11 Best decision maker apps for Android & iOS

Every day we have to make many decisions. Some of them are important, others are not very important. Each of us also faced a difficult choice when making decisions turned into torture.

Still, the flour of choice can be eased. To do this, there are many applications that can help you make an important decision.

This list contains the best decision-maker apps to help you.

Harmony Decision Maker

Harmony Decision MakerThe Harmony Decision Maker app is designed to make it easier for you to choose between the many alternatives.

The program is an independent expert in each issue under consideration. It will help you articulate decisions.

Make choices based on both personal preferences and quantitative characteristics. Decision support system in your pocket – sounds good!

The application Harmony Decision Maker is based on the special method used to develop a strategy and cut risks. People tend to make mistakes and sometimes think biased.

Thus, experts have developed mathematical methods for weighing all the pros and cons. The user interface of the application is quite convenient and intuitive.

At the first stage, it is necessary to plan a goal. Then select criteria and alternatives, then check each alternative. As a result, you will get a rating.

The analysis of each task takes no more than 15 minutes. It allows you to take into account the most important criteria. For example, to select a car, the app suggests using one of the built-in templates, with this set of criteria:

  • Price
  • Security
  • Profitability in operation
  • Dimensions / Grade
  • Service availability
  • Comfort
  • Payment options
  • Guarantee
  • Post-warranty service
  • Prestige

Harmony Decision Maker Harmony Decision Maker

This is one of the few examples in which this application can be useful.


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Tiny Decisions

Tiny DecisionsThe Tiny Decisions app is your personal pocket advisor. Advisor to help you make a choice in any situation. The developers placed the world experience of psychology in a small application.

First, you need to plan your question. But articulate it in your head. There is no need to write down this question.

After that, you need to determine what type your task belongs to. There are three examples for each of the options so that you can figure it out.

After the type of task/problem is selected, you need to decide how you will make the decision. A detailed description is given for each of the options.

The main way that the application Tiny Decisions helps you make a decision is called Libra. In this case, alternative solutions will also need to be assigned to the right and left fields.

Now you need to take your phone with both hands. Your arms and elbows should be in limbo and not lean on anything. Place your smartphone in a horizontal position and wait until the screen turns green.

When ready, close your eyes and click on the screen. Now give a few arguments for one and the second solution. When you decide you are ready, open your eyes. You will see the most suitable solution for you on the screen.

You can also use a coin and dice. But, these methods do not give such an accurate and informative result.

Tiny Decisions Tiny Decisions

In these ways, the application Tiny Decisions can help you make decisions.


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Decision Maker

Decision MakerDecision Maker is an app that will become an excellent assistant for you in making decisions.

There are two ways to find the answer you need in the application. But, these methods are the most accurate and simple at the same time.

“Coin” is a way in which you will need to apply one of the answer options to your question to the head, and the other to the tail. After that, you can throw a coin.

After the coin falls one side up, it will not end. After that, the five-second timer will start. Track during this time the feelings that have arisen in connection with the answer.

Choose whether you are happy with this choice. The most suitable option for answering your question will appear on the screen.

The second way is “Images”. Here, alternative solutions will need to be assigned to the right and left fields. After that, various pictures will drop out in the central field. You can view them, scroll the box with pictures up or down.

State the main reasons for each of the alternatives. Consider the first argument. Choose a picture that is associated with this argument. Drag this picture into the field of that alternative solution.

In favor of which there was this argument. Follow this procedure for each of the arguments in favor of both solution alternatives.

Decision Maker Decision Maker

In the end, both zones with the selected images will appear on the screen at once. Then the timer of the reverse report of time will begin. Having listened to your feelings, you need to click on the group of images that is most attractive to you.


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Wadado – The Decision Maker

Wadado – The Decision Maker is an application for analyzing important issues and making difficult decisions.

Analyzing the pros and cons of an important issue? Or can’t you choose from several options? Then this application will be a great helper for you. It will greatly simplify your life.

Enter all the necessary information and wait for its processing. Then you can ask your question. Based on the analysis received, the app Wadado – The Decision Maker will offer you the most optimal solution.

Entering the information you need to state the important options for your problem. State the importance of each criterion.

