7 Best Food Safety Apps for Android & iOS

The popularity of healthy eating plays a major role in changing the lifestyle of the modern man. In addition to the fact that you have to observe the norm of calories and nutrient intake, you should also know that your health depends directly on nutrition.

If a person eats the wrong food, he may face the development of unpleasant diseases and ailments. To avoid this, you also need to be sure that you eat safe and healthy food. You may also need 13 Best Health Coach Apps for Android & iOS to stay healthy.

Food can bring not only nutrients and minerals into your body, but also microorganisms, harmful chemical elements, and many other things that can cause disease.

Perhaps on vacation in Asian countries, or after dinner in an unknown cafe, you may even encounter unpleasant consequences after a meal – intestinal infections, poisoning, or diarrhea.

This is why you need to learn how to check the safety of what you consume. For this purpose, special services have been created, which can help you to verify the safety of what you consume. We have collected for you 7 Best Food Safety Apps for Android & iOS.

Food Safety Inspection by Snappii

Food Safety Inspection by SnappiiThe Snappii team is seriously concerned about nutrition and for this reason, they have created an entire application that can control the production of food.

Food Safety Inspection is a special tool for health inspectors who are involved in checking the production of food, cafes, restaurants, and other facilities related to food. It is designed to help professionals to make the reporting process much easier for them.

Each report in Food Safety Inspection is generated as a PDF file, so you can immediately receive a finished document with all the information you need.

In addition to the fact that the inspector will write down the necessary data in certain boxes in the application, he will also be able to attach photos, which will confirm his observations.

Objects in Food Safety Inspection can be sorted by risk categories, as well as add information about storage conditions. To get a ready report, the application will allow you to add signatures of the responsible persons – both at the enterprise and the employee of the inspection.

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Food Science & Nutrition Technology – Food Tech

Food Science & Nutrition Technology - Food TechIn order to identify harmful or unhealthy additives in your products, you will first need to learn a little more about them. The Food Tech app will help you understand more about nutrition on the scientific side.

Here you will find strictly separated topics that immerse readers in the world of nutrients, ingredients, and products. You will be reading multiple definitions from the world of food and nutrition for a long time.

All information in Food Tech is divided into categories – food biochemistry, catering, food safety, eating disorders, and much more. Perhaps among them, you will find new information for yourself that you have not even thought about before.

For example, if your concern about healthy eating goes too far, you may have a characteristic eating disorder. In any case, Food Tech will give you relevant and necessary information about food and its safety criteria for consumption.

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Food Safety App by Reiter Affiliated Companies

Food Safety App by Reiter Affiliated CompaniesIf you are growing any products, you need to keep an eye on plant growth. To prevent them from being damaged by insects or other pests, you will need to use pesticides, but their dosage is strictly defined by law.

Food Safety App can help you calculate the right dosage for fumigation and can also help you keep track of the status of your products.

The Food Safety App helps you to prepare the necessary reports in a modern form that will reflect the information about all the products you grow. The Food Safety App creates reports on all pesticides that are applied in the fields and for each of them, you can find a saved document in the application itself.

It will allow each farmer to comply with the laws that govern the cultivation of food in their own fields – and all your customers and consumers will have complete confidence in you.

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Restaurant Food Safety by Nimble Wireless Inc.

Restaurant Food Safety by Nimble Wireless Inc.Restaurants and cafes of public catering must necessarily control food production. Your health and digestion depend on them because if there are violations, people can really get hurt.

Restaurant Food Safety is an excellent tool to control the temperature and heat treatment of food, which will help you to record all the information in the right logs.

Since this application is developed by the Nimble team, the tool with which the monitoring is performed is also produced by this company. With Nimble’s F5 Smart Temperature Probe the application monitors the temperature of food, which will allow managers of the restaurant to add new data to the control logs.

It should be noted that the recording can be made automatically and recorded in a certain document in the cloud storage – so the manager’s work will be even more optimized. Restaurant reports for HACCP will be even more accurate and correct.

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FoodKeeper by USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

FoodKeeper by USDA Food Safety and Inspection ServicePeople who adhere to a healthy diet, most often try to eat food in the best possible way. For example, fruits contain large amounts of vitamins in a fresh and ripe form, and vegetables are better steamed than boiled – otherwise, you will get much fewer vitamins.

FoodKeeper will help you consume food when it is at its peak and in the best condition while reducing your waste significantly.

Depending on how the food is stored and how it is produced, it can get worse at different speeds. Every year in all developed countries a huge amount of food is thrown away that has not been eaten by people.

At least once you have definitely forgotten about the apples that are lying in your fridge and did not have time to eat them before they spoil.

At FoodKeeper, you can find out all the safe storage times for your food, as well as enter all the information about the contents of your fridge – this way you will definitely save everything you bought.

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Labeleat – Food product scan

Labeleat - Food product scanHowever, the labels of any product may raise many different questions for you. Often, they do not spell the names of standard products the way you are used to hearing about them – for example, simple food salt becomes sodium chloride.

To correctly decipher the product composition, you will need the Labeleat application. It will help you not only to know all the details of the ingredients but also to find those products that are suitable for your diet or style of nutrition.

Every product that you scan will be analyzed. There are 4 evaluation criteria in total – food quality, processing, additives, and organic character.

Based on these parameters, Labeleat will give the product an evaluation – for example, a cookie that is too sweet will immediately get a low score and ketchup with a lot of preservatives will be suspicious.

In the product overview, you will immediately see what was the reason for such a score, as well as get information about the nutritional value. Define in the Labeleat your nutritional parameters or diet features, and the application will automatically determine to what extent a certain product corresponds to it.

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Food Safety Magazine by GTxcel

Food Safety Magazine by GTxcelThe topic of safe eating is not only about scientific articles or research. For example, there is an entire edition of Food Safety Magazine, which was founded in 1995.

Since then, the whole team has been regularly releasing new information and data about the food industry and its safety, and you can read it freely. This application will provide you with new information every two months from leading experts around the world.

Food Safety Magazine collaborates with food professionals who work in the food and beverage industry or in quality control. It is these people who help combine profitable production strategies with standards of the effectiveness of food safety systems.

Besides quality, Food Safety Magazine also discusses new laws, development trends, modern safety solutions, and much more. So if you are interested in this topic or if you work in the food industry, you will definitely need this publication.

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Access to safe and nutritious food is essential to maintaining your health and livelihood. With the right food, you will avoid intestinal infections, bacteria, and even parasites.

According to statistics, every tenth inhabitant of the planet gets sick because of the consumption of unsafe food – the disease can not always end safely.

In order to be sure of the quality and safety of the food you eat, we recommend you always check it, because this way you will keep your health and get everything that you really need.

Check the expiration date, the content of harmful components in the composition, as well as observe the conditions of storage and hygiene – this is how you can maintain and improve your health.

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