11 Free Payroll Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

There are many payroll apps available. However, few of them are designed for employers. Such services are especially needed for small businesses, where you need to pay employees wherever and whenever you want.

In this review, we’ve collected universal apps that help calculate paychecks for employers and employees. Choose one or try several of these free payroll apps for Android & iOS in 2024.

For all of those who want to be more productive then use these best employee scheduling apps.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is an app for payroll, taxes, and more. Set up your account and keep track of all your employee information.

You can save money by counting your budget. With QuickBooks Payroll, you’ll be able to create various paychecks and pay online for necessary purchases.

What’s more, get alerts about the taxes you’ll have to pay soon.

Keep track of how much money you spent last month and how much this month, this is important for saving money.

It is worth noting that the system is safe because it is secure. You can start by calculating your paycheck and then start the program. This QuickBooks Payroll app is convenient for savings.


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ADP Mobile Solutions

ADP Mobile Solutions is a unique app that gives you access to income tracking, benefits, and various other information.

If you use ADP products, this program is right for you. Some features may not be available to you to solve this problem you need to go into settings.

Choose the products you need, you will have to consult with your employer to do this. Employees will be able to view payroll, schedule, view card accounts.

You will always be able to have communication, calling colleagues at work every time. Managers will be allowed to take time off, and view all assigned commands and panels for execution.

It is worth noting that the traffic and requests in the program are fully protected. You will not be able to find employee data, as this is also inaccessible information.

You can reset the user password in case of termination, but it is also possible to restore it afterward. At ADP Mobile Solutions, you can invest in products like FINRA, INC, and ADP itself.



Paycom is a program that will allow employees to calculate cash income. You will have access to the data at absolutely any time.

You will be able to keep track of all employees, receipts, paid on time and unpaid taxes, contact information, etc. Paycom is password or fingerprint-protected.

Besides, you can track your spending here, and calculate how much money you have for a certain period of time. In this way, you will learn how to save your budget and be sure that the money will not go to unnecessary places.

Moreover, the program has a feature such as time tracking, which is very convenient so as not to lose the time of enrollment payments and vacation time.

It is worth noting that you will no longer have to keep receipts in paper form, here you will be able to scan a sheet and convert it into electronic format.

The app will give you the opportunity to take employer training. You’ll be able to get privileges and certificates of achievement from time to time.

Also, look at the mileage of your business and draw conclusions. No matter how far away the manager is, it has no effect on the quality of what is accomplished, as there will always be communication.

Tasks can be managed from anywhere in the world. Before installing Paycom, you can read the reviews.


Square Payroll

Square Payroll is an app with a full range of features for calculating payroll in a simple way.

This program gives you the ability to pay employers and employees by clicking simple buttons. Track your team’s work by the hour.

The team of professionals will pay a profit and give certain taxes. Create your account to accrue pay and whether you pay employees or outside vendors.

Square Payroll will allow you to pay your employees. The team will be paid with a deposit. The app keeps all reports correctly and shows the result at the end of the year.

What’s more, get the tips that the Square Point of Sale app gives out. Besides, you will always be able to track if your vacation is paid, see also your tax deductions.

In order for your paycheck to come in quickly, you need to have people on your team create special accounts. Thus, you can then access paid benefits absolutely free of charge.

This way you can get health insurance and various other benefits. Earn from $40, payroll employees. Square Payroll works in 50 locations around the world.


Roll by ADP

Roll by ADP is an employee payroll app. It is a business program where you can manage your payroll. The app has all the capabilities of an earnings account.

Everything is as secure and reliable as possible. Pay anything with Roll by ADP. It’s worth noting that the app gives bonuses as well as pay raises.

No training is required, even a new user will master the controls. You need to make an account and calculate the team’s pay. You will have a shared team chat.

You will be able to save money because of the affordable price of other vendors. Roll by ADP includes many features. Taxes will be paid automatically by the system.

You can pay people from anywhere in the world to different states. It is worth noting that the payment can be a deposit. Send your accountant payroll reports.

The app works in real-time. Print all the receipts you need, and see notifications of payments and your personal information.

Use this simple but powerful small business money calculator. It really is a worthwhile mobile management tool!


