25 Best cross-platform multiplayer app games (Android & iOS)

We offer you to dive into the overview of the best cross-platform multiplayer game apps for Android and iOS. 

Muffin Knight

Muffin KnightIn one bizarre kingdom, a tiny boy was lost in a dense forest. The hero wandered along winding paths for a long time, running across familiar forest corners again and again. Finally, the boy found an old rickety house. Inside the house, there was a fairy. Delicious buns were being cooked in the oven, the sun was peeping through the window, and the heat was spreading throughout the house. Only did the fairy give the boy a muffin as he turned into an unknown monster.

In the arcade of Muffin Knight, players have to destroy the curse with the help of the fairy and muffins that have been scattered throughout the kingdom. After accepting the challenge, players will have to travel to various parts of the unknown world and collect medicinal and incredibly tasty muffins as well as to change the appearance and capabilities of the hero.

The main problem (and at the same time an amazing part of the game!) is that the magic cupcakes change the appearance of the one who collects them. So, a brave boy who started a campaign for magical bakery products will be in the shoes of many amazing characters! There are 15 of them, including a bear, a knight, a magician, a unicorn, and many others.

The main tasks of the main character on every level are to destroy the enemy, collect a muffin and go to the next adventure. The appearance of the main character opens up gradually, the main thing is to pass through the level. New Muffin Knight offers a unique adventure, available for two players.

In general, Muffin Knight turned out to be a very interesting game-transformer with beautifully illustrated backgrounds and convenient controls for movement and shooting. In the application, there are a quality sound, an interesting system of skills development and a good multiplayer mode.

Muffin Knight app

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Arcane Legends

Arcane LegendsPlaying Arcane Legends, you can get your own little piece of the fantastic world. The game developers have created it in such a way that it perfectly fits all modern models of mobile phones and tablets running on Android and iOS. In the application, you have to go through a lot of dungeons where you can collect treasures, find valuable animals and unite with like-minded people.

You also get a unique opportunity to improve your character, change its appearance, train it with additional abilities and team up with friends to win the most difficult battles. During the quests, you will not only be in dungeons but also in picturesque forests and mountains, where you will meet powerful dragons and other mythical creatures.

The game is constantly updated, so watch the news to not miss new exciting quests that will bring you a lot of valuable prizes. Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG is designed specifically for mobile devices. It has simple controls and can be downloaded for free. The game also has additional paid content, which expands your possibilities.

Arcane Legends app

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Pocket Legends

Pocket LegendsPocket Legends is a three-dimensional multiplayer online role-playing game. The player is given a choice between three characters (Archer, Enchantress, and Warrior). Each character has a unique appearance. Also, you get a helper in the form of an animal that will support you in battles and collect trophies after them. While playing, you will meet a lot of such assistants. Each one will have its own unique qualities.

At the beginning of the game, you get a series of tasks that are distributed between you and other players of the same level. You should team up with other players as it will be easier to play together than separately. Remember that the more users participate in the game, the stronger the monsters become! Arcane Legends can be connected to Facebook. It has all the standard features of social networks – you can add friends, base guilds, communicate with other users.

During the game, characters can pump up their skills (strength, agility, intelligence). There are also eight additional abilities. For dealing with armor and improvements, the game has stores, auctions, and exchanges.

There are beautiful graphics and easy controls. Despite the fact that the game requires a fairly powerful smartphone, constant connection to the Internet and a lot of memory space, it is worth it!

Pocket Legends app

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CubemenCubemen is an explosive mixture of real-time strategy and Tower Defense made in a minimalistic style. The absence of the plot makes the game a great place for tactical and strategic battles, which has immediately attracted discerning players.

There is no system for improving characters, no magic and no helpers. The elegance is in simplicity that is seen in everything. You won’t see more than 5 colors during the fight. None of the Cubemen have faces or distinctive features. Only weapons in their hands are illustrated distinctively.

Developers constantly add a huge number of maps. The playgrounds are full of square bars and cubes. The variety of complexity levels will overwhelm you and enthrall at the same time.

You will defend your base. To do this, hire human-cumbers and arrange them according to the positions to which they are slowly moving. The most distinctive and interesting feature of this game is the ability to give orders to your fighters to move around the map at any time, which they will obediently perform. A pleasant addition is a military doctor, who will always be on the alert and save your fighters from unwanted death.

