9 Best UNO Multiplayer Games for Android & iOS

The card game UNO has been popular for the last 50 years and is known to almost every fan of this genre. It is great for a large company and keeps you in suspense until the end. Interesting and unusual rules along with bright and colorful cards leave an unforgettable experience.

Sometimes it is difficult to gather all your friends in one place to play. In this case, come to the aid of these best UNO multiplayer games for Android & iOS. With their help you can enjoy your favorite game with friends, even being in different parts of the world.

Enjoy your time with friends using these best cross-platform multiplayer app games.


UNO is a game for the whole family on your phone forever. Whether you’re a fan of the board game or you’re hearing about it for the first time, it doesn’t matter. It’s extremely simple for beginners and will surprise the seasoned player.

The classic game starts at the touch of a button. New challenges and prizes are waiting for you every month.

UNO is suitable for children and adults. Learn to follow the rules and then make up your own. Team up with family members and friends to lead your team to victory. Create communities for a fun time.

A new day, a new challenge. Win the competitions, spin the wheel of luck, and prove to the world that you’re the best player.

Try the breakneck pace of the game with different rules, two decks, and big winnings.


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Phase 10: World Tour

Phase 10 is a card game from the creator of the famous UNO now on your phone.

The rules of the game are familiar to you: make a certain combination of cards and discard them. Who did not have time – begins again. Do it faster than your opponents!

Such training for the brain will not go without results. Open new horizons every day, but remember that it will only get harder. Travel mode will send you to mountain peaks, icy valleys, and endless seas.

Choose your place of power for a successful game. Solve puzzles and earn well-deserved prizes. Create your own rules, choose a theme and collect resources.

Share the fun with family and friends – turn on multiplayer mode. Give each other gifts and valuable strategy tips.


Crazy Eights 3D

The app is suitable for fans of card games. Enjoy a tournament with friends and family or become a contestant with artificial intelligence. Play with two, three, or even four players at once.

The app also works offline. Look for unique resources that will unlock new opportunities. Become the leading player!

The rules of the game will be understandable even to a child. Need to be the first to empty the deck given at the beginning of the game.

Move with the card of the color of the previous one. Before your last move, press the special button. Otherwise, you will get two extra cards.

Types of unique cards: two extra cards, give a turn to your opponent, choose a color, reverse your turn, and take four cards. The game is perfect to brighten up your evening.


Card Party! Friend Family Game

Card party is a classic card game in the format of madness. Special cards, which you won’t find anywhere else, add zest to it. Earn nice bonuses and improve your skills. Enjoy quality graphics and discover new locations.

The rules of the game for sure you know. Walk the card that repeats the previous card by number or color. If not, take the top card from the deck. No luck again? Pass the right to act to the next player.

The goal is to be the first to get rid of all the cards. There is no need to shout when you have one card left. The winner will receive an intriguing surprise.

In addition to the classic options, the app will give you new modes and cards. Here are some of them: changing cards, and arrows, blocking opponents, and spellcasting.

Play with people or battle with the artificial intelligence anywhere and no matter the time. Create a challenge message and invite your friends or fans to the game. The adventure is just around the corner!


4 Colors Card Game

Four Colors is a well-known card game in a new light. New cards, modes, and functions will not leave anyone indifferent.

The rules of the game will be understandable even to a child. In the beginning, each player gets a deck of cards.

Go with the card whose number and color match the previous one. If there is none, then take one from the deck. If unsuccessful, the turn passes to the next participant.

Play with artificial intelligence, and friends, and discover new opportunities. Create friendly competitions or find partners around the world. Enjoy the design and animations.

The free app will provide a fun evening for people of all ages. Works offline. Great to relieve stress and give strategic thinking.


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Crazy 8 Multiplayer

Crazy 8 is the famous card game that now on your phone.

Challenge players from all over the world, compete with friends or play against AI even without an Internet connection.

The app is available on any gadget: phone, tablet, or computer. Create an account so you don’t lose your progress.

Every week the player rating will be updated. Try to conquer its top! Get nice daily bonuses, swap with friends, and give each other gifts. Have a great time.


Color & Number – Card Game

The classic puzzle game is now in a new version. Everyone’s favorite card game is now completely free on your phone.

Compete with up to four players online, invite your friends to a competition, or play offline with artificial intelligence. Compete to earn unique rewards.

The rules of the game are clear: Go to the card that matches the color or number (from 0 to 9) with the previous one.

The winner is the player who is the fastest to get rid of the cards. Meet the unique combinations: wild card, skip a turn, take two cards and reverse turn. They will disrupt the measured course of the game.

Get surprises every day and raise your level. Enjoy an interesting game and quality graphics.


Uno PlayLink

UNO PlayLink is an app that will enhance your game on your console controller. It is available in many languages: Without betraying the classics, embrace the innovations.

You can now battle three opponents at the same time. Embrace the new rules or rush to get rid of the cards as you always have.

Make sure the gadget with the app and the console is connected to the same internet source.

Download the game to your console, download the app and gather your circle of friends around the screen. It’s a fun game waiting for you!


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Uno Friends (Social)

Your favorite and familiar game is now on your phone. Compete online with people (up to three people) and fight with artificial intelligence.

The rules of the game are easy to explain even to a child. Players get seven cards out of a hundred.

Make a move with a card that matches a number (zero to nine) or color (yellow, blue, green, red).

Use the top card from the deck if necessary. Unlucky again? Pass the turn to another participant. Be the first to be left without cards.

Try special opportunities: double, skip a turn, move back, take two cards. Don’t forget to alert the last card in time, or you’ll get penalty cards. Spend your time not only having fun but also good for concentrating.

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