Fractal Space App Review

If you think that Fractal Space is another game that you play for five minutes and forget about it, you are wrong. You will stick in it for a long time.

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Everything is excellent in it – graphics, physics, music, a well-developed and interesting plot with two endings to choose from.


So, you are a prisoner in some space station, and you need to escape from there. To do this, you need to solve puzzles and avoid the problems that self-propelled saws and huge crushers can deliver to you. And still, it is necessary to carry out a whole detective investigation and unravel a huge and mysterious secret. The records you find at the station will help you with this.

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You are given an electric gun and a jetpack for help, as well as bags with equipment and medicines, which, however, still need to be found, avoiding traps and not getting lost.


The results of the game and your achievements are saved in the cloud; and you can play from other devices, including Android TV. The game is compatible with most gamepads. You can also brag about your achievements online, all you need for this is just to unlock ones.

Developers do not stand still and are constantly improving their offspring. It is impossible not to note the respect for the users: they carefully explain each resolution required for the game in the initial screen, and the choice is yours. No donation, no advertising.


The development team has an official website, a YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook accounts. So you can easily contact them if you have any difficulties and get a qualified answer.

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Games that can touch the soul are very few. Fractal Space – this is the game that is worth your attention; you will not regret it. Do feel like the hero of the new Star Wars saga with Fractal Space!



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