7 Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android & iOS

All the guys, and even some girls from a childhood dream of becoming famous athletes. Football is one of the most popular sports team games in the world. Footballers with a global reputation enter into multi-million dollar contracts, travel around the world, advertise the products of famous brands, and just their name to everyone’s ears.

From an early age, young athletes train day and night to become like them and get a little closer to their dreams. But not everybody can be the best: everyone has different physical data, abilities and just the level of luck. That’s why there is such a sport as fantasy football.

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Fantasy Football is not just a game on a console, computer, or mobile phone. It is the whole world! In it, you create your dream team. It includes real players who take part in cups, championships, and tournaments around the world. And now you have the opportunity to play them.

We have selected for you the best applications on iOS and Android, with the help of which you can plunge into the world of fantasy football.

FIFA Football

More than 550 real clubs, thousands of real players, unique game maneuvers – it is all presented in FIFA Football for iOS and Android. You can create your Ultimate Team from the best players you have been following for a long time. Or coach any player and pump up his skills to the level of the world’s top athletes!

All games are played in real time – you play on equal terms with people like you from all over the world. 11 famous players against 11 equally famous footballers – all managed by two opposing fans.

The heat of passion is no less than in real games! With Amateur or Professional modes, you will be able to resist artificial intelligence, which will improve your playing skills.

To use the application requires a permanent connection to the Internet. If you do not want the game to stop abruptly or at the most exciting moment you leave the application, we advise you to play via Wi-Fi or with a good connection.

You will be able to team up with other league players, win and strengthen your teamwork skills. The only drawback of the app is that it contains in-game advertising, but the game won’t get any worse because of it.




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Footballguys Fantasy Football League Dominator

Another cool fantasy football app and this is more of a team optimizer than a platform for the team itself. Here you can tailor up the settings so they fit the needs of your league and then take advantage of their adaptive rankings to get the edge in keeping your roster in the top tier.

Just like in this real football game, the updating player watches and avoid lists become even more crucial as injuries and penalties increase during the season and can help you make last-minute bench changes with up to date information.

You will get the full table of the current season statistics, where you will be able to view the performance of each player during the past year and make necessary improvements. Also, here you get 4 sets of weekly projection and the updated rankings.

Thus, the game is optimized so you could win your opponent – you know when you should play it safe and where to take the risks. The app itself is free, however, for the premium accounts that unlocks all the features, you will have to pay something. The app is available only on Google Play.



CBS Sports Fantasy

Isn’t it funny that almost each famous sports channel has its own fantasy football game? CBS Sports is not an exception in this case – it decided to cheer their fans with a great fantasy football app. Here you can create your football dream team, manage it like a boss, and lead them to the ultimate victory.

Create your team from scratch, adding the new players to the team. By the way, the one feature where CBS Sports is really similar to Yahoo is that it includes football, but its fantasy sports games aren’t limited by the football only.

Like other competitors, CBS Sports enables you to play in leagues within the app using linked data and analysis, however, their features go a step beyond. The statistics, projections, player news, and rankings that the app provides are much more in detail than in other fantasy football apps.

What is more, the voice of commentators in this app is recorded by the real commentators of CBS. Even if you prefer to run a league in another platform, you can use the analysis and projection features from CBS Sports to inform your play in other fantasy football apps. The app is extremely popular on both platforms.




Fantasy Football Draft Kit ’20

First things first, so this is the only fantasy football app on this list that isn’t free. However, the fee is not that much and everyone can afford it. Moreover, the app is more than worth it since it can make you feel like you really manage your own sports team.

Fantasy Football Draft Kit is an app version of a famous website. RotoWire.com has been the leading source of premium fantasy sports information on the internet for over 15 years. Over the past few years, its writers have won three times as many awards as the next closest competitor.

The tools included in the “kit” let players customize complex league rosters with scoring settings to create an easy to read “cheat sheet” that automatically updates each week. By the way, another essential aspect that is essential to notice is that the interface is quite complicated – thus, this app is not for beginners.

Players can use the tools to make optimized draft picks, run mock tests, see projections, and integrate tailored analysis. If you are really good at understanding the statistics, this app will open the new possibilities and exciting process. If not, then the app is probably not worth its money for you. What is more, it is only available for the App Store.



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Top Eleven – Be a soccer manager

In case you are a football fan, but it is not interesting to be a player yourself, you can try out the Top Eleven app. In it you can feel like a real team manager and learn the world of football from the inside!

Initially, you can build your stadium, developing it and all the adjacent structures. From scratch, you will be able to assemble your great team and promote it afterward. Look for players in the world arena, choose the most famous and tactful. Sign them up for your club!

In addition to the standard manager functions, you will be able to create training sessions that will improve the skills of your team. Tailor your lessons to your players and enhance their best side. You can give complete instructions to your players or just teach them tactics and maneuverability.

Want to compare the results of your work and your team with others? Challenge other managers! This way you can compete with your players and find out which one of you is the best.

The most important thing is that you can send the team to the Champions League or the Cup competitions! Otherwise, why did you improve it so much and put so much effort into it? Prove to other managers and yourself that you are the best among the managers and were able to gather a team of true professionals.




NFL Fantasy Football

Have you heard of the Super Bowl? Now with the NFL Fantasy Football application, you get a chance to win! Your team is new to the tournament, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose.

You make up your team of real NFL players. The player profiles include all the real data from the game strategy to the statistics.

With the Next Gen Stats feature, you can even compare players with each other – this will help you make the best choices. A comparison of players is also available within the team, so you can make quicker decisions during game breakthroughs.

Get ready for weekly matches by training your team and sharpening your skills. You can even create your own league from scratch! Of course, if you do not like the existing options, such as the public league.

No matter what your level of play is, Fantasy Football is available to both professionals and newcomers to the football world.

In addition to the game, you will always be able to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of sports, in particular football, and always know what is happening to the teams. The future of Fantasy Football is in your hands and in the hands of your team!




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Yahoo Fantasy Sports

For those who are not only interested in Fantasy Football, Yahoo’s app is sure to interest you. Yahoo Fantasy Sports includes Fantasy Football, Baseball, Hockey, and many other popular sports.

The application became the best in its field for over 5 years in a row! You can play and be involved in several sports simultaneously – the application allows you to easily and quickly switch between games.

Focus on your team: choose the ideal line-up of famous players, make deals and purchases directly in the application, as well as Draft anywhere in the world. The application regularly releases updates, so you will not stay long with the old version. Everything is dynamic and modern!

Analyze your team, their games, and coherence with Expert Analyze! Daily news about the world of Fantasy Football, the opportunity to become a manager, and beat all the opponents in the league – all this you get for free. Yes, you can buy additional features and items in the application, as well as game currency – but the developers do not insist on it.

There is also advertising in the application, but would you agree that there is at least one application without advertising? Of course not. Install Yahoo Fantasy Sports on your smartphone and become a Fantasy Football guru and not only.




Perfect team, that sounds good. It is almost like Avengers, except in the Fantasy Football world (there is one more difference – no one dies at the end of the match). You become the leader of the team and the players’ destiny, determine who to take to the field in important moments.

You remain a football fan even if you have only one smartphone in your hands. But that doesn’t make you worse! With your smart device, you can play like Messi or Ronaldo and even better.

Exceed yourself and other online players. Just find the application from the top to your liking and forward, to the victories and cups.

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