6 Best Block Stacking Games for Android & iOS

Looking for addictive brain-teasing games? We have something for you. There are plenty of block stacking games for Android & iOS that can keep your mind active for hours.

These games come in several concepts — some will ask you to move the blocks and son to place them on one another. In case you wanna increase the difficulty level, you may also try box puzzle games. Let’s be real this type of puzzle game is perfect to kill boredom with.

We’ve gathered the six best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Stack Blocks 3D

stack bocks 3d

Let’s start with a classic block-stacking game that will wake up your brain.

The mechanics of this game is quite simple — there’s an empty board that consists out of squares and your goal is to fill all the empty spaces with blocks. Sounds a bit confusing, but you’ll quickly figure everything out. You’ll just need to move colorful 3D blocks in the right direction till the whole board is covered.

Herewith, each stack of blocks has a number on it that matches the number of blocks in it. Thus, as you’ll move the stack the number will decrease till all the blocks are laid on the board. The game covers plenty of lvls, so you can spend hours playing it.

Besides, new lvls are being added regularly, so you won’t run out of material. The game runs on an increasing difficulty system so the lvls will get more and more challenging. For instance, there will be barriers and obstacles that will stop you from moving the blocks, and all that. Plus, the game runs offline, so you can reach it any time anywhere.


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This is an opposite block stacking game that is perfect for time-killing.

Apart from the previous game, this one doesn’t ask you to move blocks around — you’ll need to build a tower out of them instead. This type of game has been around for years, and it is still as calming and peaceful as ever. Actually, it’s one of the best ways to kills time while waiting for smth and all that.

The game consist of dozens of lvls more is coming up every once in a while. Herewith, each lvls gets more complicated than the other — the blocks start to come up faster, they’ll get smaller and bigger, so it’s hard to keep a balance, and so on. The good thing is the lvls don’t have a time limit and your only goal is to beat your own score.

Plus, this game is very aesthetically pleasing as it has simple graphics and calming color scheme. There’s also a peaceful soundtrack that may help you to clear your mind if needed. The controls are as simple as they can be, so you won’t get confused with how to play.

Stack 1 Stack 2


Blocks Stack Puzzle

block stack puzzleThis is a brain-teasing block puzzle game that will help you kill boredom.

In the first place, the concept of this app is the same as the first app on the list. To be fair, the only difference between these two is the graphics and the UI buts it still looks quite similar. Of course, the lvls vary as well, but some still may be the same. As for the rules, there’s a board with square cells and colorful block stacks place in it.

Your goal here is to move the blocks till the whole board surface is covered. Each stack comes with the number on top and this number tells you how many blocks there are in it. You start with simple lvls but they will get more and more challenging with time.

For instance, there will be walls within the board that will stop you from effortlessly moving the blocks around. Plus, you may turn the timer on and off by your will if needed. For now, there are over 1K unique lvls that never repeat one another, so you have lots of material.

Blocks Stack Puzzle 1 Blocks Stack Puzzle 2


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Drop Stack Free – Block Tower

Drop Stack Free

Next, we have a block-stacking game that will test your balancing skills.

The rules of this game are pretty simple — it’s basically a never-ending block tower you need to build. The higher your tower will be — the more points you’ll get. Herewith, there’s no timer or the number of points you need to get on each lvl — your only goal here is to beat your own score.

Beyond that, you don’t have to make a base of your tower consist of just one block (which is standard practice for this type of game). Instead, you may land as many blocks as you consider needed, but it will still la be a challenge to come up with a high tower.

The longer you play, the faster new blocks will drop, and it will get harder to place them thoughtfully. In most cases, people end up randomly dropping the blocks hoping the tower will stand. The controls in this game are beyond intuitive, so even a child could cope with it. The game also runs offline, so it’s accessible wherever you are.

Drop Stack Free 1 Drop Stack Free 2


Skyscraper Stack Builder

skyscraper stack

This is another block-stacking game that requires you to build a tower.

The outstanding thing about this game is the way blocks are presented. This time, the blocks are not just colorful cubes or smth — they look like parts of the house. As you might’ve guessed by the name of this game — you’ll get to build a full-on skyscraper here.

Your main goal here is to keep stacking the blocks on one another to get the highest house possible. There’s no aim you need to hit, no score that defies your playing — all you can do here is to keep beating your own score. You may also view the score of the world’s top players and try to reach it as well.

The longer you play, the faster new blocks will appear and the more they will shake, so it will be a challenge to not ruin your tower. You start off with the most basic blocks, but you get to unlock new ones with time. The game runs without a web connection and has no paid content.

Skyscraper Stack Builder 1 Skyscraper Stack Builder 2


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Juicy Stack

juicy stack

And lastly, we have a block game with food thematic.

On the one hand, it’s a basic game that asks you to stack blocks on one another. But on the Other hand, the look of blocks here makes this game quite outstanding. The thing is all the blocks here look like food items. For instants, there are watermelon blocks pineapple one’s cucumber ones, and so on.

Not all themes will be available at the beginning, but you’ll get to unlock them with time. The mechanics are quite standard for the genre — the blocks will be dropping, and you need to place them to build a tower. The longer you play, the faster the blocks will drop so make sure to keep the tower balanced.

Herewith, all the blocks are differently shaped — there are not just squares. It makes the stacking brightest a bit more complicated but at the same time, it makes it more fun. The levels are not limited with time, so you can play at your own pace. There is also no score you need to reach all you can do is to be at your own result.

juicy stack 1 juicy stack 2


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