9 Best Spider-Man Android Games

Have you heard of Spiderman? You probably have, because it is a famous superhero you would always see in cartoons and books. It has already become a big part of pop culture in the USA.

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This is why we decided to collect the best Spiderman games you can find on Google Play. Most of the apps are free or at least have some basic features available at no cost.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

amazing-spider-man-2-logoHere is one of the most famous games devoted to Spiderman. What is especially cool is that all the options are available at no cost.

Another nice feature is the graphics of the game. It is done in a cartoon-like design. The animations are also fun and realistic.

Now let’s take a look at the best features you will explore in the game: 

  • Follow the storyline and enjoy cool plot twists. The plot itself is based on the Marvel film. 
  • Use all the superpowers you have: climb, jump, and run fast! Shoot with your web to fight against enemies or escape. 
  • Unlock unique suits for your character. Iron Man is one of the coolest! 
  • Don’t be afraid to fight against enemies. Venom, Electro, and other characters are waiting for you to join the game! 
  • Enjoy a big 3D world, which seems almost endless. Explore all the buildings and corners. 
  • Fight against bosses. These levels are the hardest to pass. 

We recommend playing on your tablet. It will allow you to see all the smallest details and use all the items around you.

At the moment, the game is rated 4.1 out of 5 on Google Play. The only downside is that the game isn’t supported well. Its last update was almost four years ago. This is why, if you happen to face bugs, they are unlikely to be fixed soon.



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Spider Hero- Superhero Fight

spider-hero-logoThis game is a bit different from the classic story about the Spiderman hero. Indeed, the character looks different, and his tasks may also be unusual.

Still, the aim remains the same – you, as a superhero, need to help people in danger. Let’s take a closer look at the features you will see in the game:

  1. Fly around the city. Thanks to your special powers, you can move pretty fast.
  2. Look for people who may be in a hard situation or a dangerous place, for instance, on the top of a skyscraper.
  3. Offer your help to those who might need it. Be fast to react – some situations require your attention right now!
  4. Great and smooth controls. You can easily fly or run, even if you are playing on a small screen.
  5. The app is available offline, which enables you to have fun while traveling or anytime you happen to be disconnected from the Internet.

The only disadvantage is the graphics. It looks too simplistic and plain in comparison to the first game. The tasks are much more fun, though.

The game is free of charge. However, you will have to watch a big number of ads to keep playing.



Spider super hero coloring man

spider-color-logoIf you are tired of dynamic games and unexpected plot twists and just need to relax, then coloring a Spider man might be a good option.

The app consists of a big number of pictures to color. They are cartoon-like and bright. As you see, the game doesn’t contain too many unique features, it’s just about painting.

Still, there are many things you will like about Spider hero coloring man:

  1. More than 25 colors to use. Feel free to be creative and make your character look the way you want. You may follow the classic story line and use blue and red, or make your hero different.
  2. Choose between various pictures. They are divided by the same topic, but still, look quite different from each other.

However, there are some disadvantages. One of them is that the game might crash in the middle of the process, and you can lose the progress you already have. This is frustrating, especially when you have almost finished coloring your hero.

The app is available on Google Play at no cost.

spider-man-color-screen spider-man-screen


hero Spider Run superheroes

hero-spider-logoHave you ever played Subway Surfers and you want to find something like this? No problem! Try this game – the idea is the same. You need to run stumbling across various items that you need to avoid or jump over.

Let’s see why Spider Run is worth your time and attention:
  • Run and collect coins. You can spend them later to improve your character or buy additional items, such as boosters.
  • Change your character’s appearance. If you pass enough levels, you will be given some additional clothes.

The only disadvantage is that the game tends to be quite monotonous. For sure, it gets harder the more you play, but the idea remains the same. It is easy to get bored.

The game is free of charge. However, you have to watch a pretty big number of ads to keep playing.



Miami Rope Hero Spider Games

miami-rope-logoIt’s high time you checked your reaction and attention with Spider man! In this game, you will need to dive deep into the world of crime.

The plot is pretty simple. You find yourself in Miami. The city is tortured by gangsters. Serious crime has become a part of its life. Your aim is to help people save their lives and make the city a safer place. 