In the analysis, the application will make a rating of the most important criteria. This will also be taken into account when searching for the answer to your question.

In the app, you will find several ways to make a decision. For the simplest questions, you can use the random number, letter, and color generator.

If you want to use the game form, then try to get a random card or roll a die. Not sure where to go on vacation? Use the animated world map. Start the process, and the application randomly shows you where to go on vacation.

Do you need to choose one of two answer options? Throw a coin. There is a serious question that you cannot find the answer to? Trust the magic ball.

Besides, you can create your own list of available solution options. Then shuffle this list using the special button. Close your eyes and tap anywhere on the screen.

Wadado - The Decision Maker Wadado - The Decision Maker

The application Wadado – The Decision Maker will show you which option from the list you have selected. You can also use the date and time generator.


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Spin The Wheel – Random Picker

Spin The Wheel - Random PickerDo you need to make an important decision that will affect your future? Or you can not choose one of two? Then use the Spin The Wheel – Random Picker app.

It will help you in your life journey. You will learn about a huge number of ways that will make your path to your goal much easier. In the decision-making process, you will get a lot of knowledge and new experience.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps that this application will tell you about. When making a decision, you analyze all the available outcome options.

But, you cannot independently assess their probability and make the right choice.

One of the techniques that this app offers is the answer to several questions. If you are at the stage of thinking about performing an important action, then this method will help you.

First, answer what will happen if this happens or does not happen. Enter the received options in the application Spin The Wheel – Random Picker. It will analyze and show the most favorable answer. This method will help you deal with your inner thoughts and concerns.

The multifunctional application Spin The Wheel – Random Picker has a clear interface and beautiful design. You can change the theme and colors in the design of the application.

Spin The Wheel - Random Picker Spin The Wheel - Random Picker

All the processes you have completed are saved in the application history. You can view this in a special tab.


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Tap Roulette – Make Decisions

Tap Roulette - Make DecisionsOften the decision-making process becomes very complex. For this, the wonderful Tap Roulette – Make Decisions application will come to your aid.

This application can analyze all outcomes of events. Now you do not need to think about all the pros and cons of the result. The app will do it for you.

First, you need to enter the data of your options. Choose criteria that accurately describe your question and answer options. If one of the solutions seems most favorable to you, then you can set an emphasis on it.

So the application Tap Roulette – Make Decisions will understand which option you are inclined to. You yourself may not be aware of this, but the answer to your question may already be in your head.

After the analysis, the application will show you the best result. You can view the ratings of answers and make a ready decision yourself. If the result did not please you, then you can correct or delete some parameters.

There are also entertaining ways to make decisions. For example, you can toss a virtual coin or dice. You can also use the randomizer. Just enter a few answers. The app randomly selects one of the lists for you.

Tap Roulette - Make Decisions Tap Roulette - Make Decisions

The application Tap Roulette – Make Decisions has a favorable design and many useful features.


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mLearning Decision Maker

mLearning Decision MakerThe mLearning Decision Maker application offers 5 steps to make a rational decision. Each step will help you avoid mistakes when answering your questions.

The first step is to identify the problem and the importance of this. This will help you understand if your problem is really important.

So you can remove from your head thoughts about unnecessary events in your life.

The second step will help you determine whether this problem really concerns you. Maybe you are fixated on a problem that will not affect your life.

The third step will show if you have a ready-made solution. It may happen that you already know the answer to your question. Perhaps this option will be the most favorable for you.

In the fourth step, you need to ask yourself questions that are related to your problem. Answer them with short and intelligible answers. The best is yes and no. At this point, it’s important not to look for any excuses.

The fifth step will help you remember whether you have overcome similar problems. Experience is an integral part of every person’s life. It can help you use your own experience when making a decision.

After you go through all five steps in the application, you will receive an answer to your question.

mLearning Decision Maker mLearning Decision Maker

If you want to use a simpler option, then use a random choice. Just write down possible solutions to your problem. The application mLearning Decision Maker will automatically show you a random answer.


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Dimmi – Decision Maker

Dimmi - Decision MakerMaking an important decision usually becomes a difficult process. This is because you cannot see the end result.

The Dimmi – Decision Maker app will help you understand what you will achieve and what you will get with every choice you make.

