8 Free Trance Music Apps for Android & iOS

Trance music has always been something that is different. Although this music was associated with people being high for a long time it’s more than that. Trance music aims to relax you and help you get rid of stress.

There are lots of free trance music apps for Android and iOS that gives you unlimited access to your fave music. Some of these apps have huge trance music compilations, some cover live radio broadcasts, and some even post news related to the genre.

In case you’re a music lover, check out these free music channel apps.

Here’s the list of the best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

DI.FM: Electronic Music Radio

Let’s start with an app called DI.FM. This is an electronic music platform that empowers you to stream music.

The main aim of this app is to satisfy all the electronic music lovers out there. The app has a huge compilation of audio files in various electro categories such as trans, lounge, techno, and more. Plus, there’s a whole category of DJ sets and the sounds that aimed to help you to relax. You can also listen to exclusive DJ sets before others.

On top of that, the app has lots of mixes and playlists made by producers, DJs, and other people respected in the industry. There are also mixed made by other users and you can drop yours as well. When you start using the app you will need to mark the genres you like the most and the app will pick up the music for you.

Wherein, the app covers more than a hundred radio stations that stream 27/7. The app can also sync to your car’s audio system so you can listen to your fave music while driving. Therewith, there are regular live DJ translations in the app.


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Techno Trance Underground Music Radio

Techno Trance is an app that empowers you to listen to the best trance music broadcasts out there. The visual theme of this app is black with acid buttons so it might annoy you a bit. However, this app is aimed to give you amazing audio files so the visual part is not that important. For now, the app covers more than 700 radio channels and almost 40 music genres. Along with trance, the app also has rave, house, lounge, hip-hop, dubstep, heavy metal, and more.

On top of that, the app has to media-players -the classic and the turbo one. Thus, if you don’t like the sound you can just switch the player. The app also covers various bit rate types and you can sort the broadcasts by it. Wherein, you can alter the look of your media player — you can change the font, the image in the back, and the colors.

Furthermore, you can filter all the stations by the genres they stream. You can also add the ones you like to your faves. The app has the radio channel schedule with all the upcoming broadcasts. You can mark the ones you’d like to listen to and set the reminders to not miss them.


Free Techno Radio

Free Techno Radio is an app that empowers you to listen to the best broadcasts related to trance music.

The app covers various radio channels that provide you with music 24/7. Wherein, the app aims you to give you the best quality possible so there won’t be any annoying noises and signal crashes. The app also covers some other genres like techno, lounge, electro, and more.

All broadcasts in the app are live so you can set up notifications for your fave ones to not miss any. Therewith, the app has a broadcast schedule that gives you a preview of upcoming broadcasts. You can set up reminders for those too. The visual of the app is quite slick and minimalist so there’s nothing outstanding here.

Herewith, you can skip the stations and add the ones you enjoy to your faves. You can also filter the stations by the genre or the bit rate. Plus, you can view how many people are listening to the same stations as you are as well as see the amount of time you’ve spent listening to each broadcast.


Trance Music Nonstop by PB Solutions

This is a mobile app for trance music lovers who want to enjoy this genre of music 24/7 for free. This app offers a large assortment of trance tracks and mixes on different radio stations.

The app is constantly updated so that you can listen to fresh music. Here you will enjoy hundreds of selections from legendary artists in the background. It offers different genres of trance music.

You will be able to create your own playlist by selecting the tracks you like and assembling the perfect music selection. The app has a Broadcasting section that allows you to listen to music online. Here, you can tag what you find and add them to your favorites so you can easily find them later.

The app allows you to upload music to its storage so that you can enjoy it even when you are offline. You will be able to download songs to your device and share them with other users through any platform.

Take advantage of easy music search by using filtering. Form albums and compose titles for them.


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Trance Music: Radio & Podcast by Appsoup

This is a mobile app that gives you access to a large assortment of radio stations and podcasts in the trance music genre. When you launch the app, you will immediately see an attractive interface that allows you to quickly find and play your favorite music.

The app’s home page offers several tabs, each with its own unique function. In the Radio tab, you will find many radio stations broadcasting trance music. Thanks to the variety of stations, you can enjoy different sub-styles of the genre.

Choose your favorite station from the list and start listening to the live broadcast online. The sound quality of the stations in the app is as high as possible.

On the Podcasts tab, you will find a huge archive of useful and interesting podcasts dedicated to trance music. Here you can find episodes of popular radio shows of trance DJs, recordings of performances at major festivals, exclusive mixes of famous musicians, and much more.

Thanks to the search function, you will always be able to find tracks and podcasts that you are interested in. The app also offers a function to save podcasts in your personal profile to listen to them in a common playlist.


Trance Music Podcast by DJ Phalanx

Trance Music Podcast is a mobile app designed for lovers of electronic music and the trance genre in particular. The ability to listen to podcasts directly from the app makes it the perfect tool for those who constantly want to keep up with all the new tracks and trends in the trance music genre.

The app offers a huge selection of podcasts collected from different platforms and online venues. Using the handy search function, you can search for them by topic or genre.

The app has a Recommendations section that suggests selections based on the user’s preferences and previous listens. Download your favorite podcasts and access them even without internet access.

The program offers various management features. Pause tracks, rewind them, adjust the volume, and create playlist selections with your favorite podcasts and tracks. Share your favorite podcasts on social media or with friends on any internet platform.


Edmradio – Dance Music Radio

Edmradio is a mobile app for those who are into electronic dance music. With its help, users can enjoy streaming online radio broadcasts and listening to their favorite tracks and podcasts.

The app offers an extensive range of radio stations that provide various genres of dance music. You can save your favorite radio stations to your favorites and come back to listen to them at any convenient time.

When a radio station is selected, a player opens up for the user to see the name of the track playing and the artist.

Users can also control playback using the play, pause, forward, and rewind buttons. Independently adjust the sound volume and other playback parameters. Set a timer so that the app will turn off the music on its own.

The app also offers the ability to share your favorite radio stations via social media or send them to friends. Take advantage of the app’s convenient search function. Use filtering and sorting to find the tracks you want by genre and artist. Save your favorite tracks and add them to individual playlists.


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Trance Music Free – Discover New Dance Music

And lastly, Trance Music Free is an app with a huge compilation of trance music.

This app is made by the genre’s fans so it covers all the latest trance music. Plus, the app has a full-on feed with the latest news of the industry. There are schedules of the upcoming trance music events, the interviews with the DJs, and lots of other interesting stuff.

The music collections are getting updates every day so you will always have something fresh to listen to. Herewith, you can mark all your fav songs for easy access. The app also works in the background of your device so even if your screen will be locked the music will still be playing.

Plus, the app covers the best radio channels dedicated to trance music and you can listen to it 24/7. Besides, you can filter the songs by its bit rate if needed, and all switch the quality of the sound according to your current network speed. The app also has the pro version that turns off ads and empower you to set notifications.

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