15 Free Airbrush Apps for Android & iOS

There are many things that can ruin a great selfie: poor lighting, bad skin day, or whatever else. Luckily, now you can fix things up easy as pie.

Take a look at our list of the best free airbrush apps for Android & iOS. These are retouching apps that let you achieve flawless, natural-looking skin with little to no effort. Most of these apps offer automated features that magically beautify your face within secs. Whether you like to keep things natural, or like a bold look with makeup, these apps got you covered. Let’s dive in!


To start with, we have an app that basically started this whole face-tuning thing. It would be an exaggeration to say this app has invented the genre, but it’s not that far from the truth. It’s probably the first app that pops up when you think of selfie editing and skin perfection. But is it the best one? Pretty much so.

The app covers all the tools you might expect it to. There’s a whole section dedicated to blurring the skin and getting rid of all kinds of imperfections. There’s a special tool for pimples, one to cancel the dark spots, a natural glowing highlighter, and all that.

You’ll even get to reshape your face and make the lips fuller if needed. The reshaping tool will for your entire body as well. Another popular tool here is teeth whitening (and you can also use it to make the eyes pop). Most features only require one tap to work, so you’ll get natural results without trying much.


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This app is all about thriving with natural beauty. Well, it’s kinda ironic if you think about it, but it really provides lifelike results. If you don’t have much knowledge with such apps and are scared of overusing some features (which happens faster than you would expect, and it has happened to all of us). It offers multiple tools for skin retouching to makeup.

It comes with a cam that lets you beautify your skin in real time. It works with pre-made shots too, no worries. You’ll get to erase all the imperfections with a few swipes. There’s a blurring tool, one for brightening up some areas, and even one to slip down your face if needed.

The best thing about this app is that it’s already done all the work for you. You won’t even need to worry about picking up which makeup filters to use and if they will combine nicely. The app covers multiple presets with the trendiest makeup styles for one-tap use. You’ll get to regulate the bendability, of course, but it still saves tons of time.



That’s another OG app for skin editing. In fact, the app does more than that: it lets you try on hair colors, add cosmetics, and even smile if needed. In other words, it has all the tools to take your snaps to the next lvl. There’s a whole pack of pre-made photorealistic filters you could try with one tap (over 60 options there, to be exact).

All these filters are highly flexible, you’ll get to control the intensity manually. The variety of makeup tools is pretty wide, too, but you won’t get to apply beauty products one by one. Instead, you can go for one of the pre-made looks. Not all of them are available for free, but there are quite a few options to try.

Plus, you’ll get to add some volume to your hair and reshape your face and body if needed. There are also tons of fun tools like gender swap, aging, and even one that lets you see what your future kids would look like.



Does this app even need an introduction? It’s one of the most used selfie tools, chances are you’ve already tried it or at least heard of it. But the thing is, the apps keep updating all the time, so it’s never a bad idea to give these a second try. This one has a powerful reshaping tool that works great on the face as well.

This tool lets you minimize or emphasize some features, easily. There’s the same tool for the body tool, and you can use it to quickly lengthen your legs or slim down the waist. Of course, there are tons of tools for manual editing: one for blemishes, one for cosmetics, teeth whitening, and all that.

As for the retouch tools, the app offers one of the greatest options out there. You’ll get to add multiple layers of blur or highlight and regulate the intensity of each one. There’s even a tool for thinking to thicken eyebrows. And if you want to even out your skin tone, there’s an instrument for it as well.



That’s a beauty cam for beautifying your selfies. It’s an all-in-one source of tuning tools that are incredibly easy to use. The app covers smart beauty filters that let you regulate your face width, chin size, forehead, and other parts with little to no effort. It does a good job identifying your face, so no worries here.

The app lets you adjust all the proportions and get a perfect result right away. It also comes with a built-in cam, so you can snap selfies with filters already, You’ll get to hide wrinkles, and blur texture live. It works pretty much as an IG or TikTok filter, but you get to actually alter all the details.

Along with that, the app offers tons of virtual cosmetics you get to try. It lets you apply virtual makeup step by step, from foundation to blush and lipstick. And the best thing is, their makeup doesn’t look unnatural, even if you won’t adjust the intensity.



It’s a powerful iOS app to elevate the way you take selfies. This one is pretty standard by the concept, it doesn’t cover any unusual features. Herewith, all the tools perform nicely, and you’ll be able to get natural results quickly (even if you’re not that experienced).

To get into details, there are multiple tools for skin tune: you’ll get to brighten, smooth, and highlight the skin if needed. The transparency of all the tools is adjustable, so you won’t overdo any of these. Plus, you’ll get to erase the dark circles and pop up the eyes with one tap.

The reshaping tool is here as well. You can use it to modify the facial structure, and the body, and practically do whatever you need. And don’t be afraid of messing things up, there’s an undo button to fix all the mistakes as well. The app also has a height corrector to elongate your legs and make you seem taller than you actually are.



Well, the name of this app fully reflects its concept. It covers diverse beauty and tuning instruments you can use on both pics and vids (that part is kinda unique). The app is all about simplicity, and it’s fully newbie-friendly. It offers over a hundred pre-made makeup filters created by professional artists of all kinds.

The coolest thing is the app lets you try on products from real beauty brands. It even features virtual fall lashes you can buy in a real store! Herewith, all of these are highly adjustable, so you’ll get to make it look as realistic as possible. The app does a great job identifying your facial features, so the filters get placed right where they should.

All the basic tuning tools are covered as well. You’ll get to smooth out the skin and hide all the defects, wrinkles, and whatever else is needed. The app comes with a smart bg eraser, and you’ll actually get to replace the bg with any image if needed.


