute it to your accounts on other social networks (namely TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • You can send a post to a specific platform (from the ones listed above) or send it globally.
  • The app comes with a content planner and feeds for your Instagram profile. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to maintain an attractive and informative profile.
  • You can set up a posting schedule. This is a great solution for those who do not have enough time to regularly maintain a page. In your free time, you can write several posts and plan the order and time at which they will be published.
  • Study the progress of your business in the analytics section. You get a brief but informative overview of activity from all your accounts.
Buffer: Plan & Schedule Posts 1

Mailchimp: Marketing and CRM to

Mailchimp: Marketing and CRM is an app that will help you grow your business. Post, track results, and manage contacts all in one app.

The Mailchimp: Marketing and CRM to the app will help you grow your business from scratch, even if you have absolutely no experience in this business. Many useful features in the application will turn your work into a hobby

Useful features of the application for working with business accounts:

  • Upload images and write posts directly on the mobile app, then post it to Facebook or Instagram.  This will allow you to save time and not rush between social networks.
  • Get profitable advertising for your product. You can place an advertisement with the budget you are interested in.
  • The app gives you useful recommendations, listening to which you can improve your marketing.
  • Monitor your progress through the analytics feature – get reports on the growth and development of your business accounts.

Thanks to the app, you can succeed not only in developing your business, but also to establish communication with customers:

  • You can warmly greet new subscribers with an automatic welcome message.
  • Find out who among your followers is the most active on your profile. You can even set up a list of regular customers.
  • Every time someone places an order with you, you will receive a text notification
  • If one of the customers or suppliers of the goods did not read your message – you can reply to everyone at the same time using the «send unread again» function.
Mailchimp: Marketing & CRM to1


CinchShare is an app that can become your true friend and companion in business development. Easily schedule and distribute content to your social media accounts.

With this mobile app, you can create and share content on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Now let’s tell you about the features of the CinchShare app:

  • Schedule your posts. You do not have enough time to maintain a profile regularly? No problem, just write a few posts in your free time and schedule a posting time for each one.
  • The app backs up all your business accounts, so don’t worry if you suddenly lose your smartphone or accidentally delete something.
  • Get inspired and use stock images for your posts.
  • Use ready-made hashtag packages for your posts. Each package is developed by artificial intelligence based on the text entered.
  • In addition to posts, you can also set up the regular posting of stories on Instagram to increase the reach and activity of your profile.

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Madgicx for Facebook Ads

Madgicx for Facebook Ads is an app that will help you set up advertising on your business account and serve your success.

Thanks to such an app, you will forever get rid of problems with promoting your business.  Madgicx for Facebook Ads will help you promote your accounts on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

How can you simplify your work? Now we will tell you:

  • The app independently creates a trading system for your audience, calculates the number of posts required to maximize activity, and tells you how to increase audience coverage.
  • In the app, you can quickly and easily switch between your accounts. Moreover, you can lock accounts from different platforms (aforementioned) in the app and no longer rush between apps.
  • Do business with just one app. Publish posts, and view the information feed in the Madgicx for Facebook Ads app.
  • Get statistics about the progress of your accounts and activity results in real-time. Now you can view the actual statistics of your business accounts.
  • Use only quality ads to promote your profile. Madgicx for Facebook Ads only shows you verified and trusted ad accounts to promote your business.
  • The app will also give you a lot of useful tips on how best to maintain a profile for maximum success and promote your account to the masses.
Madgicx - Facebook Ads 1

Postcron: Schedule your posts

Postcron: Schedule your posts – save your time with this mobile add-on, as well as increase the activity of your account.

With Postcron: Schedule your posts, and you can manage your business accounts in one place!  You no longer need to flip through the tabs with various social networks, everything you need is concentrated on one platform.

With this mobile application, you can grow your business in accounts on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Useful features of the app, thanks to which you can develop your business:

  • Manage your business accounts with just one app. Create and write posts and publish them right here – they will be automatically published on the platform you need.
  • Not enough time for regular posting? Then the post schedule function will help you with this. In your free time, you will need to write a few posts and schedule them to be published – done!
  • In addition to scheduling posts, you can also schedule text messages to be sent.
Postcron: Schedule your posts1

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts is an app that will help you keep your business accounts active.

Even if you don’t have enough time to write and post regularly, it’s not a problem! The Hootsuite: Schedule Posts application will help you in this situation.

Thanks to this mobile app, you can publish and analyze your statistics from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.

Useful Features of Hootsuite: Schedule Posts App:

  • You can write and post directly from the app. Use helpful hints to get the most out of your activity
  • Publish posts through this app – it’s incredibly convenient. You no longer have to switch between apps to promote your business.
  • You can use the built-in post builder
  • Save posts and schedule publications – the application will independently publish posts written by you in advance by a certain time. This feature helps keep your profiles active and stable.
  • Track the activity of your customers on your page – view profile visit statistics, likes, read comments, and give feedback to your audience.
  • What’s even more convenient – messages from all your business accounts will also be stored in one app, so it’s much easier to respond to customers and track notifications.
Hootsuite - Social Media Tools1

Page 365

Page 365 – an app that will simplify the management of your business. Now it will be even easier to place orders and communicate with customers!

Running your small business on the Facebook platform is certainly convenient, but the Page 365 mobile add-on will help you improve this process at times.

App features:

  • Thanks to the app, it is now much more convenient to respond to messages and comments – all text notifications will be displayed in a separate special information window
  • Store all financial (income) information in the app. Keep track of how much you’ve earned lately.
  • Manage orders, and create invoices, and order forms in the app to organize your business. After all, what could be better than a well-organized workflow?
  • Do you think that a Facebook page is not enough to grow your business? Then you can create your own real website! The app will help you with this and you absolutely do not have to be a programmer.
  • If you don’t want to respond to hundreds of similar and repetitive messages, you can set up an autoresponder. Artificial intelligence will respond to template messages with text prepared in advance by you.
  • When placing an order, you will receive a notification.

These and many other useful features will make it easier for you to work with your business and its development.

Page365 1

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Business Marketing – Post Make

Business Marketing – Post Make is an app that will help you create high-quality and creative content for your business accounts to attract an audience.

What can attract the audience more than a bright and beautiful picture? Business Marketing – Post Make will help you create quality content to promote your accounts, grow your business and attract new customers.

If you run a business account on Facebook, Instagram or Telegram, then this app will help you beautifully design your page. Share juicy content with your customers, stimulate your sales.

How Business Marketing – Post Make works:

  • You can take bright and high-quality photos directly in the app, and then add a text description to them and immediately publish a post on Facebook through the app
  • You can use ready-made layouts for posts. They include stylized images and nice text add (bullets, text highlights, character groups)
  • Use a whole gallery of colorful stickers to decorate your posts, as well as different text styles and fonts for decorations.
Business Marketing - Post Make1
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