11 Free Auto Loan Calculator Apps & Websites in 2024

Getting a car loan is a serious deal that you need to be prepared for. Well, that’s what this article is here for!

There are plenty of free auto loan calculator apps & websites in 2024 that let you estimate your monthly car payments. These apps will give you all the essential loan details such as the full sum, the APR, and more. You’ll also get a loan schedule with all the pay you’ll have to do.

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We’ve gathered together the best free apps and sites in that category you may try. Have a look!

Auto Loan Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator

Let’s start with a loan calc app that lets you predict your loan plays.

The app is beyond simple: it lets you count your loan payments according to different metrics. The first thing you need to point out here is a vehicle value (obviously). Plus, you’ll need to log the down pay and the loan amount. You may think it’s not necessary to add a down payment, but it actually affects the loan rules.

Next up, you’ll need to pick the time you’re planning to pay the loan. It may rather be months or years. You can also mark the APR, taxes, other fees, and trade-in value. Once it’s done, the app will automatically calculate the regular pay, and show you the detailed loan amortization.

Plus, you’ll get the full info of the total cost, interest, payoff date, and more. There’s also a debt plan for you to stick to if required. All the graphs and details can be saved and shared in a couple of clicks. The app is fully free, but it’s ad-supported, so keep that in mind.

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Car Loan Calculator

Car Loan Calculator pro

It’s an iOS app that lets you generate a car credit plan.

The concept of this app is standard for the genre. All you need to do is to add the worth of a car, the down pay, the trade-in value, an APR, and terms. You may also mark the sales tax, but if you’re unaware, just leave it empty. The terms come in months there, so you’ll have to convert years into months first.

The app also let’s pick the pay frequency if required. Once it’s done, the app will give you a detailed analysis of your car loan. It will build an amortization schedule, so you’ll get to know how much coins you’ll need to pay and when. Plus, the app will show you how much of your pays are actually made of APR and how much is your loan.

You can calculate as many loans as needed, which is helpful if you’re not sure about the model of the auto yet. All the credit lists are saved within the app, so no worries. You also get to export your schedule in one tap by saving it as a doc or sending it in via email.

Car Truck Payment Calculator

Car Truck Payment Calculator

This app is here to assist you in car shopping.

It works for any vehicle that can be financed, even RVs and boats, so you’re all the way covered. At first, you’ll need to pick what kind of deal you’re planning to make. You can pick if you’re buying from a dealer or an individual. Then, you’ll need to fill in the form with various metrics that affect your credit details.

These metrics include the worth of a machine, the down cost, the APR rate, and the terms in months. Plus, some optional metrics can make the calculation more accurate: trade-in value, dealer fees, cash rebate, tax rate, loan payoff, and more.

Then, the app will automatically show your monthly credit pay and generate a detailed schedule with all the essential info. You’ll get to see how much of your loans are actually APR and how much you’re overpaying. Besides, you may create various calculations for various cars to compare. The free version doesn’t let you export the info, you’ll need to upgrade for that.

Car Loan Calculator

Car Loan Calculator

Here’s a simple app to generate car loan reports.

The app is very easy to use: it basically has one page, so you won’t get lost here. The only disadvantage here is you can’t really view the pay plan or graphs, just the monthly debts. As for the mechanics, it is pretty standard for the genre.

You’ll need to point out the price of the car you’re planning to buy, the down cost, the loan period, and the APR. Then, the app will show you the amount of your potential credit pays, along with how much you’ll overpay due to the APR.

Your calculations won’t be saved, so make sure to screenshot if you want to compare. Other than that, there’s nothing you can do here, but the app gets the main job done. It’s also fully free and doesn’t have any ads, which is a plus.

Auto Loan Calculator by Ten Gallon Apps, LLC

Auto Loan Calculator is an ergonomic app for determining payments during the reimbursement of an auto loan, which will help you take into account all the costs of buying a car. With its help, you can analyze your financial prospects and make a decision to buy a car.

Enter your loan repayment, term, and the down payment to find out the installment you’ll need to pay to the bank each month. The program will quickly make the calculations and offer you reliable information about your upcoming expenses.

You can also include the added costs of insurance and other services for the most accurate financial projections.

The app allows you to compare different loan options. You can change the loan parameters to see how it will affect the monthly payment and the total cost of the loan. This will help you choose the most favorable option and save money.

