15 Best Hotel Booking Apps & Websites in USA

Travel is a great way to relax at any time of year and for any occasion. You can enjoy the sea breeze, go mountain climbing or experience a new culture. Any trip is a fascinating adventure that depends only on your preferences.

The most important question, in this case, is where to live. You can hitchhike, but any person needs a place to stay overnight. This is where these best hotel booking apps & websites in the USA will help you. Book the greatest option that pleases all your needs.

If you are an inveterate car enthusiast then try these free road trip apps for Android & iOS.


HotelTonight is an app that helps you find and book hotels around the world, including the USA. Thanks to the app you will be able to find a hotel with the right offer for you anywhere in just a few taps.

You will be able to choose a hotel of any class, from a cheap motel to an expensive option with a high rating. The app cooperates only with the best providers with excellent service.

Make a reservation in advance or on the same day. Book hotels up to 100 days before your trip. Wherever you find yourself, you’ll be able to make last-minute reservations if you didn’t have time to do so in advance.

The app offers a variety of discounts on room reservations. Use the app to find attractions and other interesting places in the city you’re in. See ratings and reviews from other people to build your impression of the hotel.

The app has a perks program. The more you book, the higher the discount on your reservation. The variety of categories makes finding a hotel easy and convenient.

If you still have any questions, you can ask the customer service team 24/7. You can also write to the concierge, who will provide you with extra services to make your holidays even more comfortable.


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Priceline is an app that makes traveling easy. You can use it to book a hotel, rent a car, or buy airline tickets at the lowest prices.

You can choose from the cheapest motel to the most expensive and highly rated hotel. Compare different offers and choose the best one for you.

With the app, you can save on hotel reservations if you become a VIP member. It will offer you a place anywhere in the world according to your wishes.

Many different categories make finding accommodation or tickets fast and convenient. You can choose a hotel for every taste and wallet. Save up to 60% when booking. Rent a car of any brand.

If your plans change, you can cancel your reservation for free. Make a reservation in advance or on the same day.

With the “My Trips” feature, you can get information about your trip and make any changes to it right from your phone. This app is one of the best because it combines many awesome features. 



Hotwire is a service for easy hotel or car reservations. You can book a hotel anywhere in the USA right from your phone in just a few clicks.

Save on hotel reservations with discounts and coupons. Choose an option in the area where you want to stay. To do this, select the city you’re in or where you’re going, circle the area on the map and the app will give you a choice of several hotels.

You can make a reservation in advance or on the same day. There are many different hotels to choose from, from cheap hostels to expensive 5-star options.

The app will give you several options to choose from based on your desires. Book at the lowest prices. If you still have questions, you can ask the support team, which is available 24 hours a day.

Compare offers from different hotels and choose the best for you. When you choose a hotel you can specify the desired rating, location, price, and services.

Look through the reviews of other users for a particular hotel to form your own impression of it. Rent any car with the Hotwire app.



OYO is an app that makes traveling even easier and more convenient. Book hotels directly from your phone in any city in the USA.

Book everything from cheap motels to top-rated, expensive hotels. You can make reservations in advance or on the day of arrival. Look for rooms based on your desires and abilities.

Enter your preferred rating, price, location, room amenities, and payment method. The app will select several rooms for you to choose from.

OYO provides a discount system to make your reservation even more profitable. There is a 33% discount on the first booking. If you plan to stay at the hotel for more than 7 nights, an extra 10% discount will be available. If you book a hotel for more than 2 weeks, you will be eligible for a 20% discount.

No payment is required at the time of booking, you pay directly at the check-in, which means that your card details will be safe. If for some reason your plans change, you can cancel your reservation for free.

Choose bed & breakfast to enjoy a wonderful meal every morning in the hotel restaurant. Do you want to see what your room will look like? The app will give you access to photos of the hotel and its rooms.



Hotellook is an app for booking hotel rooms anywhere in the USA. In this app, you can find and compare rooms offered by different online booking sites.

Choose a hotel according to your wishes and capabilities with this app. Set up filters with your preferred rating, price, location, and service when you’re searching. Then, this app will show you several hotels to choose from.

Make your reservation in advance or on the same day. Book at the lowest rates, and pay what’s on the screen. Choose an option – from a hostel to a 5-star hotel. Check out reviews from other guests to help you make your decision.

Book a hotel by selecting your location on the map. Read all the information about it, compare prices for different rooms, and choose to sort by price, rating, and other categories.

