9 Free Cube Puzzle Games for Android & iOS

The classic Rubik’s cube has been invented over 45 years ago and it still hasn’t lost its popularity. It did have its own ups and downs, of course, but it’s absolutely understandable.

The good news is, there are lots of free cube puzzle games for Android & iOS that will bring you a good-old experience. These games cover lots of custom tools so you can try various difficulty levels and compete against other players.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best free apps of this kind you may try. Take a look!

Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

Magic Cube Puzzle

Let’s start with the Magic Cube Puzzle game. This is a classic Rubik’s cube-inspired riddle game that gives you lots of customization options.

Rubick’s cube is a world-famous puzzle game we’ve all had as kids or at least have heard of it. And the main point of this game is to bring the good-old riddle into an app format so you could always have it on hand. The rules remain the same — there’s a cube that consists of colorful square blocks that are randomly mixed.

Your goal here is to make all the cubes faces the same color. Sounds simple but the process may be really time-consuming. You’ll need to use all your logic skills and patience to move forward in this game. As was already mentioned, the game has lots of custom options. Thus, you get to pick puzzle sizes — from small 2×2 ones to 8×8.

Besides, the app covers other 3D figures apart from the cube — there’s also a pyramid and the dodecahedron. The solving concept is still the same — to put the faces in original positions. The game has simple controls so you can rotate your figures on all the axis. All your scores are being saved and you can battle to win the world’s leadership.

Magic Cube Puzzle 1 Magic Cube Puzzle 2


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Rubik Master

As you may guess by the name, Rubik Master is a cube puzzler that will keep your brain busy.

Frankly speaking, this game is very similar to the previous one. Even the interface and the background look alike. Nevertheless, both these games are fully dedicated to solving 3D figure puzzles so the similarities are quite understandable. This game also covers several 3D figures you may solve — the classic cube, several types of pyramids, and even a 3D diamond.

The sizes of the figures are adjustable as well. As for the cubes, the sizes vary from the very small ones with four squares on each face to massive ones with 40 squares. Needless to say, the more faces the cube has the harder it s to solve it. The same goes for other figures — you get to select the size and even pick the color style for each figure.

In accordance with that, the weirder and more complex the figure is, the longer it will take to be solved. The rules are the same for all the figures — your goal is to make all the faces the same color. Your overall progress is being saved but if you’ll close the game in the middle of the round you’ll lose all the progress.

Rubik Master 2



CubeX is the game dedicated to Rubik’s cube-related stuff.

First of all, this app is more than just a cube sim. It may actually help you solve real-life Rubik’s cubes so if you’ll ever get stuck on solving such puzzles this app can help you to cope with that. There are two ways to use this tool — the manual one and via the cam model.

As expected, the manual way asks you to paint the virtual cube and make the model of a real one. And the cam mode simply scans the cube and gives you the list of actions that will solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. Along with that, this app has a built-in game that enables you to practice your skills on the virtual cube.

Therewith, you may rather solve random puzzles or use some specific patterns if needed. You may even pick the colors for the next cube by yourself and save the patterns for further use. And if you need a bit more motivation to solve the puzzle you can use the timer mode. All the features are available for free and there’re no ads which is nice.

CubeX 1 CubeX 2



Cubeology is a cube matching puzzle that brings the game’s concept to a whole new level.

The Rubik’s cube riddle is quite hard for lots of people by itself. You know, matching all these colors could be exhausting and it requires strong patience. Just imagine how hard it would be if the squares on the cube’s faces would not only be colored but also had some craze patterns. Sounds like an unsolvable puzzler, right? Well, you’re about to find this out.

This game requires you to match two squares with the same design and make all the cube’s faces consist of the same pattern. Therewith, these are not just some minimalistic patterns — these are psychedelic ones. All the designs are bright colors and can easily distract you from your main goal.

Plus, the game covers various layouts so you can make the job even harder by picking the free rotation figure. You may rather play with or without the time limits and zoom the figures by your will. Each puzzle you solve gives you some bonuses and artifacts that you may spend on various prompts and all that.

Cubeology 1 Cubeology 2


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Cube Puzzle 3D 3×3

Cube 3D

Cube Puzzle 3D is another riddle game dedicated to a good-old Rubik’s cube.