The game provides a large number of modes – a multiplayer one, single-passing missions, etc. You can play with friends and find opponents or fight with computer intelligence.

Cubemen app

Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2The arcade game Fun Run 2 – Multiplayer Race has lots of cool maps, a system of players selection, and the generator of characters. Besides, there are new traps and amplifiers that were not present in the first part of the game. The graphics and sound have also been changed. The things that haven’t changed are fun and the opportunity to compete with friends. Download “Fun Run 2 – Multiplayer Cancer” and remember – the main task is to reach the finish line first, outrunning all the opponents!

Modes and maps. The races can be divided into two parts only conditionally – some are conducted with random players, others are only between friends and partners. Maps are available for the two modes at all times and change only partially – traps and bonuses are generated randomly from level to level. You can use bonuses to gain speed quickly or fly through several chasms at once.

Initially, all the heroes are the same but the collected coins and purchases will change almost everything. Earn coins and improve the hero to move to the victories only in stylish suits.

If you have been looking for a cool, colorful game for a long time, you should definitely download the Fun Run Multiplayer Race project, especially since it is free. You can play it both on tablets and smartphones.

Fun Run 2 app

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Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2Super Stickman Golf 2 is a unique application in which you can turn into a professional golfer. Strive for victory, earning experience points.

This is an excellent opportunity to play your favorite game right on your phone or tablet. Moreover, this is not just ordinary golf. But there are all the chances that you will love this game no less than the original one.

As for the tasks, in Super Stickman Golf 2 they are as simple and clear as possible. You only need to drive the balls into the holes; the fewer hits on the balls are produced, the better your results are.

In this exciting game, you will encounter new locations, earn bonus points, be able to play in a multiplayer mode. Play on special fields, choose your opponent from friends and fight them on the world stage. Try all the modes of the game or race online. Unlock characters and accessories.Super Stickman Golf 2 app

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SpaceteamTwo to four players are required to play Spaceteam. To get into the crew of the spaceship, you need to download a free application from the store and connect to your roommate via Bluetooth. Most of the game’s interface is occupied with the spaceship controls – from hyperspace accelerators and phasers to other modulators and toggle switches existing only in science fiction novels. The partner on Spaceteam will prompt what exactly and when to press. Above each instrument panel, the line with the action is displayed. By giving commands to each other and performing them, players drive the spaceship through space.

In the course of the flight, emergency situations are inevitable. In addition, from time to time the game confuses commands and toggle switches, offers another crazy technical term. These little things are more than enough to make the game in the Spaceteam fun and exciting. The welfare of the spaceship depends on the direct verbal contact of the players.

Spaceteam is a wonderful mobile game that can interest everybody – at least for a short while because it lacks depth.

Spaceteam app Spaceteam 1

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Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Total War BattlesTotal War Battles: KINGDOM allows you to create your own kingdom. This fascinating strategy with realistic design will help you explore unknown lands, build cities and castles and develop the kingdom.

To make your kingdom the richest, you need not only to build cities but also create farms and industrial facilities. Change the land on your demand, creating rivers and mountains.

But don’t rely on a peaceful life. Rivals want to capture your kingdom, so you will not only have to develop your army but also become its head. Bear in mind: battles take place in real time so you need to train your army as well as possible and equip the soldiers to defeat the enemy.

The game features a bright and realistic design that won’t leave anyone indifferent. In addition, all levels are accompanied by thematic music. The game is free, but to get unlimited opportunities, you need to download additional paid content.

The game doesn’t contain scenes of aggression or violence; it is suitable not only for adults but also for children of school age.

Total War Battles app

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World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks BlitzFans of the famous game World of Tanks Blitz can now participate in tank battles on their mobile devices! Do you still want to become a hero? Then immerse yourself in the atmosphere of steel, noise, and smoke. Lead your tank troops into the attack, smash the enemy and become an invincible commander.

The army of fans of tank battles has several million already, and only you are missing. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to join the best strategists, take part in the most unforgettable battles.

At your disposal, there is a huge number of military maps, a diverse arsenal, modern models and realistic graphics. The developers have tried to make controls simple and intuitive. Each user can customize the game to their needs.