Paychex Flex

The Paychex Flex program connects employers and employees while using all benefits.

All payments are based on your company and plan. Employers will be able to enter data and send a paycheck. Receive payments.

You will always be able to get the necessary money reports, documents, taxes, and deductions with balances.

There will always be a tally of funds so you don’t get confused. What’s more, there are retirement balances and loans.

Track all your time off through this app. View all benefits and information on them, as well as contributions and your claims. The app is the best of all its few competitors.


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Hourly Payroll

Hourly Payroll is an app that calculates your real estate and cash income taxes. Stop wasting your time calculating your payroll. Pay every hour on the business.

Hourly Payroll is easy to use and you can focus well on it. It’s a great product and great customer service. Along with hourly payroll, you will get unlimited payouts.

You’ll be able to run the payroll early so that the team has funds on time. Top up your debit cards to make purchases. Order a printed check and have it delivered to you quickly.

Besides, you will have to pay taxes for fees. The system will not make mistakes in calculations, everything always turns outright. It is necessary to connect to the labor policy and connect all working people.

You will be able to get bonuses corresponding to the salary. Before you use Hourly Payroll, consider the new labor laws, which the app’s experts will help you understand.

What’s more, call support that will help you in difficult situations in real-time.


RUN Powered by ADP

RUN Powered by ADP is a program that helps you get online and work as a small business owner.

This app will be able to count your budget, you need to run the calculation to do this. You will also be able to be notified on time when a payment comes in.

Create reports according to modern parameters. You will receive tax notifications. Store all important job information in RUN Powered by ADP.

Create frames, and request app tips. What’s more, you’ll see insurance policy documents and certificates. It is worth noting that the program is securely protected from the dissemination of personal information.

Your data can only be on the system base itself, so you can continue to conduct business carefully. Users are delighted with RUN Powered by ADP and it is not surprising, as the program accommodates a lot of features.

Send payroll without opening your computer. Note that the app doesn’t take up much space on your device, so downloads will be instant. To start using it, enter your account.


Ultimatix Payroll

Ultimatix Payroll is a platform-crossing app. The program is designed for advanced devices to improve performance.

Ultimatix Payroll develops customized apps to fit your business requirements. It includes a lot of features, such as it will be possible to keep track of the location and time of exit.

It is possible to see attendance, and also to see all the dates where there were absences.

It is worth noting that an employee will be able to apply for vacation or business trips at any time and approve apps as well. Moreover, the entire dashboard with information will be updated.

Also, smartphone synchronization takes place every day. Don’t forget that attendance is tracked. Here you can always poll the team and track the appearance of everyone in their place, even those who do not have their mobile devices with them.

Besides, the administrator will organize all the activities, show ads with news, and give the necessary links. You will be able to choose the salary for a particular month.


AC Payroll

AC Payroll is a smart program for calculating money, and vacations, which can be used by managers with employees.

Now you won’t need to go through a lot of paperwork, everything is in electronic form. To work with the app you will need an account.

Administrators and managers are allowed to see dashboards with information and notifications, to notify you about everything that’s going on.

People in these positions will be able to agree or refuse your leave, or time off. They’ll be able to track your paycheck in real-time at any time. Besides, employees will have access to payroll and payroll alerts.

The employee will be able to check the balance and all vacation days. Viewing company announcements will also be a no-brainer.

AC Payroll has even more varied features that you can try out by downloading the app. It’s worth noting that some features are not available on smartphones.


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Gusto Wallet

Gusto Wallet is a unique employee app that calculates your paycheck. This program will help you to start saving money and spend it in the right direction.

If you have long wanted to start managing your money properly, you will love Gusto Wallet.

You will be able to count all your expenses and income and still get paid a few days early. There will be no balances and no account fees.

The app will allow you to use a branded debit card to make purchases. Divide money easily into categories. Don’t forget to view the amount of time you’ve spent working. You’ll need to enter your account to get started.

Besides, you’ll be able to talk to your employer about the amount you’ll be paid. Withdrawal of all funds here is certain with some restrictions. Note that before all transactions, you need to read and learn the rules of the program.

Gusto Wallet is only a money-saving system. There is $250,000 worth of insurance from the bank here.

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