Dev Tools App: an interview with the developer!

Today we have an overview of a rather unusual app for our website. This is a multi-functional tool for those who develop apps for Android devices. We were lucky not just to describe it in our own words, but to interview the developer of this cool and authentic app, Trinea – read it down below!

What was your main goal when you were working on this app?

=》The main goal is to help you to view other apps’ info (like code, view’s id, color, and so on) and to Improve android development efficiency. Life is short, Efficiency first!

Do you think regular users can try it too or is it just only for professional Android app developers?

=》Yes, regular users can also. Some regular users use the System UI Tuner feature in the Dev Tools to show seconds on the status bar, use the Color Picker feature in the Dev Tools to extract colors, and use other features to view system info.

What do you think helps Dev Tools to stand out from its competitors? Why should a user download this app?

  1. Cleverly uses the Android Accessibility Service to help developers automatically complete many tedious and lengthy debugging actions.
  2. Discovered more features of the Android Accessibility Service and created a way to use it to view the layout of other apps.
  3. It is very good in the processing of many details, such as multi-layer layout viewing, and automatic identification of similar content.

Could you name 3 situations, where a user could have the most benefit from using Dev Tools?

=》When you want to view other app’s information or improve their development efficiency, they can use a large number of features in the Dev Tools App, such as:

1. If you want to view the ID of a view in another app, you can use the Layout Viewer feature;

Dev Tools App:1

2. If you want to view the code of another app, you can use the Decompile feature;

Dev Tools App:2

3. If you want to view the color of another app, you can use the Color Picker feature.

Dev Tools App:3

Which challenges and difficulties did you face while working on this app?

=》I think the most important challenge is the idea of this app, it is a productivity improvement tool, improving the efficiency of Android development in various ways.

Technical challenges include layout viewing, decompiling, etc.

Are you planning to release new apps in the near future? If yes, what are they going to be about/for?

=》There are a lot of features to add, we will provide these main features next.

  1. Local debugging
  2. Layout viewer, decompile optimization
  3. Text extractor

Any advice for the developers of Android apps?:)

=》Be sensitive to the core needs of users

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