A real battle will start on the screen of your tablet or smartphone, and winning is your main task. The arsenal has more than a hundred models of tanks. Battles can occur in one of the ten locations. There is also the opportunity to take part in the session blitz battles seven to seven. The graphics WoT Blitz automatically adapt to the capabilities of a particular device, so the gameplay will always remain spectacular, bright and realistic. The same applies to the physical model of technology.

Thanks to the system Free-2-Win, a huge number of combat capabilities is available, and all this is completely free. Plus the possibility of a joint game with friends, in which you can create a common tank army. The game server is the same for Android and iOS; rewards and bonuses are given for the implementation of combat missions.

World of Tanks Blitz app

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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2Game Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is an exciting game in which from 6 to 12 players can participate at the same time. In order to become the most experienced in the team, you can train in offline mode, passing training levels.

Advantages of the shooter are that you can use a variety of weapons in the confrontation (including a shotgun, sniper rifle, and flamethrower). Thanks to the high-quality graphics, you will be able to observe all the details of explosions and destruction and enjoy the excellent quality of the group confrontation. In addition, the game has simple and intuitive controls.

To unlock new opportunities, download maps and explore confrontations in other locations. The game also has the function of vertical flight, zoom, melee attacks and the use of heavy weapons.

The basis of the game was the sensational shooter Doodle Army, which was created taking into account the wishes of users. And now the developers claim that they are completely open to new ideas, so anyone who wants to propose changes in the game, can contact the developers and talk about their idea. The game is free, but to get access to the pro account and more advanced features of the character, you will have to pay the cost of updating with real money.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is recommended because of a big variety of weapons and really competitive gameplay. The task of the players is to participate in the multiplayer war, open the survival and co-operative passage modes, learn the basics of virtual war and get the maximum pleasure!

Doodle Army 2 app

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UniWarUniWar is an exciting turn-based strategy in real time for mobile devices. It contains all the classic elements of the genre, but nevertheless, everyone will find in it its own zest. Don’t you really like strategy? Just install UniWar on your gadget, run the game process, and you will definitely change your idea of this genre. Colorful graphics and dynamic gameplay will drag into the virtual world for a long time and will give a lot of positive emotions.

The rules of the game are simple. Each participant builds his army and enters into a confrontation with the opponent. The whole process is a sequence of moves of opponents, as in chess, where the selected terrain affects the attack indicators of the opponent.

In UniWar, you can choose a race from the three offered, for which you will play. In each of the races, there will be 8 different types of warriors. Improve your skills and improve the various additions of your army’s capabilities to make it stronger. You can play alone against artificial intelligence and pass one after another 21 fascinating missions. Or fight in a society of friends against rivals from around the world and climb to the top of the global ranking table. The game has more than 10,000 user maps with different types of terrain.

UniWar app UniWar 1

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Chess Time

Chess Time

Chess Time is a mobile version of the well-known game with multiplayer capabilities. Everyone knows if not the rules, then at least the appearance of this board game. It is considered the most intellectual game. Now everyone has the opportunity to try their hand at an electronic version of chess on the smartphone. Your friend or any other person can become your competitors.

The game Chess Time requires mandatory registration for access to all opportunities and for playing on the Internet. The procedure is simple and doesn’t take much time, just having an e-mail.  A simple monotonous interface allows you to use all functions without certain skills and abilities. The leaderboard shows the strongest players. Your friends can be added to a special list, which will always help to find a friend and write to him. Also during the game process, a chat room is available where you can chat with the enemy. Graphically, everything is simple, in a strict unobtrusive manner. There are no sound effects.

Chess Time app Chess Time 1

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Clash Royale

Clash RoyaleClash Royale is a tactical strategy in real time with bright graphics and a system of full development of the economy and the army. Game events take place during the classical Middle Ages – in the high towers princesses are hidden, knights and kings everywhere, and the war doesn’t stop for a minute. Players can feel the atmosphere and control various kingdoms with the help of brave soldiers and mighty magic.

Battles develop between two fortresses located on the borders of different states. The fortresses are equipped with two towers and a barracks, and there are various soldiers, like archers, infantrymen, and even bosses. Magicians support the army crushing hurricane spells on the enemies in a certain area of action. Victory, in general, depends on two factors – the strength of the army and the power of magic. This is the direction of development in the strategy of Clash Royale – you will have to build, improve and always follow the rules, otherwise, the series of victories will soon cease.

