8 Free Text Prank Apps 2023 for Android & iOS

Looking for a simple way to fake a text conversation? That’s what this article is here for!

There are plenty of free text prank apps for Android & iOS that will help you to pull off the most realistic text prank. These apps let you control all sides of the dialogue, even if you’re faking a group chat, so you can come up with any story needed. Plus, some of these apps imitate the UI of popular messengers: from WhatsApp to Insta.

We’ve gathered together the 8 best free apps in that category you may try. Let’s dive in!



Let’s start with an app that lets you make a fake dialogue without much effort.

This app is here or you to easily make reality-like dialogues to prank pals with. It considers all the nuances of simulating a dialogue and making it seem real. Thus, you won’t only get to take a screenshot of your texts, but to record a scene vid as well. More to that, you’ll get to record a vid of a dialogue in real-time (the messages will keep coming).

Herewith, the app comes with an intuitive UI and a simple mechanic. It seems like creating a real-time dialogue is hard, but all you need to do is to set a timer, and it’s basically done. The app gets you to handle all sides of a discussion, and you get to adjust the profile of the individual you are chattering with.

The app also supports all media files, s no worries. Fair to say, the only disadvantage of his app is that it doesn’t look like any of the popular messengers. But you can cope with this issue by saying you’re using some indie messenger and all that. Plus, this is by far the only app available for both Android and iOS, which is pleasant.

TextingStory 1 TextingStory 2 

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Next, we have an Android app that lets you imitate WhatsApp dialogue.

The sign of this app fully recreates the UI of WhatsApp, so no one would assume your screenshots are not real. Of course, it limits a usage field a little, but most people use WhatsApp in their daily life anyways. The primary goal of this app is to help you joke over your pals without being caught, and it gets the job done pretty well.

It lets you manage all sides of a discussion, forming a full-on fake chat. Plus, the app supports all the media files, so you can make the chat look even more real. It also comes with full emoji support, so no worries. You’ll even get to exchange fake audio recordings if needed.

The app also lets you personalize the ACC of the person you’re texting with by changing the name, adding status, and a profile pic. There’s also a fake searching tool that lets you look for keywords within the dialogue. Besides, you’ll get to adjust a fake message count indicator and rearrange the dates in the notes at any time. You may even create the indicator and fake the page with in-app calls.

WhatsMessage 1 WhatsMessage 2 



If you’ve already got upset that the previous app doesn’t have an iOS version – don’t worry, we’ve got an alternative for you.

This is a faux WhatsApp app that lets you form unexciting dialogues in famous messenger and rank your mates with it. As always, the app lets you handle all sides of the discussion, so you could come up with any storyline need. The UI plays the original very well, so not only would guess it’s actually fake.

The app comes with a full media file asset, so you get to swap pics, vids, and GIFs. The emoji support is included as well, and you may even send big emojis. Yet, the app won’t let you exchange audio messages, so keep that in mind. You’ll get to adjust the ACC of the person you’re chatting with by changing the pic, and picking a name, and a status if needed.

Apart from the last one, this tool doesn’t let you simulate anything but the dialogue: no message indicator, no calls, and so on. Herewith, you still get to make an unlimited dialogue and start as many chats as you want. You’ll also get to delete the SMS at any time and modify the dates as well.

whatspoof 1 whatspoof 2 

Fake Text Message

Fake Text Message 1

It’s a text prank app to joke over your mates with.

This app lets you fake an entire text convo with whoever comes to mind. It’s fully customizable, so you could make it as realistic as possible. For instance, you’ll get to modify the dialogue themes in detail, and add a custom background if needed. It doesn’t recreate any of the well-known messengers, though, so keep that in mind.

Herewith, you won’t only gt to fake a dialogue, but also a page with a chat list and a notification. It may be incredibly useful if you’ll need to run from an annoying situation. Above that, the app lets you write texts for all sides of a dialogue, and it also supports all the media files. The mechanic is simple: just pick the side of dialogue and write the desired SMS.

Plus, you get to alter the time and date of the messages. You may also modify the ACC of your interlocutor by adding an avatar and adjusting the username. Besides, the app lets you set a timetable for texts to control the incoming time.

Fake Text Message 2 Fake Text Message 3 

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Fake All

Fake All

Here is an ultimate pranking app you’ll definitely have fun with.

This app lets you imitate everything (well, almost): calls, notifications, chats, messages, and more. More to that, it covers chat themes that recreate various messengers, which is great. That said, you get to modify the look of the chat by adding a custom background and switching the theme. The concept is regular to the genre: you get to handle all sides of that by writing any messages needed.

Swapping the role is simple, and the number of messages within one chat is endless. The app supports all the media files, so no worries here. You’ll also get to alter the profile of a guy you’re testing with by modifying the username and an avatar. You may also set timers for SMS, so they would come in real-time.

As it was said, you may also imitate a call, and thee’s a timer for it as well. The same goes for the notifications, so you’re all the way covered. You’ll get to regulate the ringtone and the vibro as required. The call screen looks just like a default iOS one, which is nice.

Fake All 1 Fake All 2 

Chat Master

Chat Master 1

It’s a joking app that lets you simulate a dialogue easy as pie.

It needs to be said, this is not a regular fake messaging app, and if you’re looking for a tool that imitates real messengers, go straight to the next app. This one includes several chat master scenarios, so the replies to your messages will be automatic.

Thus, you’ll be put into different situations with reply options. Herewith, you may rather be honest with your replies, or joke and trick everyone. You’ll get to fake convos with friends and prank them later on. There’s also an option to make a digital imaginary friend to talk to.

You’ll get to pick and switch sides of a dialogue, which is pleasant. However, the app only supports fake messaging without any media files, so keep that in mind. The number of messages is unlimited, just like the number of dialogues to imitate. It’s entirely free but has plenty of ads.

Chat Master 2 Chat Master 3 



As you may assume by the name, this app is here to help you simulate Telegram chatters.

Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messengers for now, and it’s pleasant to have an imitating app for it, right? The UI is pretty well recreated, nothing seems to look odd or fake. Herewith, the app recreates a typical Telegram theme, and you won’t be able to modify that.

As for the concept, it is pretty standard for the genre. You get to generate fake users, contacts, chats, and channels. More to that, you may even make a fake secret chat if there’s a need. You’ll be able to handle all sides of a discussion and exchange any messages required.

The app supports image and video exchange along with emojis, so no worries. You’ll also get to adjust the profile of a person you’re chatting with by adding a BIO, an avatar, and a username. Plus, you’ll get to fake in-app calls and a call list as well. The app gets regular updates, so check it up for some new features.

Telefun 1 Telefun 2 

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And lastly, we have an app for fabricating dialogues on Instagram.

To start with, this app lets you simulate more than just a Direct dialogue. You’ll actually get to fake the entire IG acc, feed, and comments. The UI looks exactly like the original, so not only would see the difference. But we’re here for the messages, so let’s get to that. Shortly speaking, you get to adjust every little element of the dialogue.

You start by making an ACC you’re gonna text with. At this point, you get to add a pic, select a username, add BIO, and even generate a feed. Then, you’ll be able to handle all sides of a discussion, and exchange video files, images, IG Stories, and more.

The app comes with an emoji asset, so no concerns here. You may even form a faux group dialogue and add several fake accs to the group. If you’ll do that, you’ll get to control all sides of the chatter as well. You may also generate automatic fake replies and set a timer for SMS.

Funsta 1 Funsta 2  

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