16 Free Carb Counting Apps for Android & iOS

Carbohydrate counting is an important aspect of every healthy diet and people managing diabetes.

That’s why we’ve picked up the best free carb-counting apps for Android & iOS you could try. These are here to help you count carbs easily by logging everything you eat.

These apps are helpful for those following a keto diet and want to maintain a balanced meal plan. You won’t need to spend hours entering every food item, these apps make the process simple and accessible. Let’s get started!


This is a pretty simple and understandable carb counter app. This is also the most popular app for counting carbs on the market. You can find here a food diary to control your eating routine and an exercise diary, image recognition of foods, meals, and products, a barcode scanner to monitor packaged items.

You are able to track your weight and have reminders sent to you so you do not forget to do this. Also, it has an active chat community, where you share your success and tips, and ask questions. But pay attention: FatSecret does not work without an internet connection, so you must have this on your phone.


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This app is a gem for those who want to track what they’re eating. It has everything for you to log foods with little to no effort. It will be especially helpful for those who practice intermittent fasting or need to track glucose intake.

The thing that makes this app stand out is its built-in scanner. The thing is, it lets you scan both store-bought foods and meals. That’s right, no need to manually enter all the ingredients, you’ll just need to verify if the app is right and maybe correct a few things.

Plus, you can use the app to set and follow your goals. It even has pre-made plans for weight loss, maintenance, and gain. it covers nutrition and fitness tips, too, so you’re all the way covered.

And if you’re looking for a meal plan, you can find it here too. There’s a registered dietitian that will consider al your prefs and make a plan tailored to your needs.



One of the most popular apps for counting carbs and calories. It can be called your personal nutritionist. Depending on your goal, LifeSum makes a diet plan with the most optimal calorie amount.

From a keto diet to low carb, everything to suit your lifestyle. You are free to correct and add any details you need. If you do not know what to cook for dinner tonight, the app can help- just check out the meal planner and find new ideas!

And the important thing in this app – the water tracker. People usually forget how it is important to stay hydrated, especially when you are aware of your health and weight.



As this could be understood from the name, Carb Manager was made especially for tracking carbs in your diet. You can scan products to quickly count carbs, input your own foods, and search for new healthy recipes with instructions and nutrition information.

You could log food not only via search but by camera and voice too. That means you can take a photo of what you are eating and calculate the carbs. You can even say instead of taking a photo to do that! That is the most comfortable thing nowadays.

And one more nice thing in this app: the editors included carb diet articles, forums, a meal planner, and an e-book to help you on your way to a healthy life.



This app creates a diet plan for you and gives you advice and tips to make your eating habits healthier. You can set a target date limit daily calories, and plan meals in advance.

The app lets you adjust portion size and covers a barcode scanner that makes food logging a literal breeze. You can scan the food package and the app logs calories and nutrients.

This app has the best database with diets, restaurants, store items, and ethnic food. You can track not only carbs and calories here but also steps, blood pressure, heart rate, symptoms, and more.

This app works with different diets, low-carb, and keto diets as well. You can also use if you’re not follwing any diet and jsut want to get healthy.


Lose It!

The creators say more than 75% of users have succeeded in their results thanks to this app.  I must admit, the number is impressive. You can start using it easily- register, enter some info and the app will calculate your recommended daily calorie amount.

You are able to set reminders so you do not forget to log in your meals. And to log in you may just by simply taking a photo. No need to do everything manually, the app will do the hard work for you.

There are some more functions instead of counting calories and carbs, such as water, blood pressure, and exercise tracking. To make you feel comfortable, you are able to customize your own meal names. There is a great community, too, so you can share your goals and achievements, and get into challenges.


Calorie, Carb and Fat Counter

This app is here to help you get what you’re eating under control. And if you find it time-consuming and excessive to log your foods, don’t worry – the app makes it simple.

It covers a cam scanner that lets you log store-bought foods within seconds. The nutrition info you get here covers all the basics, including sugar value and carbs.

And if you answer a few simple questions, you’ll get a free personalized nutrition plan. This app has a great food database, nutrition tracking,  integration with Virtuagym, and rewards to stay motivated.

Here you can add your own food, save meals to add them later and find 3D animated and written exercises. It is suitable for vegetarians! You will find a perfectly matching and balanced diet plan with counted calories, carbs, protein, and fats here.



This app is not only a counter but a little guide to the low-carb diet. You can use this guide to find out what to eat in order to stay in a state of ketosis. And, on the contrary, there is a list of forbidden foods.

The app lets you scan barcodes of store-bought foods to see in-depth nutritional value. It has a rather wide database, so the chances of finding one that is not included are pretty low. As for the prepared meals, you’ll need to search for ingredients and alter portion size.

It saves your entire meal history, so you can easily find what you’ve eaten a couple of weeks or months ago. Also, the app helps you make meals variable by using low-carb recipes and ideas. You may not fear losing your progress, this app is synced online across all of the devices that you use.