You can save the hotels you like so you can book them later. Use the “hotels near you” feature to find a place to stay in your area. There are various discounts on room reservations in the app, which makes it even more profitable to book. 



Booking.com is one of the best programs for travelers with hotel reservations of different levels. If you are going to have a good vacation, you should immediately download this app.

The travel guide includes more than hundreds of thousands of hotels with descriptions. Make your reservation in a single click and leave quietly to pack your suitcase. With a simple hotel search, it’s easy to find a place to stay.

If you know the name of the inn you like, you can use the name search. You can see the best deals by setting up the right filter. Specify the place, read the reviews, and look through several options if necessary.

You can add the options you like to your favorites and make the right choice at a family meeting. Save time, nerves, and money with Booking.com. More than a million users enjoy using the program’s vacation library.

All hotel or guesthouse contacts are also included in each hotel card. So if you have any questions, you can call and clarify everything with the administrator.



The Expedia app allows travelers to plan trips and compare prices for tickets, hotels, and tours. It is possible to rent a car. Users can see a list of attractions and buy museum tickets. Guides to places of interest are also available.

The utility allows one-way or round-trip tickets to be purchased. It is possible to plan a route passing through several cities. To do this, you need to add destination information and the date of the trip.

Users can compare ticket prices from different airlines. To make an order, they need to enter passenger information and bank card number. Information about bookings is saved in the personal cabinet.

It is also possible to add extra services, such as luggage and seat selection. Using the app, you can book a hotel room. The function of searching for hotels on the map is available.

The utility allows you to find the nearest available rooms. To do this, you will need to provide access to coordinate tracking.

There is an opportunity to see guides to different cities of the world. Besides, users can buy tickets to museums and parks, as well as order a tour of the sights.


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Hotels.com is a convenient service for choosing a place to stay. It is one of the few guide programs that include great discounts on reservations.

Thousands of reputable and unknown hotels are brought together for a guided search for a place to stay. Also included are hot deals that can be picked up for half price.

Experience the hospitality of overseas lodgings tomorrow. Reservations in the Hotels.com utility take just minutes. Point to one of the hundreds of countries and you’ll immediately see a list of offers.

Open the hotel card and find out all the useful information. Choosing this utility, you can not worry about security, the developers have carefully worked out the security. You can also start your search with a large map of the tourist city where you are going to fly.

You can see all the hotels, their class, as well as the distance from the sea or other local attractions. The hotel administrator’s contact is listed on each card, so you can clarify unclear details before booking.

The app is free and immediately after downloading you can proceed to find your vacation spot. Tours and bargains are updated and new ones appear every day. This way you will never miss a sale or discount. Register on the resource Hotels.com and freely use all the tools of the program.



The Trivago app is designed to search for hotels around the world. It allows you to compare offers from hundreds of sites and filter available options by various parameters.

It is also possible to add hotels to bookmarks. Selecting the city and the dates of the trip the user receives a list of suitable hotels.

Trivago is available for free use and contains no ads. Thanks to the simple interface design, using the app is not difficult.

The user has three tabs: search, bookmarks, and settings. In the search window, you need to define the place of the planned trip. Select the check-in and check-out dates, and then the app gives the available options from various sites.

This list of hotels can be filtered by various parameters, such as rating, class, price, or individual amenities. The user can add the options he or she likes to the bookmarks tab for quick access.

In the settings, it is possible to define various parameters of the app. For example, it is possible to choose the interface language from over 30 options. Customize the displayed currency and units of measure.

In the same section, the user can read the legal information, privacy policy, and other agreements of the Trivago app.



The Hopper booking service allows you to compare offers and choose the best option. Users can also track the dynamics of price changes. It is possible to save bank card data for quick payment.

After launching the app you need to add information about the flight. To do this, you should select the point of departure and destination. Then the price calendar will be available on the screen.

The days with the lowest ticket prices are marked in green. Users can select travel dates and get a forecast of price changes. There is also an option to sign up for price change notifications or to book tickets immediately.

Besides, the utility allows users to compare offers from different airlines. The hotel search function works on a similar principle. It is possible to choose an option of accommodation and track the dynamics of price changes.

The app will tell you on what day it is best to make a reservation. For quick payment of orders, it is necessary to create an account with your cell phone number.

The utility allows you to link a bank card to the account and save the personal data of passengers.



Agoda is the official app from the service of the same name, through which you can plan trips. It is possible to buy tickets and book a hotel.

