11 Best Dictionary & Word Game Apps for Android & iOS

Do you enjoy spending your free time playing word games? This article has you covered!

There are lots of dictionary and word game apps for Android and iOS that can help you enhance your vocabulary. These games improve your strategic skills, sharpen your mind, help you learn new words, and just have a good time competing with your mates.

In case you’re into crossword games, be sure to read this article.

Here’s the list of the best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Word Connect

Let’s start with an app called Word Connect. This is a crossword and a word searching game that will occupy your brain.

The game has more than 3000 levels that will help you improve your vocabulary. Therewith, the levels have no deadlines for you to play. Thus, you don’t have of hurry and can take your time overthinking the keys in the game.

Your aim in this game is to make the word from individual letters that are given to you. The first levels are easy to pass but it gets more complicated as you move forward through the game.

In case you have trouble making some words, the app gives a couple of free clues you can use. But when you’ll run out of those you will need to buy it with in-game money.

You have a few coins at the initial levels as well, and you get more when you passed the level successfully. Besides, you will get pleasant gifts from time to time when you pass several amounts of levels.

Into the bargain, the game has regular challenges you can participate to get more coins and other useful things. You can also solve bonus levels to get coins and rewards or free hints.

The interface of the game looks old school and it has a wooden theme. However, the ads pop up quite often in this game which can be really annoying.

In a nutshell, if you want a word game that empowers you to move forward in your own path, give the Word Connect app a try.


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Letterpress – Word Game


The next app is called Letterpress and it is a word puzzle game that empowers you to play with opponents.

This game feels like a scrabble but it’s a little more intense. Therewith, you can rather play against your mates or pick one of four bots. As you play, each user has a five by five letter boards.

When you make words the game paints the letters with your color. Once all the characters are filled with your color — you win. That said, the game is not that easy as you might think.

By the same token, this game is also a strategy as you will need to overthink your next move while playing against an opponent. Thereto, the game runs with lots of dictionaries and you can even create bad words out of letters, and they will be countable.

Besides, the game has lots of stats data that trace your progress. The interface looks clear and simple and its not overloaded with distracting buttons.

You can also ply with your pace and the only thing that restricts you in time is the peace of your opponent. In case you’ll get distracted while playing the game will send you a notification when it’s your turn to play. Nevertheless, the game has ads that may annoy you because it appears every now and then.

All in all, if you want to sharpen your brain and strategic skills, try the Letterpress game.


Words With Friends 2 – Free Word Games & Puzzles


Words With Friends 2 is a word scrabble game that you can compete with your mates.

The rules of the game are simple — you and your competitor both get some characters that you will need to place on the board. After placing each letter you get some points and the player who has got the most points by the end of the game wins.

That said, you can choose to play against your buddy, against a bot or against another random player. It’s also possible to play solo to gain more experience.

In case you’re not happy with the result of the round you can ask for a rematch and it is an opponent’s decision whether you’ll get it or not.

The interface of the app is bright and fun but it still has lots of times that can distract you from playing. Besides, the app has a lightning level when you will be a part of the team that needs to beat the opponent team.

Those rounds usually quite intriguing and require concentration so you’ll basically be glued to your screen. If you choose to play solo for a while the levels will get more and more complicated during the time.

The game runs with an updated dictionary that adds more than fifty thousand words. Nonetheless, there are lots of ads in the game and it costs a lot to remove it.

Overall, if you want a group word game that will keep your brain occupied, be sure to try the Words With Friends 2 game.


Alphabear: Words Across Time


Alphabear is a word strategy game that will help you improve your vocabulary.

When you start playing the game you get a cute little bear character that you will need to raise. To do that, you need to successfully move forward through the game and earn coins and bonuses.

The game has various chapters for you t complete and three difficulty levels to perfectly match your skills. Each chapter requires you to fill the words with characters.

That said, all the characters in the game are spread and you need to hurry up building the words cause the characters can turn into stones. Thus, you need to overthink your next actions and realize your priorities.

Every word that you form empowers your bear to develop and you can also get new bears during the game. And if you fail the chapter the bear stops growing and you’ll need extra rewards to develop its growth.

There’s also a standard game mode that has no time restrictions and empowers you to play on your pace. Therewith, you can also play against your mates to figure out who is the better player.

The app has a massive dictionary that is constantly getting word updates. Besides, the game has no ads which is uncommon for its sister games.

Summing up, if you want a word game that brings something new to the genre, try the Alphabear app.


Four Letters


Four Letters is a word game with a timer. Along with its sister apps, this one also starts with easy puzzles but it gets more and more complicated when you move through levels.

This game empowers you to make four-characters words and the quicker you do it – the better. That said, the gaming process is quite intensive and time restricting so it requires your pay your full attention.

Into the bargain, each level requires you to form new words and never repeat and it might get very difficult from time to time.

However, the game can improve your vocabulary quite a lot and it accepts various words even the bad ones. All the terms you form are being attached to your history and there’s no chance to cheat and repeat the words.

There are more than two thousand words to form in general which is almost impossible. When you complete particular amounts of words you can get rewards in the form of hints or in-game money.

