7 Best Body Swap Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Wanna make funny viral body swap pics with no effort? This article got you covered!

We’ve made the list of the 7 best body swap apps for Android & iOS for you to try in 2024. Although there are no apps made for body swaps specifically, face-swapping ones let you gain the same kind of results. These apps let you generate face, body, and gender swaps with a few taps, with no editing skills required. You’ll get to make funny pics, memes, and even realistic clips with your face attached to famous characters. Check it out!



Let’s start with the leading body swap tool.

This is an AI-powered app that lets you make stunning, complex edits with no effort. It uses face swap tech that lets you map your face onto various pics and vids. The app does it in a very convenient way with movements, and all that (so the result still looks like you).

This app is one of the best for making hilarious pranks and viral posts for your IG. You’ll get to paste your face onto any pic possible: you can become a superhero or even switch bodies with one of your mates. The tool works for pics, vids, and GIFs, so you’re all the way covered here.

You can also animate your pics by adding presets from the app’s list. All the pic and clips can be easily shared right from the app with one tap. The app even covers the popular AI avatar creation that will turn your selfies into stunning art in a couple of mins.

Reface 1
Reface 2

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It’s an app that lets you make convincing body swaps.

The app runs on a smart tech that lets you add yourself to any vids needed. The tech gets constantly improves, so the results keep getting better with each update. The mechanic is simple: just paste an image of your face (or any face in general) on any clip. You may rather select one from the app’s lib or import your own.

The app includes loads of cool templates you can use for edits, and new ones get added regularly. Once it’s done, the app will automatically combine two faces, so the person on the video will look like you. It needs to be said, the swap looks quite lifelike, and the glitches are very rare.

The app lets you become anyone: a celeb or even your fam member. It only works with videos, so you won’t get to exchange looks on pics (but the socials seem to focus more on vids anyway). You can share the clip on your socials with one tap with no watermark, which is pleasant.

Facemega 1
Facemega 2



This app is here to boost your selfie game.

It’s a full-on editing platform that lets you alter your pics and alter gender easily as pie. The app covers a bunch of tools that are fun to play with: it lets you smooth up the skin, modify hair color, add makeup, see how you’ll look in 20 years, and much more. The new features get added regularly, so there’s always smth new to try.

Just like the previous one, this app is AI-powered, and the outcomes turn out pretty convincing. It’s very easy to use as well: all you need to do is to select a pic and choose the kind of editing you want to try. Although you won’t get to switch looks with other people, you can see how you’d look with a different gender.

Beyond that, there’s a tool that lets you make yourself younger, and there are a few alternatives to personalize the exp. The same goes for aging your pics, so you can play with both age and gender with ease. The app also lets you delete the bg of your pics and add various filters to set up the mood.

FaceLab 1
FaceLab 2

Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

That’s a body swap app that’s easy to use.

The concept of this one is pretty simple: it lets you exchange looks in between pics. You can select any shot you like, so you can literally become everyone. Nevertheless, all the previous apps on our list do that. What makes this one different? Well, there are some unique tools you may be interested in.

The app doesn’t limit you with the number of edits at all. So if you have some group fam shots to have fun with, this app could help. Likewise, the app lets you exchange certain features of the face like eyes, lips, eyebrows, and more, so you can make more complex edits.

And if you’re planning to use the tool regularly, you can save certain looks for further use as well. In case there are any differences in skin tones, you’ll get to adjust the shades to match perfectly. The app even lets you switch faces with animals with just one tap. There are also tons of pre-made celeb photos for you to use as templates if needed.

Face Swap Booth 1
Face Swap Booth 2

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Next, we have a refacing app to generate cool vids with a couple of taps.

It’s an AI-powered tool that lets you immerse faces in any vid in secs. All you need is one selfie, and the app will be able to generate dozens of animated deepfakes with you in it. You can become one of your fave heroes, a superstar, a model, and whoever else comes to mind.

The app covers a wide lib of presets from all sources of media. You can paste your face onto one of the Marvel heroes or LOTR ones. There’s even a collection of retro pics for you to play with. The new templates get added with every update, so there’s always smth new to try.

You can use the app on both pics and vids, and it will look great either way. As for the vids, the app will recreate the mimics from the original and apply them to your face. Of course, it can look odd sometimes, but technology gets constantly improving, so don’t judge it harshly.

FaceJoy 1
FaceJoy 2



It’s another app that lets you make cool clips for socials.

This is a handy tool that lets you exchange bodies with multiple characters and create fun clips. In fact, it also lets you reface images, memes, and even GIFs, so you can really unleash your creativity here. The app is AI-based and the outcomes it provides are pretty convenient.

It covers a wide lib of templates from popular movies, shows, and other sources of media that you can use as a base for your edits. The lib is categorized by themes, so it’s simple to find smth specific. All you need to do is to click a few buttons: select a pick and the type of edit you want to do.

The app doesn’t limit you with the digit of edits, so you can generate numerous deepfakes effortlessly. You can also animate your face with a pack of emotions to make the clip even more realistic. All the clips are easily sharable with no watermark or fee.

FaceMagic 1
FaceMagic 2

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Face Over 


And lastly, there’s a body switch app that will definitely make you smile.

The app is pretty easy to use, so you won’t need any special skills. Herewith, you get to regulate the size of the face, move, and rotate it as you want to make it look real (or more fun). Plus, the app is fully free with no limits whatsoever.

It only works with pics, though, but you can still make hilarious edits with no effort. Thus, you can switch looks with your mates, celebs, and even animals.

The app also comes with plenty of templates with famous people, memes, paintings, and much more that you can use for free. You can mark templates as your faves for further use as well. The new templates get added from time to time, so you’ll get to keep up with the latest editing trends.

Faceover 1
Faceover 2

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