7 Best Child Reward Apps for Android & iOS

Children are our future. It is important for each parent to properly organize the time of their child, otherwise, the baby will grow up uncoordinated and irresponsible.

Sometimes we just don’t have enough time to write tasks on a piece of paper and hang them on the refrigerator. We work in the office or are busy with other projects.

But what if you remembered important duties but are no longer at home. Forget about the notes on the fridges, it’s time to move to the virtual world.

Apps with tasks and rewards assist you. We’ve compiled a list of the best kid reward apps for you. You will be able to properly organize your child’s time, and the baby will receive a well-deserved prize.

The child will be motivated to complete duties. These apps are also easy to use and can be synced to your child’s phone.

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Child Reward – chores, rewards, and statistics

Meet the first app on our list. It has a star point system. Parents will get an extensive set of tools to add tasks for children. Each task can have a different value of points. The more difficult the task, the more reward the child will receive.

The child will complete buildings and receive points. When the kid collects the required number of points, he or she will be able to receive a prize.

Download the app and create your account and your child’s account. Then, sync your devices. Synchronization takes place in seconds. You just need to scan the QR code. The app constantly notifies parents about all completed chores.

Monitor tasks online. You can add or remove tasks for your baby at any time. If you have a lot of plants in your home, make it your child’s duty to water them. This will develop responsibility. Add watering tasks to the app and your child will receive rewards.

The app’s calendar will show your child’s progress in completing assignments. You can also sort buildings by category. The app has advanced statistics for completing chores. You will be able to check statistics and give gifts to children for completing tasks well.

 Child Reward - chores, rewards and statistics Child Reward - chores, rewards and statistics  Child Reward - chores, rewards and statistics

Child Reward has a stylish design that will please not only parents but also children. The parent will not get confused in the app because the interface is easy. All panels are simple. Add icons to tasks.

This helps the kid visualize the duty and make it more interesting. You need to select Parent Mode after registration to get the full functionality of the app. Child Reward shows you a tutorial on how to use the app after registering.

Believe it or not, such a functional app takes only 18MB. It has been installed over 50 thousand times. Download it and your kid will be happy to do household chores and receive valuable bonuses.

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Our Home – chores, rewards, groceries, and calendar

This app allows you to become more organized and motivated. Your babies receive awards for all household chores. It will be interesting for them to do everything correctly and quickly. Come up with an honest reward for the children’s efforts.

The app has a calendar in which you can write all the important events related to your family. Install the app on the smartphones of all your family members and sync them.

Share the grocery list in the app and kids can buy whatever you’ve planned. The app has a modern transformative system of fast tasks. This means that thanks to this app, your home will be clean, the pets will be walked, and the children’s homework will be done.

Kids will love doing household chores, as they will receive cool prizes. You can assign different rewards to your children. The app is suitable even for those with more than 3 children.

No matter how many children you have, the app can be synchronized with dozens of devices. Create tasks for a specific family member. You will also be able to send messages and reminders within the app.

You can raise successful kids thanks to rewards. Children must score a certain number of points to receive the bonus. Build responsibility from an early age.

OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries and calendar OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries and calendar

Keep track of the daily detailed statistics of tasks. Your babies will not be able to deceive you. Everything will be under your control even if you are at work. Choose an avatar for each member of your family. The app has dozens of cute animals for avatars.

Each task has its own category. For example, playing the piano is a music category and running is a sports category. Categories are needed for more accurate statistics.

The interface of the app is stylish and practical. It has been installed over 500 thousand times. Install it and you can control your kids by rewarding them for doing the right thing.

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iReward Chart: Chore Tracker

This app was the best in 2010. It will help you reward your kids with good behavior and household chores. You need to sync your device and your child’s device so that you can give duties anywhere and anytime.

The sync mode is free. Create an account for your kid. Type in his or her name and add tasks. Set a reward for completing tasks. The prizes can be completely different. For example, for each completed chore, the child will receive candy or $ 1.

The app will reward the child with a star for each task completed. If your son or daughter gets a lot of stars, he or she can spend them on prizes. This app develops not only responsibility and punctuality but also the ability to use money correctly, in this case, the stars.

Children like to be responsible and to be respected. They will feel themselves grown up thanks to this app because they will have important homework! The app has many positive reviews from popular media such as CNN, NBC, and others.

iRewardChart: Chore Tracker iRewardChart: Chore Tracker

iRewardChart has free and premium versions. The free version will allow you to sync only with 1 device, as well as give 4 tasks per week. The premium version gives you unlimited control over your app.

You can also see the rating of your children. The one who has more stars is the one higher in the rating. The app has a nice design and an intuitive interface. iRewardChart is 7MB. It has been installed over 10 thousand times.

Install it and you can give tasks to your kids regardless of your location.