At the beginning of the game, you get a few free hits but it doesn’t take long for you to run out of those. The game has ads but you can remove it with a one-time fee.

To crown it all, if you want to fill in short amounts of free time with vocab increases, the Four Letters game is your cup of tea.


Word Beach: Fun Relaxing Word Search Puzzle Games


As its name supposes Word Beach is a dictionary puzzle game with a relaxing beach theme. Your main aim in this game is from the words out of characters that are given to you.

The gaming board appears on the beach pics and you can turn on relaxing sound effects for better thinking. The game has no deadlines and you can play with your own rhythm.

Besides, the game covers lots of different words so even children can play it. In the beginning o the game, you get a few free hints to use when you’re stuck with a word.

When you move to the next chapter you earn in-game coins that can be spent on clues or to unlock new themes. You will also get extra rewards if you’ll play the game every day.

The game has thousands of levels and the new chapters are being attached with every update so it takes a while to complete all the levels. Therewith when you complete a crossword you can find a hidden word to get more rewards. The game also includes some vocabulary levels that test your skills.

In conclusion, if you want to relax forming the words, try the Word Beach game.


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Wordscapes is a word game with bending themes in the background.

This game is a crossword and a puzzle at the same time. Thus, your aim in the game is to put a random mix of characters in the layout and form words out of this.

The main purpouce in the game it’s kind all the fitting words. For now, the game has more than five thousand various puzzles so it will take you a while to complete them all.

Some of the puzzles come with themes so its a bit easier to form the words. You start with simple chapters but it gets more difficult with time.

Therewith, the app limits you with time for each round so you need to pay all your attention to the gaming process. There are also different playing modes so that you can set up the app to play with your own rhythm.

The game covers a massive quantity of words and there is no limitations on the bad ones as well. After you solve the layout the app will give you descriptions of all the words for you to learn. However, the game has lots of annoying ads that pop up quite often.

All in all, if you want to improve your vocabulary playing games, try the Wordscapes app.


Vocab Victor English Word Learning Games


Vocab Victor is a game that permits you to learn new words while playing word games.

Apart from its sister apps, this one has different games that can enhance your vocabulary. All the games are aimed to give you different knowledge and develop different skills of yours.

Besides, you can pick one of three difficulty levels that will match your current skills to make sure the game is not too difficult or too easy for you.

The app generates new levels every time you play and it works for all the games. Therewith, the game has thousands of words in its dictionary and it also covers the connections between them.

As for the games, the app includes a definition game that tests your knowledge on the meanings of the words. Then, the app has a word sorting game and a matching game.

Each day the game gives you a chance to earn extra charms by learning phrases and quotes. Furthermore, after each level, the game will show you the descriptions of all the words in it. If you’re mistaken in some words the game will give it to you over and over again until you learn it.

In a nutshell, if you want to know more words and its meanings, be sure to try the Vocab Victor app.


Word Search Pro


As its name suggests Word Search Pro is a word searching game that even a kid can play.

The game has a simple but colorful interface that is not overloaded with buttons. The rules are simple – you get the board full of random (from the first look) letters and your aim is to highlight all the words you see.

The trick here is you can only highlight the words horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and not switch between lines.

The app covers more than thirty thousand words so it’s not that difficult to find the words. Besides, you can choose from almost two hundred types of puzzles by themes. You can play with the time mode with deadlines or turn them off not to hurry. You don’t even need an internet connection to play the game.

Therewith, the game has daily requests you can take part in and switch between difficulty levels if you find the chapters are too complicated or too easy for you. You can also try the dark mode for playing at night.

To sum up, if you want to spend your free time in a word searching game, try the Word Search Pro app. You won’t regret it!


Word Nut: Word Puzzle Games & Crosswords


Word Nut is a word puzzle game that asks you to generate words out of characters.

At the begging of the game the rounds are easy to pass but it gets more difficult when you move forward.

Therewith, if you will be unable to figure out some words you will have a couple of free clues at first. But when you’ll run out of those you will need to spend in-app money to get more hints.

In case you want to earn more bonuses, you will need to pass extra chapters. You can also get coins for watching ad vids without skipping. You can also turn off the ads once and for all with a one-time fee.

The game has hundreds of chapters and the new ones are being attached quite often so you’ll be unable to pass the whole game in a day. When you fill in each puzzle the game will give you the descriptions of all the words to improve your vocab. You can also earn bonuses for visiting the game every day.

In the long run, if you want an easy word game, try the Word Nut one.


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Word Collect – Free Word Games


And the last but not the least, Word Collect is a word game with a casino-themed interface.

The rules are the same as its sister games – you form the words out of the characters. The game is easy on the initial levels but the difficulty increases with time. Therewith, the levels have no deadlines for you to play so you can take your time overthinking the words.

If you find yourself unable to form the words you can use one of the free clues you have. Then you will need to buy those with in-game money. Besides, you will get gifts from time to time when you pass several amounts of routes. You can also get bonuses for visiting the game every day.

Therewith, the game has regular challenges you can participate in to get more currency. You can also pass bonus levels to get bonuses and free hints. The game also shows you the meaning of all the words from the levels.

Overall, if you want to occupy your mind, give the Word Collect game a try.

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