This game is the classic illustration of the genre by all means. So if you’re a fan of the original game and don’t want any extra tools — this is the one for you. They’re not any other figure options, no size customization, or something like that. In other words, all you have is a classic 3×3×3 cube and there’s nothing much going on here.

You get to affect the design — by changing the bg and picking the color palette of the cubes. As for the rules — they are all the same. Your goal in this game is to match same-colored cubes and make all the faces the same shade. Each time you load the next level you get the random puzzle variation and you can’t affect it at any point.

Herewith you may rotate the cube as needed and zoom it as well. The interface is quite nice — nothing outstanding but it has a high quality. The animation is smooth as well so no worries about that. Besides, there are no ads or paid packs so you won’t spend a coin out of your pocket.

Cube 3D 1 Cube 3D 2


Cube Game

Cube GameCube Game is a 3D cube puzzler that will capture your attention for a long while.

The first thing to mention about this game is it’s beyond minimalistic. The whole game practically consists of the playing screen and nothing else. So as you load the app you go straight up to the game. The good thing about it is such minimalism makes the game consume a very low power which is nice.

Plus, you don’t need a web connection to load the app so you can play it at any time wherever you want. Each time you start a new level you get a random cube. Herewith, you get to save your progress and load the old game later if needed. Plus, the app takes count of your stats so you can view the reports on all the rounds you had.

You get to zoom and rotate the cube as you like to get the best results. You may also turn the timer on and off by your will. Plus, you get to adjust the size of the cube — from the ones with 4 squares on each face to the ones that consist of 26 squares. The game has smooth animation and simple controls so you’ll face no troubles with that.

Cube Game 1 Cube Game 2


Paint Fighter


Paint Fighter is the same game about which can easily grab your attention, because the uncomplicated gameplay and dynamism, coupled with simple control, make it very exciting.

Having played a couple of games, you will also want to go even until the moment when you stick it in it for a long time.

This game has options such as:

  • a large number of accidentally generated levels in each round
  • the possibility of a fight with both artificial intelligence and a living person on the other side of the screen
  • smart statistics of all game results of each user individually
  • catchy design and incredibly sophisticated game interface with decent graphics
  • the possibility of developing mental and mental abilities thanks to thoughtful puzzles from developers

The essence of a game is simplest and comes down to that in the color to occupy large territories than your opponent. Got interested? So download quicker and begin to derive pleasure from a game!



Magic Cube

3D - Magic CubeMagic Cube is a cube puzzler made by the best genre cannons. From the first glance, this is a basic Rubik’s cube game but it actually gives you lots of customization tools.

First of all, you get to pick the size of the cube — from the tiny 2×2 one to the 6×6 one. As you may guess -the bigger the size is, the more complicated it will be to solve the puzzle.

Plus, the game also lets you select the style of the cube. To be more specific, you get to pick the color palette and overall design. Herewith, there are not only plain colors that you can pick — there are also some cute designs that will diversify your gaming process. Each level gives you some random cube puzzle and if you’ll feel like you won’t be able to cope with it you can always reset it.

You may also zoom and rotate the cubes as you want and turn the timer on and off. The game keeps track of your stats so you can always view your overall score and individual game reports. The reports cover the time it took you to solve the puzzle and the number of moves as well.

3D - Magic Cube 1 3D - Magic Cube 2


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And lastly, Mastermine is the next-level cube puzzle game that will keep your brain occupied.

If you’ve ever considered a classic cube puzzle complicated — this game will practically blow your mind. According to this game’s rule, you not only need to match the same color cubes to solve the puzzle. Instead, you will need to solve full-on complex boards placed over a 3D figure.

Along with that, the game lets you raise the difficulty level even more by changing the size of the cube. There are some extremely difficult levels that almost seem impossible to be solved (at least from the first try). The good news is, the game enables you to save the rounds and continue them later on so you can take your time overthinking your moves.

Therewith, you get to pick the skins of the cube and rotate them as you need. You may rater play with time limits or without any by your will. The game has its own leadership board so you can view other people’s scores and compete for the world’s leadership. The game is 100% free and completely ad-free which is nice.

Mastermine 1 Mastermine 2


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