11 Free Arrests Records Apps for Android & iOS

Online dating is something that can bring you happiness or trouble. The person who appears on your contact list may be not who she or he claims to be. This is confirmed by many stories of catfishing victims.

By the way, you can keep track of the safety of your neighborhood and learn about the latest happenings with these best crime-tracking apps & websites.

One way to check any person is to find out if he or she has committed any offenses. To prevent yourself from any accidents, use these free arrest records apps for Android & iOS. They will help you to uncover the background of any person.

RPS-Inmate Info

RPS-Inmate Info contains the most up-to-date information about the nearest prison. Allow the app access to determine your location. You will then see details of a prison near you at the top of the home page. This database is legal and available to anyone who wants to access it.

You can get the location details, and regular and weekend jail hours. You can use your phone to find out how to get to the prison of your choice and which categories of inmates are in the prison.

Here you can familiarize yourself with the full list of prisoners. Each questionnaire contains information about the date and time of arrest. You will learn the name and surname of the offender and his or her previous address.

The page displays data about the judicial acts and the judgment rendered. The article of the criminal code and the term of imprisonment is also noted. Be aware of what crime each offender has committed and what sentence he or she is serving.

You can find out what category the offense committed falls under. After the update, searching for inmates has become even easier. To use RPS-Inmate Info you do not need to provide personal information. All information is updated every 24 hours.


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TruthFinder Background Check

A great app for real spies. Uncover secrets of friends and acquaintances, check your other half through TruthFinder Background Check. The easiest and most legitimate way to find out all the information about a person with a minimum of information at your disposal.

To get any information about the person you are interested in, all you need to know is their first and last name, phone number, address, or email.

This app allows you to quickly find out the presence of criminal records, former marriages, and children. Determine employment and real estate availability. Perhaps you are interested in a driver’s license and personal use of a car. Or the availability of loans and mortgages.

All data is not secret and is in the public domain. The app allows you to speed up the process of searching for the necessary information. Now you can safely go on a first date or let your daughter invite a new boyfriend to your house.

Check out your co-workers, neighbors, and ex-spouses. Find out what people close to you are hiding. You can get most of the biographical data by knowing only a phone number.

TruthFinder has been active since 2015. The app offers a professional approach to finding important data about other people within the law.


People Search Criminal Records

People Search Criminal Records will allow you to sleep easy knowing all the secrets of the people around you. You do not have to get another person’s passport at hand to get the information you need.

You can check the biography of any person, knowing only their phone number or first and last name. Go to the app and choose the appropriate search option. It can be reverse phone number search, email or address input.

By downloading the app, you will get free access to a huge number of databases. Obtaining and disclosing this information is not a violation of privacy. You can check on any number of people.

The dossier is available for individuals over the age of 21. Find out the answers to your questions and communicate without fear or risk.

To speed up the data retrieval process, write down all the information you know. Include the state and city where the subject previously resided. Include your current address, license plate number, and if you have children.

With People Search Criminal Records you can check almost any sphere of a person’s life: his or her parents, education and place of work, availability of movable and immovable property. Marital status, children, and pets. Arrests, trials, and prison sentences.

This is the most extensive and reliable check without involving specialists.


Instant Checkmate Search

If you want to expose a suspicious person, use Instant Checkmate Search. The mobile spy app will not miss a single important nuance in the biography of the person in question. It is not necessary to use the services of a private investigator to find out secret information.

You can find a person by phone number, name, or e-mail address. Every person in today’s society leaves traces in the electronic space. Using the app, you are guaranteed to find even the most insignificant references. It can be tax records, a record of marriage or divorce proceedings.

Find out if a person has been criminally prosecuted, had a criminal record, or broken the law. You can even find the school yearbook and driver’s license photos. You can also identify possible relatives. Enter your details and check the information that is freely available.

The app supports the option to search for the owner of a phone number. Enter an unknown number and find out who it is registered to. Reverse search can be done by email address as well. Basic search options do not require payment.

You will need a premium account to get information about your criminal record, property, and weapons permit.


JailBase – Arrests + Mugshots

Feel safe with JailBase. Find out what the arrest situation is like in your city or neighborhood. Get comprehensive information on new arrests and incarceration of criminals. Get only up-to-date data from specialist reports.

You can search for a specific person’s record by setting the parameters you need. Using the filters, specify the gender, age, and place of temporary incarceration of the offender you are interested in. Find out when the arrest took place and whether there will be a trial.

Unimpeded access to this kind of information allows you to reduce public anxiety and keep abreast of what is happening in your region. In the settings, you can flag a specific person to receive notifications of important events on their record.

The app cannot cover all states now. Check the list of cities already listed in the database before using it. Complete personnel files in electronic format are constantly being updated. After 6 months from the last publication, records are determined to be archived.

If you encounter a problem in using the app, contact customer service representatives. Install JailBase and stay up to date on important events in your county.


MobilePatrol Public Safety App

MobilePatrol informs you of important news at locations that are specified in the settings. The app works as an intermediary between the user and public safety services.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, deteriorating weather, or a law and order situation near you, you will be notified without delay. Customize a few locations that you are interested in.