The service provides graphs and charts to help you estimate your loan payments. You will be able to see how much money will go towards principal and interest payments each month. The app keeps all your accounting and financial records.

Vehicle Loan Calculator

Vehicle Loan Calculator

It’s another app for car loan calculation that is easy to use.

Apart from the previous one, this app will bring you all the loan details. The first steps are standard: you need to log some basic metrics like the car price, the APR, and the terms of the credit. Plus, there are some elective metrics that let you get more accurate results.

Thus, you may specify your calculation by adding a trade-in value of the car, the cash rebate, down payment, fees, taxes, warranty, add-ons, and all that. Next, the app will calc your monthly loan cost and provide you with a detailed schedule. Plus, you’ll get to see the total taxes if needed.

Beyond that, the app will generate a diagram that shows you how much of your debt is APR. You get to make an unlimited amount of calculations to compare, which is handy. All the info can instantly be saved as a doc and shared with whoever required.

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If you think having an app for counting up car loans is too much, we have a couple of websites on our list as well.

It needs to be said, the website works pretty much the same as the apps, so you’re not missing out on anything here. All you need to do is to modify the values that affect the loan cost. You’ll need to enter. The price of the car, credit terms, an APR rate, and the down cost.

Some optional values will make your calculations a bit more accurate. For instance, you get to log trade-in value, sales tax, and the state you live in (that one is unique). In case you’re not sure about the tax in your state, the website has a helpful list for you.

Plus, you get to include some extra fees or discounts if needed. Once all the values are filled, the platform will generate a loan cost report for you. You’ll see your total loan amount, the sale tax, the APR, fees, and all that.

calculator net


Here’s another website for counting up loan payments for a car.

This website covers more instruments than a car loan calc. It comes with over 50 other financial calcs you can use for free. For instance, you get to calculate a boat loan, a fund, a car depreciation, a child tax, and much more.

The concept of a car one is pretty standard – you need to fill in various values, and the platform will count the loan out for you. The values are all the same: the worth of the vehicle, APR, years, and loan sum. Plus, there’s an advanced mode that lets you log the money you have, the trade-in value of a car, and sales tax.

The mode is just called advanced, you don’t have to pay to use it. The website doesn’t save your result, and you don’t get to save them as docs, so make sure to screenshot. Once you’re done, the platform will count your regular pay to show you how much you’ll overpay.



This is a calc website to find out your monthly credit pays.

If we’re talking about the interface, this one has the best one among the other websites on the list. It’s basically just a simple form you need to fill in – no unneeded info or other things to distract you. What you need to do is to log various values that will help the website to count your loan.

The values include the price of the vehicle, the terms in months, the APR, and sales tax. There are also some optional metrics such as a down cost and trade-in value. Once it’s done, the platform will analyze your car loan in detail.

You’ll get to see your total loan sum, the APR you’ll pay, the amount of regular costs, and more. The cool thing about this site is that it lets you search for automobiles that fit your characteristics. It comes with a catalog of new and used vehicles you can buy.

cars com


It’s a calc website that you can use to compare available rates of car loans.

Apart from the previous ones, this website only asks you to answer 4 questions: the worth of the car, for how long you need the credit, if the auto is new or used, and the APR. It’s less than you get from similar websites, so if you’re not a fan of long forms, you’ll like this one.

As you fill in the form, the website will come up with your monthly cost, the total sum you’ll have to endure, and how much of your debt is actually APR. Plus, the site lets you compare credit terms of various credit partners, so you could pick the best terms for yourself.

It has a wide range of options, and you get to see all the details about the credit, which is nice. The site also provides you with an amortization plan with all the payment days, principles, interest, and all that. You can also print the schedule or save it as a doc.


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And lastly, we have a car loan calc website that counts your monthly loan pays.

As always, there’s a form with different values you need to fill in. At first, you need to enter a zip code for the site to find out your location. Then, the app lets you pick the exact model of the vehicle you plan to buy, but this step is optional.

Of course, you also need some vehicle details like a price of a car, tax rate, title, and registration. Plus, you can log the trade-in value of the vehicle and the down pay. You also need to know the terms, the APR rate, and your credit score.

Once it’s all filled, the app will show your total loan and your monthly pays. Plus, you’ll see how much of your loan consists of interest and how much you’re overpaying. You get to save the results in a doc for printing as well.

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