7 Best Cash Advance Apps that Work with Albert

Cash advance apps have become more popular in recent years, and they’ve become more flexible, too. Luckily, we’re here to give a simple guide to them.

We’ve rounded up the best cash advance apps that work with Albert seamlessly. These let you access cash quickly and easily, often without a credit check or interest.

Most of these apps offer payday loans, too, so you can access earned wages before the actual salary day. With these on hand, you won’t feel like you’re in a financial bind ever again. Let’s get into it!


Let’s start with an ideal app for those who appreciate overdraft protection (along with advances, of course). Here, you can get an advance of up to $500 with no interest whatsoever. The money comes to your acc almost instantly, so no need to wait.

Plus, the app doesn’t do credit checks, which means you won’t need to wait for the check to get done. Perfect for situations when you need money ASAP. However, it only works if you need up to $100. The max amount is twice what you can get on Albert, but it has stricter requirements.

It also serves as a regular banking tool and even helps you learn how to spend your head-earnings wisely. The app notifies you if your balance gets low and analyzes your spending history to pinpoint patterns. You can transfer money to an external bank for free, too. And you can use over 32K ATMs across the US.

The processing takes up to 3 days, but you can pay to make it way quicker. The thing that makes this app unique is that it lets you find side hustles to earn extra cash. It’s a simple job board with a compilation of offers in your area.


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It’s a handy tool that works with over 6K banks and services, including Albert. As always, you start with small loan limits, but it will get bigger the longer you use the app. The maximum you can get her is $250, which is pretty standard.

The good news is, the app doesn’t do credit checks. Money can be transferred straight to any external bank acc, the choice is yours here. The variety is rather impressive, so you’ll surely find the one you’re currently using. The transfer time may vary from bank to bank, so keep that in mind.

The app also comes with a scoring syst that analyzes the way you deal with funds. It analyzes your earnings, spending patterns, and all that. These facts are being considered as the app decides if you can use instant deposit and other tools.

The app lets you get early paychecks, too, with no hidden fees attached. And if you’re the worrying type, the app has ID theft insurance to give you peace of mind. It’s also helpful if you need to do credit monitoring.



If you don’t mind paying a fee for getting the cash instantly, this app is worth trying. A standard processing time varies from 2 to 5 days, so it’s surely not for those who are in a hurry.

There are no interest fees at all, so if you’re seeking a stress-free experience, this app may come in handy. It does require a bank acc attachment, though, so keep that in mind. As for the other requirements, the acc should be active for over 2 months and should have a recurring history of income.

Well, positive balance is also essential, but it is to be expected. The advances it offers are pretty standard, and the maximum you can get is $500. You can also use it to get an early paycheck and works with over 50K ATMs that give you fee-free exp.

Plus, the app comes with generous cashback options and it lets you get into investments without fees. The pro pack comes with extra perks aka $1000 advances and credit history builder. It will also give you tips on how to save and get started with money in general.


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If settling in with $250 is not your vibe, this app might be for you. It lets you borrow up to $500 without credit checks. It doesn’t come with any hidden fees too, and lets you get a check of your salary early.

Using the app is pretty easy. First, you must start depositing your paycheck into the app’s acc. Once it’s done, you’ll see the loan amount you’re qualified for (and that will be your limit). And that’s basically it, you can get this money at any time needed. The money will be taken from your acc after you’ve got the salary.

It’s a pretty convenient concept, as there’s no chance for you to forget about paying the app back. That being said, the more payments you make the bigger your advance amount will become. Your monthly paycheck should also be at least $600 in order to use the app.

The good news is, the app works with deposits from several employers and side hustles. It even works with government benefits. The app runs on sub-plans, and you can’t use it without them.


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Although this app might be on the pricier side, it still has some perks that make it worth trying. The loan amount here is pretty average, and it’s up to $250. As always, there is no interest here, and you can even pick your own repayment date.

Plus, it’s a gem for those who need money right away, as the processing time is almost non-existent. The repayment date varies from 15 to 30 days, which is convenient.

Now to the not-so-pretty part. The thing is, while you can get up to $250 without interest, the app does change fees for loans over $20. And that’s why most of the other apps on our list don’t do that. Plus, the fee varies according to the loan amount, and it gets to $15 at max.

Thus, instead of 250, you’ll be getting 235 bucks to begin with. Not that pleasant, right? Of course, the absence of processing time may compensate for it (at least it seems like it), but the express fees on other apps will cost you much less. As for the other factors, you’ll need a debit card from this app’s bank which should be active for over 20 days (and have a positive balance).



This app is a gem for those who would like to get cash before the actual payday. As always, the app comes with some requirements. First, you need an acc that has at least 3 salary deposits (and those should be consistent for at least 2 months, too).

Plus, the acc should have a positive balance for over 90 days, and that’s a minimum. No gaps in payments should be happening, too, so keep that in mind. As for what you can get here, the maximum loan amount is $200 (which is lower than other apps offer). There are no interest or credit checks whatsoever.

The processing usually takes from 1 to 3 days, so it’s not for ASAP situations. In case you need the money right away, there’s an express fee, but it can get pretty expensive. It depends on the amount, though, so it gets calculated for every transfer individually.

You can also get a pro-sub-pack to get money 2 weeks before payday. As for the repayment, it will be taken from your next salary, so nothing specific here. The app also covers a couple of money management tools if needed.


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This app is a treat when you are in need of quick cash, but it is not about your credit score. It lets you borrow up to $500 without impacting your FICO score at all. The app doesn’t charge late or penalty fees, so you can focus on paying the loan off without extra pressure.

As for the amount, the maximum you can get here is $500. You won’t get to get that much straight away, though. You’ll start with a rather small amount of cash, but the limit will get larger with time.

Above that, you can set it up to pay in 4 installments. It does affect your score, too, just gives you a little more flexibility with finances. Of course, making on-time payments will help to build your credit history, but you can split it up if needed. You can also reschedule the payday for almost a month if needed.

You can easily link the app to your bank acc or Venmo within a few taps. The money gets transferred pretty quickly, no need to pay for express services here.

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