A training program that meets players will also acquaint you with various decks, consisting of various cards with infantrymen and magic. Cards can be improved and developed by investing money or special points in damage, defense or mobility. The process of development seems to be endless – the cards improve all the time, acquire new properties and useful auras. Try to download the Clash Royale and take a look at the war from a new perspective!

Clash Royale app Clash Royale 1

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Vainglory 5V5

Vainglory 5V5The game is characterized by specialized training with a bunch of modes by the nature of the characters, and by fighting meetings with friends. The player has to learn the choice of heroes, with the activation of their abilities. Learn to act in a team and victories, and at the same time absorb the information on the move. The novelty can be called a true genre. You have to deal with the pumping of heroes, supply them with special items and supply artifacts.

In the new Vainglory specialized training, a lot of modes of mentoring, and military meetings with friends are prepared.

The main innovation of mobile MOBA is the complex processing of the map: the era of three-line maps has come to an end. The developers left one straight line, separated by bumps, isthmuses, and bushes, allowing to hide the characters. The lower part of the map is allocated to mines – resources, strengthening of heroes, in the best traditions of strategies! Download Vainglory and try the new product right now, hurry up!

Vainglory 5V5 app

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IngressIngress is the next representative of the multiplayer online game. Holding mobile devices in their hands, players will have to capture the portal worlds in the game reality. The user is offered to side with one of the factions and begin to recapture new places and energetic sources that have not yet been discovered.

Throughout the game, you have to find and capture new yet unseen portals. Developers put the goal before the gamer – to capture as many territories and portals as possible. As portals in the game, there are real-time attractions, which are displayed with special labels on the map. You will be guided by the map and find the portal, which is indicated on the map. Once you find this very place, the game presents such a function as a portal hacking. This game is also offered to play together with friends.

The game attracts with its simplicity of management and high-quality graphics. Developers can also be praised for creating unique gameplay.

Ingress app Ingress 1

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Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Real Racing is fascinating races. The creator of the game, the company “EA Games” tried and made the game realistic and exciting. The player will feel as if he really drive a car. To feel this, you need to play at least once.

The company developer uses real tracks with a license, real road markings, and detailed road details to create realism in the application. This is what makes Real Racing different from similar simulation games.

In the game, 50 cars are available for racing, various models, and brands. By using Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) technology, the user can play online. Everyone can feel himself in the role of a cool rider on the high-speed track. You can play with people from different corners of the globe.

In online mode, the gamer will compete with different people. The game system will calculate the game tactics and driving style of each driver. This will allow the program to play in the role of the player. The artificial mind of the program remembers the tactics of the player and plays instead of him. Thanks to this function, the user will not miss an important race.

The game features more than 1000 different competitions, such as a race for survival, a champion’s cup, circular races. Try your strength in all types of competitions, win and raise the game rating.

In order to win races and get cups, you need to take care of your car. Upgrade the sports car, pay attention to every single detail, change parts, and success is guaranteed.

Thanks to the listed functions, the game Real Racing 3 is unique and highly competitive with other similar applications. So, install software on a smartphone or tablet, enjoy the game. Win strong rivals, develop personal riding tactics and lead the world leaderboard.

Real Racing 3 app

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SeabeardAdventure strategy Seabeard appears in several genres at once – it’s a role-playing story, a farm simulator and an arcade with a huge set of mini-games. In any case, the players have to travel, perform tasks and increasingly refer to the history of the captain. Tasks are usually scattered in different parts of the map – prepare to travel a lot, talk, choose suitable answers and study the environment. All goals are different, but, unfortunately, are not dynamic.

With mini-games and puzzles in the project Seabeard, there are no problems. This is a short entertainment original and perfectly complement the subject, and still require wit and imagination, in general, will suit everyone at once! Click to download Seabeard and start the most significant journey in life – cook, fight, conquer the seas and exercise all the skills gathered in other games!

Seabeard app

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Arena of Valor

Arena of ValorArena of Valor is one of the bloodiest and most exciting MOBA games! Command more than 35 fearless heroes. Among them, there will be mercenaries, tanks, mages, warriors, and snipers. Collect an invincible team with your friends and destroy opponents in online battles in real time!