The decision-making process in this application has three stages. At the first stage, you need to consider all the options that will result from your choice.

Analyze them and consider all the criteria. After that, you can enter the received data into the application.

In the second stage, you need to enter all the pros and cons of your decision. Here you can take advantage of an interesting feature. You need to describe your emotions from the decision.

Use emoji for this. Think about the answer to your question. Describe your emotional state with one or more stickers. At this point, you can also add extra options and goals.

At the third stage, you have to check the impact of your decision on your desires and life. Test the pros and cons of short answers. You will be asked a question: will this decision affect you? Answer yes, to some extent or not.

Dimmi - Decision Maker Dimmi - Decision Maker

After going through all the steps, the application Dimmi – Decision Maker will analyze your every answer. It will turn it into an assessment. As a result, you will get the answer that you would be most pleased with.


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Ethical Decision Making

Ethical Decision MakingThe most common decision-making method is to think about all the pros and cons. The Ethical Decision Making app will help you in this difficult process.

First, you need to add your question to the application. For this, a special input field is located on the main screen.

Then you can add the current mood. Use the emojis or animated stickers that the app offers. Each plus and minus application analyzes and adds virtual points.

You should check all aspects as you wish. The types of assessment are as follows: from not important to very important. So the app Ethical Decision Making not only counts the number of your questions but also evaluates each answer option.

Enter as many pros and cons as you can think of. Then you can go to the next step. At this point, the application will analyze the results and show you a possible answer. You can analyze your answers in a visual table.

You can also use polls. This application is a kind of social network. But, for this, you need to register in the application Ethical Decision Making.

Create a survey and get the opinion of your friends and strangers. Add options that more accurately describe your question. You can also make the survey private or public.

Add a photo or emoji to each survey. So, the answers to your question may be words or emojis that you enter yourself. You can add up to eight different answers to one question.

Ethical Decision Making Ethical Decision Making

While you are waiting for the results of the vote, you can view the polls of other users. To do this, go to the news feed section. Here you can help other people make important decisions.


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Easy Decision – Decide Now

Easy Decision - Decide NowSometimes the opinion of a stranger can help you make a decision. The Easy Decision – Decide Now app is designed for that.

First, you need to add your question to this application. State all parameters and aspects of your problem. Then your question will appear in the app’s news feed.

Strangers will be able to express their opinion on your problem. So you can find the point of view from the outside. It means that a person can give an objective opinion, without relying on emotions.

This method will help you let go of your problem and allow other people to make a decision for you. It will also allow you to see your problem through the eyes of an outsider. Here your thoughts will not be limited by your emotions.

You can also use the game decision-making method. In this application, you will find the wheel of fortune. Just enter the available solution options. Let the application make the choice for you. This is a way to play with fate since you do not know what awaits you.

You can enter up to one hundred answers to your question. If you didn’t like the answer chosen, you can remove it from the list. You also choose the wheel rotation time yourself.

Easy Decision - Decide Now Easy Decision - Decide Now

The application Easy Decision – Decide Now interface is very interesting. Here you will find many useful features to help you make a decision.


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Pollsify – Fun way to poll

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pollsify.appPollsify – Fun way to poll is a great app for making important decisions. It will help you organize your life and work correctly and without problems. The purpose of the application is to focus your attention on the task.

Here you will find 4 different ways of making decisions. The first way is roulette. Here you can add up to 16 different solutions.

Then run the roulette wheel. It will be random for you to choose the answer option to your question. The second way is tossing a coin.

There can only be two answers to your question. This type of decision making is perfect for those questions, the answers to which can be given in one word – yes or no. The third option is the dice.

There are many options for the outcome of events. You can toss one dice or several at a time. You will get the finished result in the form of numbers. That is why this option is suitable for deciding on quantity.

The best way to get an answer to any of your questions is a magic ball. Here you need to enter your question in a special field in the application Pollsify – Fun way to poll. Then you need to click on the ball and wait a few seconds. You will get a clear answer to your question.

Pollsify - Fun way to poll Pollsify - Fun way to poll

The application interface is very nice and straightforward. You can choose a light or dark theme for the app Pollsify – Fun way to poll. Set notifications to keep up with the latest updates.


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