This could be the neighborhood where you and your parents live. Or the location of your school and daycare center. The app does not send spam: you will receive a message only in case of emergency.

With the app, you will quickly find the contacts of law enforcement agencies that operate in the designated area. You will be aware in advance of the possibility of weather disasters, including flooding, high winds, and thunderstorms.

The messages contain only verified information without unnecessary details and specifics. This saves you time and allows you to prepare for the situation.

Each user can take an active part in the development of the app. When you encounter an emergency, make a record with a photo or video.

You can also get professional help and advice if you become a victim of a criminal. To launch the app, you need to specify the postal code of the area you are interested in.


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Scanner Radio – Police Scanner

Receive signals from special services with the Scanner Radio app. Set your phone to walkie-talkie mode and access frequencies used by security services. Be the first to know about a car accident or robbery at a store near you.

Listen to the frequency used by the fire department. Get important data from weather service representatives in real-time. This option is especially important in regions where hurricanes and tornadoes are not uncommon.

You can always hear updates, the extent of damage, and predictions of the hurricane’s future movement. You can even find out how the situation is in the air and at sea. More than 8,000 signals from a variety of sources.

In order not to get lost in the large amount of information, you can set up alerts. As soon as the channel gathers more than 2000 members, you will receive a notification and can join the listening. Receive a selection of the 50 most popular stations in your area.

To avoid losing useful stations, just send them to “Favorites”. Use the convenient search system to avoid wasting time and quickly connect to the broadcast. Access your location to be able to scan the nearest channels.

All data can be put on record. Don’t get distracted by commercials and stay in the center of events with Scanner Radio.


The Inmate Search

Conduct a thorough background check on your new life partner. Let The Inmate Search find out if your neighbor or co-worker is a good person.

Instantly get data that would take you months to find. Gather professional dossiers on people who have recently come into your life. You will be able to relax and enjoy your company if you know people’s biography.

The app allows you to find out how law-abiding a citizen is. Using an electronic spy program, you can easily penetrate the digital databases of different instances. This applies not only to breaking the law but also to other important actions.

Check the words of your daughter’s new friend. Do a real investigation: whether he was married, where he grew up and went to school, what property is owned. Be sure that the person is not impersonating someone else.

Be vigilant and find out if there have been legal issues in the past. Usually, people rarely give out this type of information about themselves. All search results are not classified. You can search them manually, yet, it will take a lot more time.

The app has over 100 million notes in its database about arrests and prisoners alone. The Inmate Search does not require you to pay or enter your personal information.


Citizen: Local Safety Alerts

The Citizen app contain only current and accurate information about what’s happening in your neighborhood. With direct and free alerts, you’ll be the first to know if there’s a chance of a weather event, traffic disruption due to a serious accident, or an emergency.

Specify which neighborhood you are interested in to receive useful newsletters that could save your life. News is available in a variety of formats.

It can be a summary from a weather company, a full report from a sports or war correspondent, or video clips from passersby who happen to be in the area. You don’t have to turn on the news channel to learn more about the incident.

You and the people you know can also take part in creating a safe environment. You just need to notify the community when an unusual situation occurs. You can track multiple locations on a map at the same time.

Open the map, locate your children, spouse, or parents, and check recent news reports. To disappear from other users’ screens, activate the “Incognito” option.

Quick alerts help you not to waste time in an emergency, have time to evacuate, and notify other citizens of the danger. Use Citizen responsibly.


Public Records app

Create a safe socializing environment for your child. Be sure that the new nanny graduated from university with honors and received good reviews from other hires. With Public Records, you will uncover any secrets in other people’s biographies.

The app is a state-of-the-art search engine for information on adult US citizens. If you are hiring someone for a high-profile position, share the same living space, or don’t want to fall prey to scammers, use a digital detective.

The databases, records, and deeds that contain the information you need are freely available. Anyone can send a request and get an official document. Yet, to do this, you need to spend time and money.

The app will do all the hard work for you. Just enter the full name, phone number, or address of the person into the search engine. Soon you will be able to view data that relates to training and education, credit, and criminal record.

You will have access to birth, death, and marriage records. Interview with a driver or prospective partner and then verify their word through Public Records. Your credibility will now have a solid foundation.


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RegistryAccess: Public Records

If you want to find out more information about your interviewee than he or she has told you, install RegistryAccess. It is an official app without legal problems. It opens up the archives of many public and private organizations.

Millions of electronic notes on the activities of U.S. residents. The app is developed separately from any agencies and has no sponsors. This program combines multiple electronic repositories into one system for easy retrieval.

By knowing a person’s phone number or full name, you can unlock the veil of mystery over past events in their life. If you are getting married, want to buy real estate, or find an honest employee, you can’t do without this assistant.

Inquiries and apps for access to databases require complex actions. Here you just need to enter the known information to see the whole picture. Get information about the place and date of birth. Compare the available photos with those found in the dossier.

Check your professional field. You may be able to find previous employment and references from the employer. If it comes to your personal life, it is not unreasonable to find out the credit history and the presence of property.

Tired of getting calls from unknown numbers? Run a reverse phone number lookup to see if you should pick up the phone next time.

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