The main features of the game:

  • Excellent balance of the game
  • Battles 5 to 5
  • Multiple game modes
  • A large number of locations
  • Many unique heroes
  • The ability to create alliances

Arena of Valor offers a choice of characters, as well as an almost infinite number of special attacks and strategic maneuvers. The game became more popular than many other games in the genre MOBA, like League of Legends and DOTA 2 in the past in the market of MOBA-games for PC.

Arena of Valor app

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MilkChocoMilkChoco is a good online action, which is liked by about 5 million people who downloaded this game on their tablets and smartphones. Unite with your friends and participate in battles of 4 to 4. It is noteworthy that militants and fighters are chocolate characters. Choose one of the presented heroes, each of which will have unique skills and weapons. Open for your virtual avatar a variety of weapons, ranging from a sniper rifle and ending with grenades and pistols.

Earn the necessary points, collect gold and crystals, so that your hero had the opportunity to purchase all the most necessary for effective combat. Fight, destroy opponents and earn the most possible funds, so that your hero was the best.

MilkChoco app

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Pixel Worlds

Pixel WorldsPixel Worlds is an unusual adventure game. You will compete with other users. It is necessary to reach the given point faster than everyone. You must have an Internet connection.

Running Pixel Worlds, the user is offered to choose one of two heroes. These are the guys dressed in sportswear. They differ only in appearance, the characteristics are the same. Then select the flag (region). Actions will be transferred to the training location. This is a laboratory, with long winding corridors. In the level, there is a system of tips that will help the user to quickly familiarize themselves with control, mechanics. Then you will be redirected to the server. Other users play there. The main task is to control your hero, pass all the obstacles and tests that are on the server. If you manage to do it first – get a reward. Most often obstacles are hot, ice, toxic blocks. Attacking them, the hero loses a certain amount of health. When this indicator reaches zero mark – the character dies, and you have to start the passage from the starting point. Teleporters are often found, able to transfer the hero through a certain part of the location.

Management is classic, after all, on the left, there are the usual arrows that are responsible for moving, and on the right, there are buttons for shooting and jumping. The mechanics are simple, comfortable, and you will not have to get used to it for a long time. The gameplay is quite complicated but interesting. Therefore, lovers of this genre gameplay should like it. Graphics can hardly be called qualitative because it is made in pixel style. Virtually all objects are poorly detailed. There are good visual effects, animations don’t slow down. Install a free adventure game Pixel Worlds, controlling the hero, try to get first to the specified point.

Pixel Worlds app

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Vendetta Online

Vendetta OnlineVendetta Online (3D Space MMO) is an incredible, cross-platform, space, multiplayer online 3D game. Yes, here is a long description of its genre and possibilities. And in fact, this game fully justifies every title. All fans of space, shooters and the society of live players should, if not join, at least look alive to this game.

You have to take control of your own spacecraft and plunge into the world of the cosmos, so big and so dangerous. You can do what you like. Collect resources, and resell them, make trade relations in different parts of the galaxy, and configure the extraction of valuable resources, or become a space pirate who doesn’t like to work, and likes to get already earned. Arrange the attack on the hard workers, rob them on the road, smash producing mines and selects every last crystal, and become a bloody legend of space. But don’t forget that if a person has money, then he will try to protect them from you, so be ready to take a fight from a businessman who doesn’t want to share his good with all sorts of dandies like you. But, do not forget that in space you are not the only one who loves robbery and attacks, so try to find like-minded people and try not to get into their paws.

Choose your own path and get ready for the real tests – download Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO) is recommended to curious and brave players who are not afraid of difficulties!

Vendetta Online app

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Villagers and Heroes

Heroes & VillagersVillagers and Heroes is a classic MMO, where the lion’s share of the gameplay was given to the craft. By choosing a character and customizing his appearance, the player can go exploring the never-ending open world and choose a business for himself.

It should be noted that there are very few opportunities to customize your own hero. In the game, there are some classes. A wizard that is able to master spontaneous magic. This is fire or ice, of your choice. Hunter, this is, naturally, arrow bows, long-range attacks and so on. Warrior, in general, that will be dressed in heavy armor, take in hand a heavy sword and shield, and go to fight with enemies. Priest class – depending on which path the player chooses, they can become both successful hills and ruthless killers.

The list of features of Villagers & Heroes consists of many points. Here you can travel through the dungeons in search of treasures, which, of course, are guarded by terrible monsters. For the most active gamers, there are a lot of quests, ending with epic battles, where you can earn good awards.