Also with the help of the utility users can rent a car, order transfers, and get information about the sights of different cities in the world. To search for accommodation it is necessary to specify the name of the city and select the dates.

After that, information about all available options will appear on the screen. It is possible to use the filter and sorting function on various parameters. Users can see pictures and descriptions of the rooms, as well as get information about extra services.

There is a function for searching for the nearest hotels on the map. To do this, it is necessary to allow access to the tracking coordinates of the mobile device and turn on GPS. After selecting the appropriate option, you can proceed to book.

It is necessary to specify the data of the guests and the bank card number for confirmation. You can also use the app to find and buy plane tickets. Moreover, this utility contains a price calendar to help select the best dates for the trip.

After selecting a flight, the user will be redirected to the agency or airline website to confirm and pay for the purchase. The app allows you to book a city tour or buy tickets to a museum.

Besides, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the list of the most popular attractions. Photos and descriptions of interesting places are available.



The Kayak app is designed for travel planning. The utility analyzes flight schedules and tracks hotel offers and then selects the cheapest options. This service analyzes Internet resources with information about tickets, lodging, and cars.

The utility allows you to find flights in one direction, on the compiled route, or in both directions. You can specify the number of passengers, and class, and apply filtering by the airport.

Also, this app will show the cheapest, fastest, early and best options. Similarly, select the current offers for rentals and cars in the selected city. To do this, simply specify the period for which services are needed.

The utility has a rating, description, and location of hotels and agencies that provide cars for rent. The app automatically determines the region of residence and the corresponding currency. If necessary, the data can be edited in the settings.

The app has a built-in function for determining the size of luggage. To use it, it is necessary to scan the floor and the suitcase, and then the utility will calculate the dimensions. As a result, it will be clear whether luggage can be taken into the cabin.

There is an option to select a random location for a spontaneous trip. The app has a history, shows a price forecast, and saves requests. You can add them to the “On Watch” list to get notifications and track price reductions.



Airbnb is a mobile app for finding and booking temporary and permanent housing. Download the utility to your smartphone or tablet, specify your location, and wait for a list of available rooms to be built.

Over 30,000 cities with the best rental offers are waiting for your guests. If you have any questions about housing you can address them directly to the tenant.

Use sorting, search, and recommendations to optimize your apartment search. A huge number of towns are open for you, where you can see fresh photos and read reviews of visitors.

You also have access to view vacation prices, hotels, and their photos. It should be emphasized that the web version of the service provides services for registration, booking, and payment.

In addition to all the advantages, Airbnb has a special notification system. It allows you to directly contact the owners of the accommodation. Another good advantage of the app is the “Wish Lists” option.

It is used to search for housing by individual parameters and thematic selections. You can rent a place quickly, thanks to instant reservations. You can also rent your free accommodation and find a rental option to your liking, anywhere in the world.



The Wego app allows you to buy plane tickets and book hotels in different cities. Users have access to information about bargains and discounts.

There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the list of the most popular tourist destinations. Then, get information about places of interest.

To find plane tickets, you need to go to the appropriate section, and then specify the point of departure and destination. Next, one needs to select the dates of the trip and the number of passengers.

Users can select a flight and proceed to book. Passenger details will need to be entered and the payment method selected.

With the help of the utility, you can choose the accommodation option. It is necessary to specify the city and dates of stay. There is also the function of searching for hotels on the map.

The app allows you to sort hotels by the cost of living, the size of the discount, the distance to the airport, and the rating. Users can get acquainted with popular tourist destinations and choose the best option for their trip. Information about attractions and features of different cities is available.


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HotelsCombined is the official app from the hotel search and reservation service of the same name. With the help of the utility, users can find the best option for accommodation.

Here you can compare the cost of vacation on different resources and choose the appropriate option. It is also possible to search for cheap airline tickets and rent a car.

To search for hotels you need to select the city manually or allow access to tracking your current location. Then you should specify the dates of stay and the number of guests. After that, the utility will find all available options.

At the same time, under each of them will be listed information about the cost of booking on different resources. It is possible to use the filter to search for hotels, apartments, guest houses, hostels, and other types of accommodation. Users can also search for hotels on the map.

The utility allows you to search for airline tickets and the best deals on car rentals from the best companies.

Besides, there are guides to different cities and countries. They provide information about the most famous sights and beautiful places. Users can save materials to Favorites and share them with friends.


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