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That’s a handy app that offers simple face tuning everyone could cope with. It has a simple UI, so even if you don’t have much knowledge of such apps, you’ll be just fine. The app covers plenty of tools for natural beauty and cosmetics, along with a powerful reshaper as well.

You’ll get to regulate the size of your facial parts as you like, without the need to do it manually. All the basics like skin smothering, teeth whitener, and all that are included too. The makeup section is filled with presets you can try with one tap.

At this point, all you need to do is to regulate the transparency. The thing that makes the app stand out is the collection of pose guidance you can follow to achieve an ideal selfie look. The collection of poses gets updated regularly, as well as the makeup, so you’ll always have smth new to try.



That’s an AI app you can use to beautify your selfies. Although face retouch is not the central feature of this app, it is offered and it works great. You’ll find the app especially useful if you’re looking for a one-tap airbrush and don’t want to do much by yourself.

As you may guess, the app offers various AI filters, so you won’t get to smooth the skin manually (as you would with the majority of such apps). Instead, you can just pick one of the filters and regulate its transparency till it looks healthy and flattering. Not all the styles are free, though, so keep that in mind.

The other tools you may want to try once you’ve downloaded the app are all these fun AI masks and effects. There’s one to turn you into a toon character, one that makes your pics more artistic, and so on. There’s also a smart body reshaper to appear more fitted if needed.



This app covers all the trendiest beauty filers out there, everything to give you an airbrushed look within secs. It’s a nice, simple way to elevate your selfie game with little to no effort. The app offers a one-tap solution for flawless skin: you’ll get to blur pores, minimize blemishes, hide wrinkles, and conceal dark undereye (or any other discoloration in general).

Besides, there’s a fun tool that lets you alter the color of your eyes. But not in this odd way that makes you look like a crazy Tumblr girl, no, it covers various contacts of all the shades you may need. Of course, you’ll get to regulate the blending to make it more natural.

More to that, there’s a tool that turns your pics into deep 3D images. And if that’s not enough, there are tons of makeup looks you could try out. The app covers all the viral dewy skin looks, so you can test how it looks on you. All of these are sorted by categories for easy navigation, as well.


Perfect Me

As its name suggests, this app is here to help you look flawless. It offers multiple face-tuning instruments that give you a pro-tuned look. There’s a good-old skin smoother, blemish remover, skin tone corrector, and all that. You’ll also get to reshape facial elements if needed.

In fact, the reshaping tool is pretty powerful here. You’ll get to make your body slimmer, get abs, and even increase height (it mainly gets done by making your legs longer). Most of these tools are automated, all you need to do is to regulate the intensity.

The app also covers a beauty editor for playing with makeup. It lets you apply cosmetics step by step until the perfect result is achieved. There’s a whole section for body makeup as well if needed. And if you want to spice up the look, you’ve got a few glitter brush options to make you look truly sparkled.



Here’s a lightweight app for skin editing. The app comes with a built-in cam that lets you try out the filters in real life. The cam supports skin softer, acne removal, teeth whitening, and all that. There’s also a one-tap solution if you need an instant face tune.

The instinct beautification tool works for pre-made pics as well, and you’ll get to regulate the intensity of it if needed. Besides, all the beauty filters are fully adjustable, and you can change them to look better with your particular skin tone. There’s also an automated tool for slimming your face and making it look smaller.

There are also tons of aesthetic presets you could try once all the retouch is done. There are over 300 options to try already, and more are yet to come. Plus, there’s a full-on video editor you could use. All the beautification tools work for vids too, which is pleasant.


YouCam Perfect

That’s another beauty cam that used to be very popular (and it still is, though). It has a bunch of filters apart from tuning, so it can be considered an ultimate editing app as well. You’ll be able to go through all the editing stages there: from tuning to picking up the perfect preset.

Well, first things first, there’s a smart retoucher that lets you get the best out of any pic. You’ll get to elevate your skin to get a glowy, healthy look. There are also tons of makeup filters to try if needed. The reshaper is here as well, and it works for both the face and body. This one is automated, so you’ll just need to regulate the intensity.

Beyond that, the app covers tons of effects to spice up the pic. There is a whole lib of animated effects as well (perfect for captivating IG stories). It also comes with smart object removal, and lets you replace the bg with just a few taps.



This app is here to help you look like your hottest self. It’s all about face and body tuning, so if you have a few pics where you don’t look the most flattering, this one is here to help. The app covers all the must-have tools for in-depth skin editing.

It lets you add glow to the skin and erase the texture, to begin with. You’ll get to minimize or emphasize your features and pop up the eyes. Plus, you’ll be able to alter the shape of your face and add cosmetics that look best with your skin shade.

The body editor is beyond powerful here. It lets you modify the height, slim any part of your body, or add up curves that are not originally there. All the effects tend to look pretty natural as well, even if you’re adding abs or smth. The key here is to get it as blended as possible.


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And lastly, there’s an app to turn you into a model. It’s there to make sure your selfies look perfectly smooth, with no blemishes, wrinkles, or any other thing you don’t like. With this app, you’ll get to make the pics with bad lighting worth being posted.

Most of the tools covered by the app don’t require any manual work at all. Your only goal here is to adjust the bendability of the filters and make sure it blends with the original pic in the best way. The tool that is manual, though, is a blemish remover. What makes it cool is that it won’t simply blur the area but blend it with the rest of the skin.

The same goes for the teeth whitening feature: it’s not too intense to look unrealistic, but it still gives great results. Plus, there’s a red eye corrector and natural highlighter if needed. You can even give yourself a one-tap tan here!

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