However, if you want to access all the tools covered by the app, you’ll need to get a pro version.


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If you want an app that would be completely dedicated to the subject of nutrition you can try out FoodPrint. The distinct feature of this app is its user-friendly interface that makes diet tracking easy and effortless. You can use the app in several ways.

If you want to first analyze your current diet and how many carbs it contains – just put in all the info about the male you eat into the app during the week. Taking into consideration all the products that you consume, FoodPrint will calculate all the nutrients and will make statistics and overall calculations of calories and carbs.

After that, it will suggest adjusting the diet to the requirements. Or, you can skip the step and mark immediately that you need the low-carb diet – and the app will suggest to you those variations and instructions – just follow them.


Total Keto Diet

Among all the apps with Keto diets, this is probably the most popular one. So if you decided that carbs are the main evil in your life and you want to consume as little of them as possible, then this is the perfect app for you.

Here you will find hundreds of delicious carb-free recipes, and calorie, and macro trackers. The ultimate goal of this app is to make this diet for you as easy as possible and all the goals achievable.

There is a special keto calculator that allows one to count how many carbs a certain meal contains. It will help you to lose body fat and feel more energetic throughout the day.

And if you dson’t know what to cook, the app lets you build a full-on meal plan. It covers diverse recipes of all kinds, so there’s something for everyone.



Noom is more of a lifestyle app and here you can find many more functions than just a regular carb counter. First of all, the goal of this app is to help you achieve that kind of state of your health where you are going to feel your best.

You just need to put your data (weight, height) into the app and set the goal of how you want to look. Thus, you can be sure all the recs and plans are tailored to your needs.

The app then compiles the program of workouts, nutrition, and health habits for the fastest achievement of the result. Considering the diet, each portion recommended by Noom contains the total information about all the carbs, proteins, fat, etc. You can also add your own meals and see how many calories they contain.


My Diet Coach

This can be a more simple app than all others on this list, but it is also suitable for the category “carbs counting apps”. The main idea of this app is that it helps you to lose weight. So if you have such a goal – you can try this out!

My Diet Coach will make a menu for you according to your fitness goal along with reducing the number of carbs in your everyday meals.

The information about each meal can be found in the app along with the number of carbs that it contains. When you eat something outstanding from the diet, just put the name of these products in the app and it will add it to the daily calculations of calories and carbs.



This app is here to help those who practice intermittent fasting and those who want to get into it. Although this method has proven to be effective and is known for weight loss without dieting, it’s not for everyone. In fact, it can be harmful if used wrongly, so just make sure to consult with your doctor before trying it.

Of course, you can easily skip the fasting part and use this one for carb counting only. The app makes it beyond simple to track foods, as all you need is to scan a barcode. In case it’s a cooked meal, you can search for the ingredients, too.

It has a huge database with over 95% of foods you can find in the US, so you’re all the way covered here. You’ll get in-depth data on calories, carbs, and other nutritional value you’re getting from each product.

You can also use the app as a food diary with a rating for every meal. And don’t forget to use other features like water reminder and steps tracking. These are a handy addition to your health journey.


Carbs on Plate

It’s a handy carb management app that’s here to help you with carbohydrate counting. It’s originally made for diabetics, so keep that in mind.

The app lets you log everything you eat and gives you a full overview of the carbs you get every day. It also shows sugar amounts (as it should) and other nutritional info you may find valuable. It’s main goal is to help you maintain a healthy balanced diet with minimal effort.

You can use the pp as a meal journal that is fully searchable. it lets you copy recurring plates and plan meals for days ahead if needed. It’s especially handy if you know you won’t have time to log meals on a daily basis.

It covers a wide range of verified products that are commonly used in meals. The portions and weights are easily adjustable, which is handy.



You can find Fooducte in our many lists of best nutrition planning apps, but it won’t be extra to add this app here one more time. Fooducate promises to deliver complete information about the meals you consume during the day, including its nutrients, carbs, fats, proteins, and so on.

If you buy a meal in a package you can just scan a barcode and the app will automatically find the full contents of this meal on the internet along with calculating nutrients and calories.

Moreover, you can put the information about the diet/type of nutrition that you need and then Fooducte will compile a specific menu based on your preparation that will be 100 percent healthy for you and will be in alignment with the number of carbs you are supposed to consume.


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Carbs & Cals

Lastly, we have an app that is here to help you monitor what goes into your body. It’s a gem for people with type 1 and 2 diabetes, those on a weight loss journey, keto followers, and those who wanna maintain a low-carb menu.

The app covers a vast base with over 130K foods and drinks that can be commonly found across the UK. Thus, all you need is to scan a barcode when it comes to store-bought products. If it’s about a complex prepped meal, you can search for ingredients and adjust the portion size.

There are 6 portion sizes to pick from, so you’re all the way covered. In fact, there’s a base of menus from popular UK restaurants, so you can easily add those to your meal history.

The app gives you in-depth nutritional info about each product and lets you build recipes for later. You can even make a meal plan for 5 days ahead.

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