8 Free Credit Score Monitoring Services (Apps & Websites)

Credit score may affect multiple things. It impacts much more than your mortgage or car loan: it may bear upon your work, and many other things.

That’s why it’s so important to keep track of your score, and we’ve picked up 8 free credit score monitoring services (Apps & Websites) for you to try. These apps let you view your score at any time and help you understand what may have any impact on it. Plus, you’ll get personalized tips on how to boost your score step by step. Have a look!

Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Let’s start with an app that lets you view your credit score at any time needed.

This app is known to give the most valid score data on the market. The score you get there may not match the FICO one perfectly, but it’s as close to it as it can be. The app uses the info from several credit score platforms to count your score. You’ll get to view all the elements to affect your score, such as pay history or card utilization.

In case there are any new elements that influence your score, the app will send immediate alerts, which is handy. Plus, the app gives you in-depth credit notices that you can save and share by your will. The app won’t ask you for credit card details, so no worries here. However, you can still link a credit card in order to track your spending, but it’s totally optional.

You may even request credit card and loan recs if needed. The app lets you see which loans and cards are most likely to get approved, so you could make smarter financial decisions. Besides, you’ll be able to get some tips on how to enhance your score. You may even set up alerts on data breaches to change your passwords.

Credit Karma 1Credit Karma 2 

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Next, there’s a handy score surveillance app you can use for free.

If you’re looking for an app that is fully dedicated to credit score reviews, this is a nice option to try. The concept of this app is quite simple: it uses reports to notify you of all the changes related to your score. The app is fully free, regardless of if you have a membership.

As for the features, the main one is a sim that lets you check how different decisions influence your score. What’s so cool about it, you may ask? Well, the app lets you view the consequences of actions before you actually make them in real life. So if this action lowers your score, you can stop yourself from doing it.

The app also provides you with in-depth reports on all the aspects you need to consider in order to keep your score high. You may also get tips on how to enhance your score if needed. The app will also monitor the web to detect your private data leaks (such as security numbers, passwords, and all that).

CreditWise 1CreditWise 2

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame

This app lets you get free credit score updates right on your phone.

Just like the previous one, this app covers all the essential tools for free. It does have ads, though, but these are totally handleable. You can get a sub-pack with in-depth score reports as well, but the basic info is available for free. Thus, you’ll be able to get monthly updates and breakdown that is quite accurate.

Beyond that, the app shows you the list of factors that may influence your score (in a good and a bad way). It provides you with custom tips on how to raise your score and save up on interest, which is pleasant. You may also set up notifications to alert you of any score updates.

The app also comes with quite a unique tool that provides you with ID theft insurance (up to $50K). The insurance won’t cover the fraud itself, but it helps with legal fees and costs and all that. Besides, there’s a leak correction assistance to help you deal with any frauds possible.

Credit Sesame 1Credit Sesame 2



Here’s a credit manager app that lets you view the score on the go.

This is an official FICO app, so if you’re looking for a fully safe, solid choice, this app is definitely the one. FICO is used by over 90% of financial establishments (in the US), so you’ll get pretty accurate score predictions here. That being said, the app runs on sub-packs, but there’s a free trial that lets you check out if it is worth it.

The app will be the most useful for those who’ve been through some financial struggles and need to monitor their score regularly. So if that doesn’t apply to you, feel free to use any of the previous apps from our list that won’t charge you as much for basic features. Herewith, the app may come in handy if you’re planning to apply for a mortgage or other major loans.

Furthermore, the app lets you view various aspects that influence your score. It comes with a sim that lets you see how your actions may influence the score, which can stop you from bad decisions (once again, one of the previous apps lets you do that for free). The app also gives you theft insurance and ID monitoring that will alert you if your private data gets leaked.

myFICO 1 myFICO 2 

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If you like to handle your financial well-being, you’re probably familiar with this app.

Apart from the previous one, this app is not fully concentrated on credit score surveillance. It’s an all-in-one financial assistant that helps you keep money under control. Sooth to say, it’s one of the best apps for financial assistance and covers a credit score tool as well. The app comes with an intuitive UI, so you won’t get lost here.

The score management tool doesn’t ask for any credit card, so no worries. All you need to do is to confirm your ID, and you’re ready to go. The score report gets generated instantly, and you can check it out at any time needed. The app gives you an in-depth report with all the parameters that build up the score.

Besides, you’ll get custom recs on how to grow your score, which is handy. You can also see what builds the score and what could have a negative impact on it. The app also recommends credit cards and loans that are most likely to get approved.

Mint 1Mint 2 



It’s a simple app that lets you view credit scores for free.

With this app, you’ll be able to get in-depth score data with all the info you need to get a full understanding of how it all works. Checking a score is fully free, no credit card is required. In case you’re planning to apply for a major loan and need to be aware of the score all the time, the app offers daily updates, so you won’t miss out on anything.

Additionally, the app will give you personalized tips on how to raise your score. In fact, you’ll get a step-by-step plan on how to enhance the score, which is handy. You’ll also get to see which elements affect your score (in both a good and a bad way).

In case you need some help to save up, the app may send you saving alerts, so you won’t forget to repay the debt. Another tool that may come in handy, is free ID theft detection. Personal data fraud may harm your financial well-being quite a lot, and the app will keep you updated on all such threats.

WalletHub 1WalletHub 2   


Moving on to websites. In case you don’t feel like getting a full-on app for score monitoring, there are quite a few sites to use for that.

This site lets you view your FICO score without much effort. In fact, it’s one of a few free web platforms with the FICO model that is used by the majority of financial establishments. You may get a paid plan, though, it lets you get real-time score and ratio change alerts. It may come in handy if you’re planning to the app;y for a major loan in the nearest future, so it’s not essential for everyone.

Along with a sore, this site lets you view an entire credit history, so you could actually understand how the score gets formed, You’ll get to view all the parameters that impact the score in an easy-to-understand visual.

Plus, the platform offers a score boost program that helps to boost your score step by step. The program includes multiple things like phone and utility bills along with debt repays. The free plan also gives you a one-time web scan to check out if any of your private data was leaked.



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And lastly, there’s a simple site that lets you monitor your credit score.

This site is among the top major score surveillance platforms, and it works with FICO, which is nice. It needs to be said, the site runs on sub packs, and the free trial is quite short. However, you get all the essential features such as unlimited score info access that you can request at any time.

The site will show you detailed score info with all the aspects that have any kind of impact. So if you wanna get a full understanding of how credit score works, this site will be quite useful. You may also get custom tips on how to boost the score if needed. More to that, you’ll get to lock your score and unlock it by your will.

The app gives you ID protection that scans the web and searches for your private data leaks. You may also set up notifications to get immediate alerts if someone will try to apply for the credit in your name. There’s even ID theft insurance that helps to cope with any kind of leaks.



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