The game looks so colorful and friendly, that you want to peacefully exist in this wonderful world, and the developers offer 10 peaceful professions – this is farming, fishing, searching for minerals and so on. Thanks to the multi-user component gamers can join forces with friends and find new friends from all corners of the globe.

Features of Villagers & Heroes:

  • Thousands of difficult, but interesting story quests.
  • 8 customizable characters with different specializations.
  • Crafting thousands of items of equipment, weapons and other items.
  • The availability of seasonal events with good rewards.

Heroes & Villagers app

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HearthstoneThis game may seem simple to you, but it will be incredibly interesting! Choose your hero and lead him to victory – defeats doesn’t for him. Summon your brilliant strategist skills and act!

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a card game in which everything begins with the fact that you choose your hero. In order for you to get comfortable in the game world, you will be offered several introductory tasks, but you will understand the essence of the game intuitively. Collect a deck of cards that will be assigned to your account, and engage in battle with the enemy. You can defeat it with spells or with the support of different creatures. These are cards, and the situation on the battlefield can change at any time! Follow the course of the game, immerse yourself in the atmosphere with your head, succumb to excitement! And becoming a real master, you can make cards yourself, in addition, your collection can be replenished with those that you win.

Each card, game table, characters and main menu in the card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are magic – beautiful animation, colorful stylization, and stunning effects will not leave you indifferent!

Honor your skills in fights with glorious heroes, to become a powerful invincible warrior. The arena is waiting for you! Challenge the other players and let the strongest win, who will get a reward.

Hearthstone app

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Cribbage Pro Online!

Cribbage Pro OnlineCribbage Pro Online! is a gambling card puzzle, based on the classic rules of “Cribbage”: standard duels between two participants, a deck of 52 cards. The goal is to score 121 points with the help of invented and correctly composed combinations. The threshold of entry is minimal – beginners will be able to understand all the features with a stunning interface and precise instructions located in the main menu, wherein step-by-step mode, algorithms for all actions are compiled. Professionals and experts who are already familiar with card games will not even have to read the description – we can start to play on the go, so if the events occurred on the gaming table, and not in the virtual space because the rules and concepts remained unchanged!

In Cribbage Pro Online! developers from Fuller Systems took care of three important details:

1. Level of difficulty. Training is needed for everyone – sometimes it’s enough to perfect your starting skills, sometimes it’s important to maintain skill. In any case, the need for fights with computer intelligence is never eliminated – and then you are allowed to deal first with the easy, then with the experienced, and in the end even with the masterful opponent. It is enough to choose the desired mode, to determine the complexity and you can start to seize the initiative!

2. Cross-platform network fights. Rival for the title of champion is allowed with mobile devices and even from a computer. At the same time, you do not need to compare versions, make long and tedious settings.

3. A total setting of matches and interface. Determining the winner for three, five or seven parties? Incorporating the ability to record repetitions and establish the resulting statistics in the global leaderboard? Disconnection of the chat and a complete change of the game table, card shirts? In the puzzle, everything is resolved at once – you just need to click on the big gear and dig into the offered possibilities!

Free Cribbage Pro Online! easily conquers the attention of the public, who have long forgotten about such entertainment as “Cribbage” – the era of competition has returned again, and therefore don’t lag behind the crowd, it is better to immediately join the world of excitement and pleasant victories!

Cribbage Pro Online 1 Cribbage Pro Online app

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Tip-Off Basketball 2

tip off basketballTip-Off Basketball is considered one of the best and spectacular simulators of basketball. Your task is to collect as many points as possible, throwing the ball into the basketball basket. In order to get the ball into the basket, you must carefully aim, choose the right trajectory and calculate the strength of the throw. You can choose a training mode or play on the network with friends or professionals from all corners of the world via OpenFeint in real time.

You can also build a career on your own. For this, you are provided with more than 40 levels. You can save your results. At your service, there is a store with a huge range of accessories.

The game features excellent realistic graphics. You can even destroy the asphalt of the site and the basketball basket itself with the help of a ball. A lot of quality backgrounds and great sound effects will make you come back to this game again and again. The game is optimized for phones and tablets with different resolutions.

Tip-Off Basketball is a really interesting game, thanks to which you can pass the time if you have several free minutes.

tip off basketball app

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