Here are the best options you will find in Miami Rope Hero:

  • Look for people in danger and save them. To see who needs help at the moment, you need to use your rope. Fly over the city and look attentively. 
  • Take a fight against the Mafia. Gangsters are dangerous and powerful. Armed with shotguns and pistols, they will try to get rid of you. Make sure you use your superpowers. 
  • Gradually unlock various powers. The number of powers will depend on your progress. Try not to lose, and you will be awarded! 
  • Use weapons. Gangsters aren’t the only people to use guns, you can do it too! 
  • Try autos and buses. They might help you to move fast and save your energy.

The rating of the game has fallen recently. It might be connected to a huge number of ads you have to watch. The worst thing is that they can appear when you are fighting. It can lead to a loss in the game, which is totally irritating. 

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The app is free with its basic options. 



MARVEL Future Fight

marvel-logo-spiderDo you love competing against others and fighting? Then MARVEL Future fight is for you. Amazing graphics are combined with a plethora of cool Marvel characters. Spider man is one of them.

However, let’s take a closer look at the best options in the app: 

  1. Create a team. It is too hard to fight alone, this is why you need to collaborate with other players. Merge your power and build a wise strategy to beat your enemies.
  2. Take part in epic fights! The more fights you manage to win, the more items you will get. Buy new weapon for your Marvel characters and come back stronger.
  3. Invite your friends to play with you. If they join the game, you can create a team with them and fight against various Marvel villains.
  4. Enjoy great controls. It will allow you to control the situation and react much faster during the fight.

The game is available for free with its basic options. If you want to keep fighting, you need to watch many ads, including videos. The good thing is that the ads don’t appear during fights.

You can download MARVEL Future Fight on Google Play and start building a strong team of super heroes.

marvel-screen marvel-screenshot


MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

marvel-logoDo you love playing RPG and being a part of a huge community? Then you will fall in love with MARVEL Puzzle Quest.

It has a perfect playground and graphics, which makes the process so joyful. 

Here are the best features of MARVEL PUZZLE Quest: 

  • You will find yourself among over 20 million people from all over the world. Create a team or compete against them. 
  • Take part in epic battles. You will be able to fight in a huge RPG gameplay. Make sure you use all the space. 
  • Try playing for various characters, including Spiderman. 
  • Create alliances with other players. It is too hard to play alone, that’s why try to form a bigger team and merge your powers. 
  • Obtain special powers. If you play for a Spiderman, it will be your impressive stamina and shooting web. 

Another great thing is that the developers update this game quite often, meaning they fix bugs and add new features all the time.

Make sure you try MARVEL Puzzle Quest for free.

marvel-puzzle-screen marvel-puzzle-sreenshot


Marvel Contest of Champions

marvel-contest-logoIt’s time to join the contest! Now you can play for almost all the characters you might find in Marvel.
In this game, you can play Iron man or Spider man, or any other character you like most of all.

The game has realistic graphics, as well as easy controls. It will help you to dive deep in the process and enjoy epic battles.

Let’s see what you can do in this dynamic and fun game:

  1. Choose your favorite character and play for him. It can be any Marvel hero, including Spiderman. 
  2. Create an alliance with your friends or other players. Try to build the best strategy and stick to it. 
  3. Get the strongest characters. To do it, just collect points by winning in the battles. When you collect enough points, you will get access to new heroes and villains.
  4. Use synergy bonuses that will help you to merge powers. This is especially helpful when you are playing in a big team.
  5. If you don’t want to fight at the moment, it’s not a problem – just follow the story line. It will allow you to learn more about characters and MARVEL university in general.

The app is free of charge, but there are ads and in-app purchases that might help you to boost your progress.

Get it now and explore amazing world of MARVEL!



Spider Fighter 2

spider-fighter-2-logoThis game might be a great option for those who love 3D fighting games. To make a long story short, you are a superhero who has to fight against villains. You will find yourself in a city full of crime and cruelty. What you need to do is to save the people. 

Here are the best features you will explore in Spider Fighter 2: 

  1. Train your character. Devote your time and energy to learning and training, and your hero will become invincible. 
  2. Use combos and super abilities. It is too hard to fight if you use punches only. This is why try to use combos as well. They are more powerful and effective. 
  3. Don’t neglect using blocks. When you are fighting, you can be beaten badly, and blocking punches might save your life! 

Even though the game is full of options and characters, it isn’t too big. Having 159 MB of memory will be enough to download and play it.



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