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Massage procedures in most residents are associated with pleasant manipulations, enabling you to relax and relieve tension, both from muscle tissues and from the nervous system.

However, under the single name “massage”, a huge number of different methods of “manual” exposure to the patient’s body have been collected, which are aimed at improving cosmetic, hygienic, restorative or curative effects.
In this article, we will look at various applications related to massage. Each application has its own peculiarities. Carefully familiarize with them and choose the best for yourself!

Massage Techniques

The application has 130 massage techniques, each with video, text, and images. There are also 13 massage procedures, the instructional videos of which are ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Just click “play” and study. There are subroutines that include full Swedish body massage, deep tissue massage, lower back massage, foot massage for athletes, facial massage, hands, feet, and much more. In the application, you can sort massage techniques for a specific part of the body, for example, you can see all the techniques of massage for the shoulder. The new sections of 3D anatomy are added, where you can see the muscles and bones in 3D projections and study their names. In order to have a visual aid for  the massage at hand and study it in your spare time, then this application is for you.

Using the application you can:

  1. Select the site of the body to see all the local massage techniques.
  2. Read the text for each of the methods and get additional tips.
  3. Watch the video of massage procedures as if it were a lesson.
  4. In practice, repeat the massage techniques you saw.

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Massage body spots

Acupressure of the body – this method of acupressure itself is quite simple, and therefore very popular. Its main idea is irritation of biologically active points, in which a lot of nerve endings on the human body are concentrated. The competent impact on them has a positive effect. Use this application to find such points in your body and massage your face, hands, and feet by yourself. However, it is worth remembering, like any massage, this kind of massage also has its contraindications such as: the presence of malignant and benign tumors, with a stomach ulcer, with deep lesions of internal organs, blood disease, during pregnancy. Be healthy!

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Soothe: In Home Massage

Would you like to receive massage services without leaving your own home? Then, download the application Soothe: In Home Massage, order the service and a highly qualified specialist will come directly to your home, hotel room or work office.
The staff includes more than 7500 professional certified professionals who are ready to offer you a deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports, prenatal or the massage for couples. The main thing is that our masseurs do not take a tip!
Pay for the service through the application, view reviews about your therapist, invite friends to receive a discount for the next massage. Another convenient feature – you can book a chair or a massage table for the upcoming procedure.
The application for the provision of massage services covers 50 cities in America, Britain, and Canada. Order a relaxing massage at home right now!

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Chinese Health Massage

It is a simple illustrated step-by-step guide on how to do Chinese self-massage in order to strengthen the body and increase the life of a person. Chinese self-massage with regular use has a positive effect on immunity improvement and treatment of many chronic diseases.
The application contains a description of the steps for massage of 10 body parts:

  • heads and faces;
  • the eye;
  • the nose;
  • the ears;
  • breasts;
  • belly;
  • neck and upper back;
  • the lumbar region;
  • upper extremities;
  • lower limbs.

Attention! Always consult your physician before using a self-massage or any other form of medical influence on the body!

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Sport Massage Videos

People turn to massage experts not only to relax their bodies but also for medical purposes, as a preventative measure against injuries and bruises. This applies to those people who are actively involved in sports. For sure, every athlete at least once in his sports career received any injury. This application is the best video assistant for the sports massage. Learn all massage techniques to let your muscles relax and recover in tone. This is a free app. Enjoy a full body massage!

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Baby Massage Basics

The inspiration for the creation of this application was the famous Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider and her book The Joy of TouchTime-Effective Techniques for a Healthier, Happier, More Relaxed Child & Parent. Dr. Elaine has made a great contribution to building a strong bond between parents and their children through massage.
First, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want to become an even better parent?
  2. Want your child to be healthy?
  3. Is your child restless and often tortured by colic?
  4. Does the child have trouble sleeping?
  5. Can’t the immune system fight diseases?

All the answers you can find by downloading the Baby Massage Basics application. This software contains features on ethnic groups, includes detailed instructions for massage of 6 zones of the child’s body, contains rhymes for the massage. Also, you can learn how to properly prepare a child for massage, as well as the features of the massage with constipation and colic.
The Baby Massage Basics application is an excellent choice for caring parents!

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Massage Therapy Study

Massage has a great benefit to the entire human body. However, it is also a great pleasure!
Downloading the application, you will find a lot of information about the types of massage, you will get acquainted with their features, learn about the purpose and ways of doing this or that kind of massage. To master the technique, you will be provided with various descriptions, illustrations, and diagrams.
Pamper yourself and your loved ones with an excellent massage. Practice acupressure to relieve pain, use chocolate or honey during the massage to improve the skin tone and give it radiance and a healthy look. Energy massage will add vitality to you, and erotic massage diversifies your intimate life.
Feel yourself as a professional masseur, download the Massage Therapy Study App Free application.

Android version

Vibra Massage Tool

With this application, your phone turns into a masseur. Just download the application to your phone and go!

Massage is the best way to get rid of fatigue and pain in your neck. Massage the neck area and you will feel a slight relaxation. Neck massage removes fatigue and irritability, dizziness. The masseur will improve your overall condition. Massage will relieve your muscles from excessive tension, characteristic of the neck. With the help of a masseurб you can relax and briefly disconnect from the routine affairs of everyday life. Turn your phone into a masseur right now and enjoy its features!

Shiatsu Massage

Originated in Japan, Shiatsu is rightly considered one of the most effective types of massage. This technique is available to everyone. Do not need any tools or tools – this is the main difference Shiatsu from all other methods of influence on the points of the body. This is an absolutely safe massage, which restores the energy of the body, restores its mobility, calms the nervous system. Shiatsu is not meant to replace medicine, but it helps us to find harmony between body and soul.
In this application, you will have an access to video lessons on the Shiatsu technique, and you will learn how to restore strength by massage of certain areas of the body.
Shiatsu massage is a specific technique of such pressing, which allows returning to the body the lost balance of energy, knowing its natural essence.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a deep stretching of all muscle groups, passive and active turns of the trunk, joints, elements of “passive” yoga. There is a complex effect on all the systems of the body with the goal of overall recovery and tone-up.
The result: physical and emotional relaxation, “lightness” in the whole body, restoration of inner harmony, optimization of the nervous system as a whole.
This massage, like Chinese traditional medicine, and Indian yoga, is based on the doctrine of invisible energy lines (meridians) piercing the whole body.
In this application, you will find a video guide on Thai massage. Watch the video, practice and relieve your body of pain and tension!

Massage Lite

Do you want to study the peculiarities of massage techniques in 10 minutes? Then download this application. Thanks to this app, you can make a dream massage for your partner.
The program contains a series of educational videos on relaxing massage of various parts of the body: back, legs, face, etc.
Also, the video contains relaxing music and a warm candle light for a more productive session.
The practical course includes lessons on the basics of the initial technique, the study of massage for 10 minutes, positions.

Baby Massage Tips

Daily massage for your baby is a great step to get close to the newborn. Moreover, the scientists discovered that massage helps to improve sleep, can alleviate colic, and perhaps even increase the infant’s immune system, its motor skills and intellectual development.
In the application, you will find some tips and tricks that will help you give your child the most touching and soothing massage.
So, do you want to learn the art of special massage for children?
Relax and extract as much benefit as possible from this guide. Download the application for free and follow the instructions step by step. When you learn how to perform the massage properly, your kid will feel loved, and the maternal communication will only increase.
Bring your knowledge to perfection with the Baby Massage Tips.

Despite all the positive properties of massage, the inept hands of an amateur can cause irreparable harm to health. So, when starting an independent massage session, you should carefully study all the techniques. Also, remember that massage has a number of contraindications for health.
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