7 Free Disco Light Apps 2023 (Android & iOS)

Hey everybody! This is the time for fun! And you don’t even have to go out, you can throw out your own home party, using the things which are right next to you, like your phone!

In the article down below, we have collected free disco light apps that will turn your room into a club, or, help you to stand out from the crowd when you are at the disco party!

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Strobe Light: Rave Disco Party

One of the best apps for the iPhone to use when you’re partying. The main idea of Strobe Light is that it can synchronize with the music that plays in the disco and then makes the flashlight of your phone flash in the rhythm of it.

Of course, the app won’t work in the way that it just synchronizes with any music on any disco. To make that idea work, the DJ has also to have this app installed and play music via this app. Then, the app on your phone will be able to detect their phone and connect to it.

It sounds kinda complicated, but after some hassle, it can create the coolest atmosphere in the disco with hundred of strobe lights flashing all like one.

In addition, the interface design is superior for this category of apps. The minimalistic and executed in dark shades interior gives a feeling that you are actually using a serious app, not just a party banger.

Moreover – the app can make the same song play simultaneously on a number of devices, therefore, boosting the volume of the music if you don’t have a powerful speaker. This is not the best option around, but if you have nothing else to do…

In addition to that, if it did happen that there is no possibility to synchronize with the music playing on the party via the app, you can use the microphone feature in Strobe Light – it will detect the rhythm of the music and will try to flash the light according to it.

What you can do with this app:

  • Synchronize with the music playing at the party
  • Set your flashlight on your phone flashing to the rhythm of the music
  • Play the music together
  • Create your playlists and share them
  • Make the light flash by tapping
  • Catch the beat of the music by using the microphone
  • Use the app, earn scores, and become the world party champion!
Strobe Light: Rave Disco Party1

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Disco Light: Flashlight with Strobe Light & Music

A similar, but much more simple app. To be honest, we placed this one in the second position on this list only because of its popularity. It’s an old good party flashlight for Android devices.

The interface design is simple but nice. The app doesn’t have a feature where you can synchronize the music with other devices, but it can play music on it and flash the light to its rhythm as well.

Moreover, it will make the screen of your phone flash with colorful lights and therefore, you can create a mini-disco even in your room!

A small tip: it’s really cool to use this app while you shower.

Disco Light: Flashlight with Strobe Light & Music1

Laser Disco Lights

This is another simple, but popular app, this time for iOS devices. Just like we mentioned in the beginning, there are apps that can simply help you to create more disco lighting in the room where you’re at – and this is the case.

By flashing the light from the screen of your iPhone, Laser Disco Light can help to bring the party vibe even to the gloomy surroundings. There are dozens of light patterns, some of them are more intense, some of them are colorful, and some are, on the opposite, back and white.

Moreover, Laser Disco Light won’t occupy much space in your phone’s memory. And since the app is that simple, there is no negative feedback about it.

Laser Disco Lights1

Disco lights flashlight

We tried to find the very best disco light apps for you, however, all the following apps promise to be more simple than the first ones.

This app is no exception. This is just an app that makes various colorful lights shine on the screen of your phone and, therefore, allows you to turn your gadget into a disco accessory. It doesn’t matter where you are – at a crowded party, or in the shower – this light will never be extra.

The only serious downside of this app is it has tons of ads.

Disco lights flashlight1

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Party Disco Dance Strobe Light

Quite an ancient disco light app for iPhones, but it still works. Its hallmark is that it doesn’t just turn on the lights, but it actually shows the cool video patterns and live images that can add that special disco vibe to any party.

Of course, the best way is to project those live images somewhere on the big screen.

Among the flaws of the app:

  • Obsolete interface
  • Lean choice of images and lights
  • Ads
Party Disco Dance Strobe Light2

Disco Lights

In case you don’t like all those intricate lights and live images, and just want to have single colors for your disco light, this Android app is for you. This app provides your the possibility to customize the lights, though on a small scale.

Moreover, you can select the type and the intensity of the light. You can compile something like a light mosaic with different colors. In other words, Disco Light gives you the opportunity to express your creativity before partying.

Of course, the app couldn’t avoid the downsides. It freezes and crashes frequently.

Disco Lights1

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Party Light 2: Disco Lights

A-a-and another disco light app for Android. Somehow, it turned out that Google Play provides a better choice in this category than the App Store does.

Party Light 2 allows you to customize your disco light by picking up the pattern of live images and also by allowing you to select the colors for them. Thus, you are enabled to create any live images with disco lights that will fit the theme of every party.

Party Light 2: Disco Lights1
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