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Rooster Money: Piggy Bank, Allowance and Chore App

This multifunctional app helps parents to control the behavior of their children. It includes allowance manager, chore jobs, savings tracker, and piggy bank. All of this is encouraged by awards. Sync devices in one click.

You will be able to give tasks to your kids and you will always know whether they have completed them or not. Each task has its own value and category. The more difficult the duty, the more reward the child receives.

Create to-do lists for your kids. Add as many tasks as you like. The app has no limits. You can also set daily tasks. This will save you time because you will not need to write the same chores every day.

The app is easy to use. Kids love it because it is stylish and fun. What does the app allow parents to do? Almost all! You will get the full functionality of controlling the child’s behavior. Register to get all the possibilities.

An online piggy bank teaches your baby how to manage money. Allocate a certain amount for your child’s pocket money. The app will show you detailed spending statistics at the end of the day. If your child can save money, then this is very good quality.

Moreover, you can recommend to your child goals for saving money. This will give your kid motivation. The app supports all common currencies.

RoosterMoney: Piggy Bank, Allowance and Chore App RoosterMoney: Piggy Bank, Allowance and Chore App RoosterMoney: Piggy Bank, Allowance and Chore App

You can block or unblock the child’s allowance at any time. It will teach your child not only responsibility but also money management. If you want to get even more tools, buy the full version of the app.

Rooster Money has hundreds of positive reviews. Download RoosterMoney and join 100 thousand users who want their kids to be better!

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Chores & Allowance Bot

Doing family chores is so boring. Children do not like to do this and always try to come up with excuses. Download this app and you will see how your kids love their chores. They will receive prizes for completing their tasks.

You can create harmony in the family. Moreover, the app can be synchronized with multiple devices. Distribute household chores among all family members and come up with rewards.

You will monitor the activities of all family members. See their accounts and track statistics. The rewards help your kids develop the right habits. Kids can fully personalize the profile. They can choose an avatar and nickname.

The free version of the app allows you to sync the app with any number of children, but you will not be able to give tasks to everyone at once. You need to buy the Premium version for this, otherwise, you will have to duplicate duties for each kid again and again.

This app is also a piggy bank and allowances. Set daily monthly and yearly allowances. Select rewards. Children must collect a certain number of points to buy the prize. The more valuable the reward, the more expensive it is.

The more difficult the task, the higher the reward. You can also choose fun currencies such as emojis, smiles, foreign currencies, and more. Add penalties for missed tasks. This will increase the motivation of your children.

Chores & Allowance Bot Chores & Allowance Bot Chores & Allowance Bot

You can add photos to each task. This will help your children better understand what to do. Your kids won’t be able to make changes to their accounts without a special code. Select regular duties and mark them with a special sign.

You will no longer have to write this task every day. It will automatically be duplicated. Don’t forget that in addition to household chores, this app teaches your kids how to handle money. It has been installed over 10 thousand times. Chores & Allowance Bot is 96MB. This app is a great helper and mentor for your babies.

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Privilege Points Chore Tracker

Tired of begging your kids to do housework? Stop doing this and download this app. It has a smart points system and privileges. Set tasks and children will receive a bonus after completing them. What rewards will they be?

Maybe this will be money, a movie show or a party? Children will be motivated. Synchronize your device with your children’s devices in just one click. The app sends your kids reminders for each duty. You can add as many tasks as you like. The app will show you the statistics on the completion of all tasks.

Privilege Points Chore Tracker Privilege Points Chore Tracker Privilege Points Chore Tracker

The app has a nice design that you can quickly master. Kids will love the design for its simplicity and style. Add icons to tasks to visualize them. If you want even more options then get the premium version.

This will expand the tools for managing tasks and rewards. Developers periodically update Privilege Points Chore Tracker by fixing bugs and adding improvements. Download it and you can motivate your kids to do housework.


Kiddy – Reward Kids For Good Behavior – Parenting

Good behavior should always be encouraged. This app allows you to set rewards for completing chores. Your children will become more responsible. Rewards can encourage good behavior. Set the number of points for each task.

If the task is difficult, such as weeding the beds or dusting the whole house, then the prize will be valuable. The app has already a whole list of ready-made tasks. You only need to pick what you want your kid to do.

Keep track of tasks in real-time thanks to the sync of your phones. A distinctive feature of the app is tasks of good and bad manners. If your child misbehaves, give him or her bad points. The app has ready-made plans for training useful skills with cool rewards. Your child can add any wishes to the wishlist. Try to do them.

 Kiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - Parenting  Kiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - Parenting  Kiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - Parenting

The app has a stylish yellow interface. It has been installed over 10 thousand times. Kiddy makes your children more responsible because they take care of points and tasks. You can share your kids’ progress on social media right from the app.


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